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Kings Lynn – 6/5/24 – ‘The Draft’ – Meeting Preview

Innovation not imitation is the key to Trackstar’s success over the years, and Monday sees another fresh idea with ‘The Draft.’ The Draft is unique team meeting, which sees four randomly assigned teams face off against one another with the emphasis placed on the entertainer leagues, which in principle should create some top action. The teams are made up of 36 drivers comprising of 9 in each class – Micros, 1600s, 2 Litres and Unlimiteds, with the Reliant Robins supporting the event.

The Draft sees four teams competing on the day: Jack & Blake’s All Stars, Cock & Sonny’s White Warriors, The Redators and Team Victor-ious. Whilst Matt will provide a full run down of each team in depth, let’s provide a brief overview of what to expect today.

The All Stars will be racing in black today, and are captained by 459 Blake Platts and 910 Jack Rookard. Rookard is the current leader of the 1600 Entertainers Points, and currently sits second in the overall standings and has clearly set his intentions here leading by example competing in both the 1600s and 2 Litres. Expect to see him scooping the awards with some top crashing displays. Blake on the other hand is one of the most consistent drivers in the Unlimited class. He is one of the star drivers of the formula and will be hoping to score some strong race points for his team. Among their ranks are some top names, but it is the 1600 class that looks to be the strongest point. Trackstar National Points leader 311 Garry Lown took an impressive hattrick last time out in the 1600 Bangers and will be a valuable asset to the side, whilst the rest of the team looks very crash happy with 24 Jaiden Gamble, 39 Ryan Knibbs, 133 Malakie Cullum, 257 Ben Waddingham and 260 Ricky Hodson among the ranks. The Levellers as a team have been on top form so far this year, so you’ll expect to see 126 Dylan Sykes and 476 Freddie Speirs getting stuck in for the Micro team. The 2 Litre team sees some fast pilots with the likes of 314 Luke Rawlings, 370 Johnny Cobbold and 519 Lee Middleton whom are always quick. Blake is joined by familiar friends in the shape of Silver Boys running mate 3 Mitch Finney and 199 Shaydy Gough. Shaydy has been one of the top entertainers of the year so far and will very much be up for the occasion. The team also having a Scottish flavour to it with 24 Fraser Combe and 180 Sean McConachie welcomed visitors. The pair got stuck in at the recent World Cup meeting at Cowdenbeath taking home a pair of buckled Mercedes and have become somewhat TikTok famous over the past few weeks too!

Aftermath duo 100 ‘Cock’ Callum White and 23 Sonny Parsons lead the White Warriors into battle. Cock heads the entertainer standings in the Unlimiteds, which is the class the pair will feature in on the day. They are joined by running mate 84 Will Cole and a guest for the Aftermath back at the Icebreaker, 77 Aaron Charles, who will make another welcomed visit to the Adrian Flux Arena. Those four alone could take on most teams, but they also have 224 James Burrows, 466 Dalton Steele and 514 Charlie Taylor for back up in what looks to be a hard-hitting line up. The Micro division is another strong point for the White Warriors. Wild Boyz pairing 197 Glen Woodward and 190 Ben Germany are joined by 23 George Childs, 511 Jack Licquorice, 996 Jack Wright and 869 Jamie Steele – Jamie currently dominating the Trackstar Micro scene leading both the race and entertainers standings for the UK Championship qualifying. A couple of interesting additions sees 50 Aiden Gamble have to go against Jaiden in the 1600s, whilst 214 Shane Rawlins will do battle against brother Luke in the 2 Litres. The 1600 ranks boasting top young gun 19 Reggie Turnbull, the always fast 227 Gavin Taylor, 231 Alex Smith, livewire 420 Matthew Jode and 621 Jamie Barrett and the 2 Litres sees 210 Callum McKee, 687 Mark Cross and 720 Kenny-Joe Gabriel called upon.

The aptly named Redators are captained by Predators duo 178 ‘Slim’ Kieran Bowman and the man that has put his heart and soul behind the scenes into the meeting, 25 Matt Black. What a 2 Litre team they have on their hands. Both are set to feature and joined by Mr 2 Litre, 552 Karl ‘Blacknuts’ Douglas who will be a top asset for points as well as 466 Steven Hackett, ‘Sparky’ 180 Mark Foster, ‘Tricky’ 623 Ricky Hutton, 699 Aaron Nelson and 908 David Brown. Slim and Sparky also feature in a very strong Unlimited line up which also boasts the GOAT, Team Black legend 617 Jack Overy, ex Trackstar World Champion 382 Jack Foster Jnr, shale maestro 299 Tommy Callaghan, 123 Kieran Gray, 357 Jason Barrow and 960 Ross Winsor. 2022 1600 National Champion 26 Paul Lovick features in the same class he won that title in with running mate 12 Troy Cobbett, and they are joined by the superb 608 Lenny Murkin and 2021 National Champion 60 Dan Croskell, 256 Sam Hildon and 479 Joel Allen. The Redators don’t appear to have a weak link in their four sides, with the Micros featuring 608 Lenny Boy, 713 Oscar Preston, UK Champion 229 Harry Cobb, 10 Warren Lown, 308 Joss Procter and 312 Brad White. 

Completing the bill is Victor-ious, headed by 188 ‘Victor’ John Reeves and 51 James Licquorice with the team out in purple. James heads the Trackstar Entertainers League and will look to keep that gap up the front and lead the team by example in the Unlimiteds. He is joined by the coveted 294 Lee Hughes, and it will great to see ‘Stuntman’ back on the Norfolk shale. 41 Lee Barnes, 307 Martin Kent, 321 ‘Chatty Man’ Kieron Fry, 328 Ben Nicholls, 390 ‘Gibbo’ David Gibson, 542 Craig Oliver and 611 Joe Geeves complete a strong list of names. Victor is joined in the 2 Litres by the likes of 212 Jack Maryon, 116 ‘No Luck Nat’ Cohn, Scrapyard Screamers trio 126 Dan Bowley, 132 Archie Cullum and 299 Dale Locker and 337 Ashley Garrod. Victor-ious’ 1600 and Micro line ups also feature some top drivers. 209 Zac Pears, 644 Alfie Sime and 701 Riley Marsh are all top youngsters, whilst 30 ‘Bubba’ Brandon Mayes, 27 ‘Turbo’ Danny McMullan and 566 ‘Zippy Jnr’ Tony Pallett will all be reliable for securing some strong points. 673 Darren Fendley just secured the BWS Wildcard at Mildenhall, and he is joined by running mate 155 Sam Coote in the Micros with the pair likely to feature among the results. 69 Brad Bartram and 551 Brett Jackson are drivers you’d certainly want on your team, rather than against you.

The Reliant Robins feature and are always a crowd pleaser. World of Shale Champion 553 Daniel Douglas heads the line up with ‘Blacknuts’ 552 Karl Douglas making a rare appearance in the formula. 490 Lee Barnard, 96 Ian Robins, 196 Chip Howland and 229 Steve Futter are seasoned veterans of the formula, whilst you’d look to 106 Olly Betts, 112 Edward Pindar and 117 Lee Reynolds to provide on the action front.

It really is shaping up to be a brilliant day. Big names, big action! No matter what team you are supporting, don’t be daft, come watch The Draft!

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