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Ronnie Emmerson Memorial – 09/07/2000 – Yarmouth

The third annual staging of the Ronnie Emmerson Memorial raised a strong field of cars on Sunday 9th July 2000, attracting visitors from RDC, Trackstar and PRI, as well as some Southern Spedeworth drivers too with the likes of Suicide Squad man 448 Stuart Adcock, ex-World Champion 353 ‘Wild Bill’ Aldred and 72 Dez ‘Mong’ Wood among the drivers. Mr Yarmouth himself 253 Graham Utting had the car of the meeting with a well turned out Daimler 250. 176 Ralph Emmerson paid tribute to his late brother with a stunning Mk1 Ford Granada Coupe, whilst 22 Dave Vincent had a fresh Toyota Crown. The rest of the field was made up of Mk2 Granadas and Series 3 Jaguar XJ’s, the only exception being 144 Roger Bullock in a Volvo 240 Saloon.

The Bangers were split over a 2/3 format; the Parkers Skip Hire sponsored Heat 1 raised a respectable 28 cars. There were a few early skirmishes but nothing of note, before 326 Picton set about 44 Cannell. The leading 416 Smith couldn’t refuse weighing in on 44 Cannell. The Pictons and Gizmo then combined to set about 44 Cannell on the pits bend grass in traditional Yarmouth fashion. 144 Bullcok and 811 Pistol Pete collided on the Caister bend, which prompted the leading 416 Smith to jack 811 Pistol Pete in a revenge attack from the year previous, however he took out running mate 176 Ralph in the process which left the latter open to a jacking from 17 Captain Caveman. 416 Smith went for another shot on 811 Pistol Pete, but was run in by 44 Cannell in the process. Meanwhile, 33 Magic and 537 Bruno enjoyed a strong battle for the lead, but with the former opening up a gap, 537 Bruno decided to set about 117 Kamikaze and was jacked in turn by 326 Picton, as 33 Gary Madgwick raced to the win ahead of 22 Dave Vincent and 341 Steve Copland.

Heat 2 was sponsored by Barrett Car Spares, and saw 21 cars on track, although 80 Andrew Westgate was a non-starter. 336 White was the first to show as he followed in 253 Go For The Hit straight from the off, killing the Daimler 250 within a straight of seeing the green flag. The race turned quiet for a few laps before 416 Smith bested 541 Capt D for the lead at the half way stage.The leading 416 Smith spun aside 336 White on the back straight. 336 White was set about by several drivers on the pits bend including a shot from 61 Flash. 336 White responded with a hit on oppo to 61 Flash which sparked 287 Gizmo to cut across the middle and deliver a hit to 336 White. As all this was going on, 416 Mark Smith raced to a very fitting win ahead of 537 Martin Brunson and previous race winner 33 Gary Madgwick.

Heat 3 saw 20 cars return; 41 Willie setting about 353 Wild Bill from the off. 287 Gizmo took out 336 White, as 307 Lown was destroyed down the back straight. 733 Picton spun 233 Chiz for the lead, the latter being tboned by 362 Baker to add to his troubles. The leading 733 Picton spun aside 448 Adcock, the Suicide Squad man having a luckless evening. A few laps went by before the leading 733 Picton diverted to the middle to jack 336 White, but he quickly rejoined the fray and held on to take the win. The action didn’t end there as 564 Coatie attacked 444 Cannell on the middle; 143 Copland and 326 Picton also bombing across to attack 444 Cannell. 348 Sonny Sherwood getting second in a Picton sandwich; Carl winning with Paul taking third.

The Final raised 24 cars which was sponsored by Beck Row Car Spares. 336 White started the action off as he was up to his usual tricks driving through 448 Adcock on the centre. 72 Mong delivered the first on track action as he carted away 362 Baker on the back straight. 144 Bullock was another casualty as he was posted at the end of the back straight. 541 Capt D dispatched 41 Willie who was having a rare off night. 349 Mean Machine managed to catch 336 White on the tarmac long enough to deliver a head on. 326 Picton took this opportunity to deliver a flat out jacking from over the middle to 336 White, throwing away his third place position in the process. 353 Wild Bill got caught up in the melee and took a head on from 287 Gizmo, who had also gone across the middle to deliver his assault. 537 Bruno jacked 336 White, and moments later 41 Willie delivered the same treatment to 353 Wild Bill. The leading 33 went in down the back straight under pressure from 733 Picton. 541 Capt D spun aside 72 Mong as he looked to close the gap on Picton, but they remained first and second until the flag. 416 Smith buried 348 Mushy over the marker tyres on the last bend to snatch third place.

The DD begun with 362 Baker posting himself. 117 Kamikaze went balls out of the centre and met 143 Copland in a brutal head on killing both cars. 416 Smith jacked 117 Kamikaze for extra measures. 176 Ralph homed in on 562 Baker, only to continue the assault and spin him after completing another half a lap of the track. This allowed 537 Bruno to tbone 562 Baker, who then took further punishment courtesy of a head on from 416 Smith and another tbone this time from 22 Vincent. 349 Mean Machine jacked 537 Bruno. 22 Vincent delivered the break treatment on 176 Ralph, which allowed 537 Bruno to jack the Mk1 Coupe. 416 Smith tboned 22 Vincent. 564 Coatie went in on 416 Smith, then sandwiched in a combined attack from Coatie and 537 Bruno. 537 Bruno set about 564 Coatie and then went on to deliver a blow to 22 Vincent. 22 Vincent recovered to set about 176 Ralph, allowing 537 Bruno to deliver a head to 176 Ralph. 564 Coatie was then on hand to set about 22 Vincent. 22 Vincent continued his onslaught by jacking the game 537 Bruno, and then met 564 Coatie in a head on. 537 Bruno tamely went in on 22 Vincent. 564 Coatie gave a head on to 537 Bruno which ended the former’s charge. 537 Bruno administered a couple of hits to the rear of the 22 Crown to take the win and end a great day of action in memory of the big man, Ronnie Emmerson.

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