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Kings Lynn – 28/10/23 – Unlimited Bangers Halloween Carnival Night – Meeting Report

The Halloween Carnival Night returned to Kings Lynn on Saturday 28th October for Unlimited Bangers.

The annual Supernatural Championship for Hearse and Limo Bangers was first up, with 24 drivers out on track. 126 Steve Austin spun 829 Jay Sharpe, with 56 Ricky Clarke collecting Sharpey Jnr. 343 Lewis White ran 176 Ady Gibbs into 56 Clarke. 43 Nicky Bishop delivered a rear wheel shot to 343 Chippo, with 100 Callum White going in on Bish. Entertainer points leader 828 Jordan Sharpe rattled in 335 Lee White, which spun 791 Nicky Young in turn. 100 Cock set about 335 Bulldog, before 828 Sharpey showed a bit of brotherly love as he set about 829 Jay, Sharpey Jnr and dumped him into 343 Chippo. 222 Matty High went in on 828 Sharpey. 100 Cock laid into 222 Matty, before 555 Harry Gelsthorp steamed in on 335 Bulldog. 84 Will Cole spun 555 Dirty Harry, as 440 Pete McVay went in on 828 Sharpey. 555 Dirty Harry jacked 440 Pedro whilst 222 Matty ended 829 Sharpey Jnr’s night by ploughing through the hearse. 335 Bulldog went in on 555 Dirty Harry; the White brothers proving to be very entertaining in their Daimler X3000 Hearses. 585 Luke Holdsworth leathered 222 Matty, as down on turn 4, 176 Gibbo and 589 Simon Smith shared a head on. 611 Joe Geeves went in with a shot over the rear wheel to 555 Dirty Harry, and copped one himself from 84 Alpaca. 589 Gonna again administered a head on to 176 Gibbo. 791 Spud manoeuvred his way through the pile up to take the win; very fitting considering he regularly has something a bit obscure out on track. 585 Holdsworth went in on the nose of 589 Gonna on route to being second and the only other finisher.

791, 585, NOF

The 25 & Under GB Championship was the next race of the evening. 437 Connor Burbridge was the first to show as he had a pop at 84 Jack Ansell. The defending champion 459 Blake Platts spun 123 Kieran Gray. 51 James Licquorice set about 712 Alex Hatcliffe as 9 Ben Cox spun 328 Ben Nicholls. 107 Taylor Pratchett attacked 459 Platts on oppo, with the Gladiators man continuing his offence by giving a head on to the spun 328 Nicholls. 347 Rhys Barrow collected Pratchett, as 331 Mackenzie Whitehead and 374 Sam Markham crashed to the infield. 174 Tom Lindgren ran into 328 Nicholls, whilst 51 Licquorice laid into 437 Burbridge. 717 Lewis Ivatt collected 437 Burbridge, and was duly tboned by 199 Shady Gough. The order saw 182 Reece Tingle lead from 183 Mitch Banton and 9 Cox. 107 Pratchett again attacked 459 Platts on oppo 459. This claimed several drivers with 372 James Cable, 634 Ben Green and 9 Cox getting caught in the crossfire. 9 Cox spun 372 Cable, as 199 Shaydy weighed in on 107 Pratchett on oppo. 178 Kieran Bowman raced to a strong win; another title to add to his CV and add further success to what had already been a brilliant season. 459 Platts tboned 107 Pratchett on oppo, with 199 Shaydy also attacking the latter as the Silver Boys looked to seek revenge on the Gladiators driver. 279 Brad Bowman spun 374 Markham to end the action, with 182 Tingle and 123 Kezza taking the other two podium spots.

