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Mark Boulden Memorial – 08/08/2004 – Bovingdon

The Mark ‘Polo’ Boulden Memorial meeting moved over to Spedeworth for its third annual staging after two successful years at Arena Essex with PRI, raising a solid field at Bovingdon Raceway on Sunday 8th August 2004. 141 Dale Fairless had the car of the meeting with a stunning Datsun Laurel, with Motley Krew man 384 John Golden also impressing with a Toyota Crown. East Anglian visitor 439 Danny Sutton braved an Austin Westminster, with more fresh British material coming courtesy of 471 Antony Oak’s Mk1 Ford Granada. Bovingdon’s resident ‘Mr Starter’ 915 Vince Sharp impressed on the paint front as he swapped the flags for overalls with a smart Volvo 240.

The Memorial race was the first race of the day and saw 169 Thompson an early spinner. 320 Duell spun 45 Lips, as 231 Mister Dunn set about 915 Mr Starter. 46 Maverick jacked the spun 600 Johns, before 355 Simmonds followed in 439 Sutty hard near the pit gate. 265 Eco Warrior jacked 355 Simmonds, as the fast 320 Duell spun aside 384 Goldie, but scuppered himself in the process. This allowed 84 Bleach to home in with a tbone to 320 Duell as the reds came out due to a lose wheel on the track. The restart saw 471 Oakey bury 384 Goldie early on as 710 Bunge set about 84 Bleach. 46 Maverick spun and ultimately rolled 915 Mr Starter, the latter landing on his wheels just off the racing line. 264 Wellard spun 4 Wildy as he looked to move up the order. 471 Oakey homed in for a head on to 4 Wildy. 320 Duell cruelly expired with 2 laps to go whilst he was challenging 348 Mushy for the lead; the latter managing to hold on to take the win ahead of 46 Maverick and 7 Wally.
348, 46, 7

The first support race begun with 600 Johns running in 264 Wellard. 384 Goldie delivered the same treatment to 169 Thompson. 72 Mong went in on 384 Goldie, as 45 Lips set about 717 Ryza. 311 Helm turned 47 Ginger fence-wards, allowing 206 Kingy to follow 384 Goldie through the rest of 47 Ginger, which brought the yellow flags out for the latter. The restart saw 7 Wally follow in 553. 64 Dawson attacked 717 Ryza, before 670 Tricky turned 642 Campbell left. 46 Dawson put away 811 Flash, who rejoined only to be dispatched by the leading 348 Mushy. 46 Maverick set about 45 Lips as he looked to move up the order. 231 Mister Dunn turned 206 Kingy fence-wards in the last action of the race as 348 Mushy raced to his second win of the afternoon ahead of 670 Tricky and 46 Maverick.
348, 670, 46

811 Flash ran in 915 Mr Starter to set the action rolling for the second support race. 528 Jethro attacked 778 Daisy, as 355 Simmonds weighed in on 600 Johns. 206 Kingy jacked 600 Johns, who then took further abuse with a third shot from 528 Jethro. 20 Silly Billy homed in for a front wheel shot to 64 Dawson, with 528 Jethro delivering a large jacking to the Motley Krew man. 710 Bunge jacked 528 Jethro which destroyed the latter. 717 Ryza homed in on 710 Bunge. 20 Silly Billy jacked 710 Bunge to add further punishment completing that sequence of hits. 460 followed in 553. 244 Bunny Jnr jacked 460. 46 Maverick buried 778 Daisy into the pile up. 320 Duell set about 45 Lips before the red flags came out for an unknown reason. The restart saw 244 Bunny set about the luckless 553. 245 France spun 717 Ryza. 670 Tricky put the bumper in on 45 Lips to take the lead. 778 Daisy homed in for a head on to 244 Bunny. 46 Maverick took out 670 Tricky on route to taking the win; 45 Lips inheriting second with 320 Duell third.
46, 45, 320

The DD commenced with 717 Ryza picking up one of the Motley Krew who latched onto the back of 201 The Rev, following the pair of them in. 553 followed in 778 Daisy immediately behind them, as 231 Mister Dunn jacked 320 Duell. 355 Simmonds destroyed 553 before the red flags came out. The resumption saw 231 Mister Dunn keen to get going as he attacked 471 Oaky. 320 Duell jacked 717 Ryza. 84 Bleach went in on 231 Mister Dunn, but was duly jacked in turn by 670 Tricky who dispatched him at the end of the straight. 471 Oaky set about 717 Ryza, whilst 670 Tricky jacked 778 Daisy. 717 Ryza homed in on 471 Oaky for a revenge hit, the latter taking further punishment from 231 Mister Dunn. 84 Bleach spun aside 670 Tricky which allowed 471 Oaky to administer a rear wheel shot to Tricky. 670 Tricky recovered to attack 84 Bleach. 471 Oaky went on a lively spree as he jacked 84 Bleach and then continued his charge to attack 717 Ryza. 670 Tricky earned a disqualification by pansying out of a hit and diving on the grass, but 84 Bleach homed in for a head on to the former before the black flag could be shown. 471 Oaky jacked 84 Bleach. 717 Ryza then delivered a reverse attack on 471 Oaky but appeared to come off worse himself, allowing the Condoms man to deliver a hit on the former’s Jaguar to take the honours and round off a fine meeting in Polo’s honour. It wasn’t quite the same vibe as the previous two memorials at Arena Essex, but being at Spedeworth, it slightly exceeded the expectations of the pre-meeting hype.

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