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Yarmouth – 26/10/23 – Back to Basics – Meeting Report

The last Thursday night session of the year at Yarmouth took place on 26th October with a half term special featuring the Back to Basics.

Heat 1 begun with 862 Reece Eglington spinning 629 Ewan Rout before the green flag dropped. 488 Luke Farrington removed 798 Lewis England, as 778 George Enescu laid into 856 Kyle Brown. 67 Chris Martin then swooped in to remove Enescu. A good battle had already formed up front, with 636 Louis Skoyles, 441 Reece LeGrice, 644 Alfie Sime and 172 Kenton Walker all exchanging positions in a tight scrap. 19 Darren Mansi put away 798 Lewy on the Caister bend, and was collected himself by 493 Jordan Taber. 636 Skoyles put the bumper in on 644 Sime to dislodge him and take the lead. 411 Rizzo met a post on the Caister bend, whilst 447 Nyall Hardingham rattled off of the pit-gate. 644 Sime was spun from second place by 149 Todd Payne as he moved through the pack. 293 Ben Smith put the bumper in on the now leading 149 Payne, which half spun the latter and he was collected by 636 Skoyles which sent Payne catapulting into a post on the entrance of the back straight. 293 Smith collected Payne, with 798 Lewy going in on Smith. 175 James Emmerson spun 856 Kyle. 172 Kenton Walker raced to the win, continuing where he left off on Sunday.

172, 636, 227, 175, 798, 19, 447, 629, 110, NOF

A big push into the Caister bend saw 629 Ewan Rout visit a post, as well as 160 Carl Firman and 110 Mushy Cornell being early casualties as Heat 2 got underway. 19 Mansi also went spinning courtesy of 447 Nail. 488 Luke Farrington had a spin, and 227 Scott Reach sent 778 Enescu around also claiming 856 Kyle and 293 Smith. All this early carnage saw Heat 1 winner 172 KennyG sit in fourth place within 3/4 a lap from the back of the grid. 160 Fatboy laid into 862 Reece Eglington. 778 Enescu buried running mate 798 Lewy into 110 Mushy. 19 Mansi weighed in on 778 Enescu. 798 Lewy rejoined to turn 636 Skoyles and 441 Rizzo fence-wards at the end of the back straight. 447 Nail delivered a rear wheel shot to 441 Rizzo. 175 Emmo spun 862 Eglington, as 636 Skoyles retired to the infield missing his driver’s side rear wheel as is common place for the Mk5 Astras. 175 Emmo dumped 778 Enescu into the fence. The red flags then coming out on track; presumably to recover the lost wheel. 211 Lee Cowley lead them away once the race resumed. 433 Gary Pope was past both 211 Steptoe and 172 KennyG being the pace car left the track, getting into the lead but was duly administered with a black cross. 172 KennyG spun 433 Pope aside, allowing 211 Steptoe to regain the lead, with 175 Emmo moving into second. 447 Nail attacked 862 Eglington. 411 Rizzo attacked 447 Nail, with 862 Eglington joining in whilst 172 Kenton Walker raced to his second win of the evening. 

172, 175, 211, 227, 433, NOF

Everyone got round the Caister bend without any incident in the Final, but it all went pear-shaped into the pits bend. 636 Skoyles laid into 293 Smith, as 67 Martin jumped up the side of 167 Dylan Ling, and 175 Emmo visited the fence. 160 Fatboy ran 293 Smith in backwards, with the pack carrying the former along the straight. 211 Steptoe spun 447 Nail, as 488 Fazza emerged the early leader. 778 Enescu spun Fazza and then buried himself and 227 Reachy on the Caister bend. 629 Rout now had the lead with 172 KennyG already close by in second place. 488 Fazza and 447 Nail combined to set about 778 Enescu at the end of the home straight. 172 KennyG had now worked his way into the lead. 862 Eglington spun 847 Lucy G. 172 KennyG overshot it going into the pits bend allowing 433 Pope to get the bumper in and take up the running. 433 Pope spun 175 Emmo seeing the pair get lodged together momentarily; allowing KennyG back into the lead. 447 Nail jacked 433 Pope. Pope got back into the lead, but 172 KennyG wasn’t let him get away and dived at him into the Caister bend; fencing the former hard as they struggled for grip on the greasy surface. This saw 629 Rout regain control of the race. 447 Nail dealt with 862 Eglington. 172 KennyG took the lead again with two laps to go, and raced onto his hattrick – his first hattrick in Bangers. 447 Nail again set about 862 Eglington, as 629 Ewan Rout and 636 Louis Skoyles capped off the podium spots.

172, 629, 636, 227, 447, 433, NOF

The Back to Basics return for their annual Gala Night meeting at the track on 5th November where just shy of 100 cars are booked in.

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