178, 182, 123, 174, 9, 51, 717, 372, 374, 634

Heat 3 commenced with 911 Robert Lowman experiencing a rough ride around the scoreboard bend. 403 Steve Parrish turned 271 Ashlun Woods left, as 101 Cieran Harmer spun 222 Matty. 634 Marty spun 155 Sam Coote. 285 Iain Nicklin spun 357 Jason Barrows, as 911 Lowman and 724 Trevor Burcham tangled on turn 1. 555 Durty Harry jacked 911 Lowman, with 357 Two Pump spinning 285 Nicklin as the red flags came out for Lowman. The restart saw 214 Connor Osborn turn it on turn 4 claiming 101 Charmer. 209 Tom Waller jacked 188 John Reeves. 830 Lee White got spun aside down the back straight, whilst World of Shale Champion 455 Ricki Finney spun 69 Brado. 51 Licquorice spun 634 Marty. In a crazy moment, 419 Laura Quadling launched over an errand wheel down the home straight, seeing her go airborne and tbone 751 Lawrence Wells whilst in the air with the latter rolling bringing out another red flag. The race got underway again with 214 One-Way going on oppo again, claiming 634 Marty, with 51 Licquorice going in on the latter. 634 Marty delivered a revenge shot on oppo to 214 One-Way. 51 Licquorice homed in on the nose to 214 One-Way, as 243 Pete Osborne rattled in 343 Chippo. 69 Brado spun 174 Lindgren. 51 Licquorice weighed in on 214 One-Way on oppo, as several drivers piled in on the road bend including 194 Reece Marsh and 312 Brad White. 343 Chippo homed in for a shot on oppo to 214 One-Way, with the Gladiator limo getting tboned by 51 Licquorice and 69 Brado in succession. 279 David Rushton spun 69 Brado and then gave similar treatment to 455 Finney on route to taking the win. 604 Ross Cooper spun 673 Darren Fendley. 69 Brado followed in 195 Dipper after the pair crossed the line.

279, 790, 604, 155, 271, 634, 209, 195, 69, NoF

The fourth Heat begun with 101 Charmer tboning 12 Chad Gilbert. 107 Pratchett spun 155 Captain Slow, as he went to go in on 12 Gilbert. 123 Kezza spun 673 Fendley, as 328 Nicholls drove through 107 Pratchett. 459 Platts collected 673 Fendley, and 84 Alpaca spun 372 Cable. 704 Connor Siddalls collected 372 Cable, with the Barton Boys man getting driven through by 328 Nicholls. 828 Sharpey leathered 704 Condog. 194 Dipper went in on 828 Sharpey, with 403 Steve P and 84 Alpaca also going in. 176 Gibbo ran into 704 Condog as the reds came out for a loose wheel. The restart saw 171 Andy Frost dump 585 Holdsworth into the scoreboard bend pile up. 155 Captain Slow ran 84 Alpaca into the pile up, with 123 Kezza tboning the Aftermath limo. 188 Victor went on the attack, driving through both 100 Cock and 84 Alpaca, before getting spun fence-wards himself by 790 Nathan Young. 717 Ivatt went wide and parked himself into 704 Condog and was duly jacked by 791 Spud. 100 Cock blitzed 791 Spud with a blistering shot, with 176 Gibbo also driving through the Supernatural Champion. 279 Bradley Bowman collected 176 Gibbo, with 182 Tingle weighing in on the former. 171 Frosty went in on 374 Markham and was jacked himself by 88 Billy Page. 243 Bodja weighed in on 100 Cock. 459 Platts laid into 279 Bradderz. 182 Tingle put away 57 Max Stott. 243 Bodja tboned 171 Frosty on oppo. 101 Charmer administered a  front wheel shot to 374 Markham, with 328 Nicholls homing in on Charmer. 243 Bodja was awarded the win due to several drivers getting penalised for cutting inside of the tyres – Bodja also one of the recipients of an entertainer award.

243, 459, 88, 328, 790, NoF

The King of Fens rounded off the day, with a downpour before the race making racing conditions rather treacherous. 292 Sam Betteridge spun early on and came under fire from 100 Cock and 107 Pratchett. 634 Marty spun 194 Dipper, as 165 Ben Randell homed in on 107 Pratchett. 295 Nicklin spun from the lead. 107 Pratchett delivered a head on to the spun 183 Banton. 555 Dirty Harry delivered a head on to 357 Two Pump, and then attacked 331 Mackenzie on oppo. 440 Pedro spun and was done on the nose by 357 Two Pump, and then over the rear wheel by 84 Peach. 455 Finney collected Pedro, and was tboned himself by 285 Nicklin. 828 Sharpey blasted 440 Pedro. 555 Dirry Harry attacked 88 Ballbag on oppo. A few drivers piled in on the exit of turn 2, before 195 Dipper and 88 Ballbag shared a solid head on. The red flags came out with the weather being brutal at this point. 222 Matty High mastered the tricky conditions to win ahead of 312 Brad White and 790 Nathan Young – 331 Mackenzie Whitehead winning the DD.

222, 312, 790, NoF

It’s now a bit of a break before we see racing return to the Norfolk shaleway, with Sunday 10th December the next date for your diary as the Unlimited Bangers are back for their Nutcracker title and are joined by the 1500 Bangers National Championship and Junior Bangers.

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