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2L Beach Bash – 04/09/2005 – Yarmouth

The 2l Beach Bash occurred at Yarmouth Stadium on Sunday 4th September 2005 with some decent price money on offer, drivers from Trackstar and RDC joined the regular Spedeworth contingent in a field that was mostly Nissan based.

Heat 1 raised 21 cars, and begin with a few early skirmishes, which saw some go spinning. 530 Mazie ended up stranded in the middle of the Caister bend making it tricky for cars to pass. The proper action kicked off with 433 Smith running 439 Sutty in. 733 Picton got wedged on a marker tyre, as several quiet laps passed before 348 Mushy overtook 541 Capt D with a few laps left to go. The lively 433 Smith assaulted and eventually dispatched of 391 Ol Matey. 400 Shinny followed 848 Foster in big time on the pits bend bringing a straight red flag out; The Aftermath front man rolling on impact. 348 Sonny Sherwood was declared the winner.

A Figure of 8 format for Heat 2 which saw 16 cars out on track. 541 Capt D spun aside 643 Whybra, who is recovered to fence 367 Beevor heavily. 143 Copland jacked 643 Whybra, who was assaulted further with a solid jacking courtesy of 733 Picton. 730 Deane Mayes winning this time round.

17 cars for Heat 3 with 433 Smith and 17 Caveman early spinners along the back straight. 119 Cruncher put away 412 Spike, as 433 Smith followed in 391 Ol Matey to create a big fold up, bringing out the yellow flags. 412 Spike had a revenge pop at 119 Cruncher on the restart in the only bit of action as 348 Mushy counted down the laps in front to take his second win of the evening.

Down to 13 cars for the Final but the lapse in numbers did not effect the action. 643 Whybra and 439 Sutty enjoyed a set about which spilled on to the infield. 541 Capt D diverted off the track to attack 439 Sutty. 326 Picton set about 643 Whybra. 247 Bro delivered a back wheel shot to 326 Picton. 643 Whybra done 326 Picton on the middle. 439 Sutty homed in for a head on to 643 Whybra. 433 Smith blitzed 439 Sutty with a jacking, who then took a tbone to finish him off from 541 Capt D. 326 Picton gave a head on to 643 Whybra, with 733 Picton delivering a rear wheel shot to 643 Whybra. The action resumed back on track with 348 Mushy besting 247 Bro for the lead with 4 laps left to run. 730 Deano slowed to hold up 348 Mushy but the latter dealt with him to take the win and seal his hattrick. 247 Lee Clarke and 143 Shaun Copland.

The DD begun with 541 Capt D following in the luckless 367 Beevor, bouncing off to send 143 Copland into a roll. He quickly exited allowing the DD to go on with 433 Smith to deliver a rear wheel shot to 733 Picton. 326 Picton delivered a solid head on to 541 Capt D. 433 Smith went in for a front wheel shot to 733 Picton, before sharing a solid head on with the other Picton, 326. 433 Smith backed off to deliver a head on to 733 Picton before they shared loads of small head ons. 733 Picton eventually got enough of a run up to finish off 433 Smith and although the drivers on the centre helped push 433 Smith to get restarted the DD was declared in favour of 733 Carl Picton.

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