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Yarmouth – 18/2/24 – Back To Basics – Meeting Report

Just shy of 70 Back to Basics took to Yarmouth for their season opener on Sunday 18th February. It was great to see a sprinkling of variety on the car front. Long distance visitor 270 Nathan Pinder had the ‘coolest’ motor of the evening with a Peugeot 405. 798 Lewis England also went a little older with a Mk3 Ford Fiesta. On the more unusual front, 778 George Enescu had a Kia Rio and 263 Ben Johnson had a Citroen C4. There were a pair of 3 Series at the hands of 39 ‘Pusher Paul’ and 828 Morgan Stallion, whilst 439 Daniel Sutton had a Toyota Corolla Estate. We were joined by more long distance travellers with Team No Respekt in 664 Danny Nuttall and 886 Andrew Topham who were very welcome.

The heats adopted a half cars format, although there was a slight imbalance for the first two heats. 445 Andy Leonard spun 20 Tyrone Jones before the green flag, and 230 George Childs suffered the same feat courtesy of 818 Matthew Brown. 176 Ralph Emmerson punted 505 Ryan Addy into the pits bend which sent him across the front of 52 Matthew Walker which resulted in Addy getting turned fence-wards. 69 spun 88. 212 turned 148 Robert Rabjohns left at the end of the back straight. The leading 172 Kenton Walker aimed to continue to open a gap up at the front, spinning 212. 778 George Enescu spun 230 Chilli Jnr, with 148 Rabjohns collecting the latter. 69 weighed in on Rabjohns. Chilli Jnr rejoined only to get spun again, this time by 176 Ralph. 13 Bo Harding spun 798 Lewis England. England set about 212, which saw them tangle in front of the path of the leading 172 KennyG, which allowed 439 Daniel Sutton to close the gap and dart up the inside to take the lead. 69 spun 818 Brown, with 491 Steven Phillips collecting the latter. 439 Sutty’s lead didn’t last long as he suffered a front puncture, with 172 KennyG regaining the position. 13 Gizbo spun 23 Pingu. KennyG’s lead look to be under threat as he came under fire from the back marking 778 Enescu, but he managed to keep in under control. 13 Gizbo spun 20 Jones fence-wards. 829 Jason Amis spun 818 Brown. 172 Kenton Walker took the chequered flag, but was duly docked two places for holding too far back from the pace car at the start, thus 176 Ralph Emmerson inheriting the win.
176, 445, 172, 123, 167, 88, 148, 52, 69, 13 

A much larger field for Heat 2 which had barely got underway before 351 Ross Lucas clipped the marker tyres on the Caister bend causing him to roll bringing out the red flags. It was a battle of the 327s once the race got underway, with Ed Hanser heading Charlie Wigger. Debutee 171 Shane Harlow had a rough ride around the pits bend, before the leading 327 Hanser tangled with 62 Sam Freeman. 110 Mushy Cornell spun 748 George Matthews. 147 Callum Studd tangled with 940 Matty. Another debutant, 33 Hayden Brown came under attack from 664 Danny Nuttall. 549 Kaim Aykac collected 664 Nuttall which caused him to roll bringing another stoppage. It was a very Hempnall Boyz/Damage Inc feel to the front of the pack with 327 Hanser leading 350 Liam Webster and 741 Luke Parfitt. 621 Gareth Parker set about 293 Ben Smith. 741 Capt D raced to the win – it’s not really a Yarmouth Back to Basics meeting without a Sir Parfitt victory!
741, 327, 350, 175, 293, 157, 742, 110, 57, 828

A push into the Caister bend saw several casualties at the start of Heat 3 including 123 Steve Saw and 129 Adam Barker. 549 Austin Newell spun 445 Leonard with 23 Pingu collecting the latter. The leading 172 KennyG had a pop at the back marking 886 Andrew Topham. 741 Capt D spun 69. 829 Amis took a trip to the ropes courtesy of Capt D. 148 Rabjohns leapt up the back of 88. 176 Ralph had a nibble at 230 Chilli Jnr. 439 Sutty lost control whilst among the places resulting in him beaching his car on the marker tyres on the pits bend. 52 Walker spun 110 Mushy. 230 Chilli Jnr spun 23 Pingu before 45 Jamie Skinner put the bumper in sending both Chilli Jnr and 88 around. 172 KennyG got his win after the earlier docking. 224 Charlie Oakley spinning 45 Skinner left concluded the action. 172 KennyG lapping everyone up to fourth on route to the win.
172, 741, 175, 176, 818, 167, 52, 88, 829, 110

Heat 4 commenced with 810 Steve Day putting away 259. 969 Billy Allen turned 350 Webster fence-wards. 696 Shelby Allen put the bumper in on 958 Mark Hurst. 263 Ben Johnson had a nibble at 350 Webster. 251 Charlie Palfreman raced to the victory.
251, 439, 263, 16, 621, 57, 810, 748, 690, NoF

The Final saw all available cars take to the track.  133 Tommy Garrard was the first casualty getting spun on the rolling lap by an eager 224 Oakley. 251 Melman attacked 270 Nathan Pinder, which left the latter sat for a large portion from 196 Eddie Farrow. Several drivers piled in on the exit of turn 4. A small pile up occurred on turn 1, including heat 3 winner 172 KennyG and 856 Kyle Moore. 167 Dylan Ling steamed in on 147 Studd and the former then copped one himself from 45 Skinner. 322 piled into 13 Gizbo. 251 Melman homed in for a head on to 270 Pinder which was rather unnecessary with the former’s Peugeot already seen off. 940 Matty had a pop at 748 Ginge. 62 Freeman weighed in on 45 Skinner on the Caister bend. 886 Topper had a pop at 940 Matty. The race started to become a lap scorer’s nightmare, with dead cars dotted all around the track and many drivers having had at least one off. The lead at this stage was being given to 16 Luke Sayer. 940 Matty spun 167 Ling. Matty then got it all wrong a couple of laps later burying himself hard at the end of the home straight. 741 Capt D spun 856 Moore. The leading 16 Sayer came under fire from 742 Dan Cannon who dumped the former into 13 Gizbo’s lame Zafira. 110 Mushy laid into 886 Topper. 175 James Emmerson set about 742 Grumpz. 172 KennyG dumped 439 Sutty into the marker tyres at the end of the back straight and then buried the latter into a parked car a lap later. 16 Luke Sayer was awarded the win from 742 Daniel Cannon and 175 James Emmerson, with 110 Mushy Cornell the only other recorded finisher although you’d have to argue with that result based off of video footage; not that we’d want to take on the job!
16, 742, 175, 110, NoF

A fantastic meeting showcasing the Back to Basics in a very positive limelight. They return to Yarmouth on Easter Sunday – 30th March.

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