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Yarmouth – 22/10/23 – Back To Basics – Meeting Report

The Back to Basics returned to Yarmouth after a couple of weeks break, the numbers boosted by the cancellation of Mildenhall the night previous. The field was mostly made up of Fiestas and Astras, with the odd exception – the pick of them being a Mk3 Volkswagen Passat Estate for 742 Daniel Cannon.

A big push into the Caister bend saw 856 the first casualty of Heat 1 as he was spun aside. 71 Kian Holmes collected a post, as 415 Ryan Rumney ran into 856 Kyle. 456 Drew Finch and 136 collided at the starter’s rostrum. More drivers piled in as the exit of turn 4, making it difficult for the leading pack as they ventured around. 14 Barry Payne passed 172 Kenton Walker to take up the running at the half way stage. 172 KennyG spun 856 Kyle. 549 Austin Newell ran into the stricken 415 Rumney, before 129 Adam Barker spun 222 Kieran Norton. 167 Ling spun 742 Daniel Cannon, as 14 Barry Payne raced to the win.

14, 172, 175, 121, 85, 549, 629, 167, 222, 139

As was the case earlier on in the day, Heat 2 commenced with a pile up into the Caister bend. 69 Jamie Harvey put away 121 Ralph Wright which claimed 31 Ricky Hibbert. 549 Newell spun 172 KennyG to take the lead; the latter rejoining only to tangle with 129 Barker spinning the pair. More drivers went in to the melee on the Caister bend. 37 Warren Wright spun 293 Ben Smith. 172 KennyG spun 742 Grumpz, which saw the latter complete a full 360 roll landing on all wheels. 31 Hibbert buried 559 Ben George. 559 George spun 172 KennyG, before 85 James Ellis had a pop at 566 Jason Polley. 293 Smith attacked 566 Pebbles Jnr. 629 Ewan Rout ran head on into 566 Pebbles Jnr, with 222 Norton going in on the former. 85 Ellis run in 566 Pebbles Jnr. 293 Smith rode up the side of 456 Daffy. 175 James Emmerson took the win this time.

175, 549, 293, 559, 222, 14, 677, 456, NOF

The Final saw the standard push into the Caister bend. 573 Marty Lake turned 856 Kyle fence-wards along the back straight. 415 Rumney put the bumper in on the leading 629 Rout from a lap down. 549 Newell turned 856 Kyle left. Newell continued his lively streak, putting away 559 George as he looked to maintain his lead. 573 Marty set about 14 Bazza. 629 Rout spun himself from the lead, with 172 KennyG now inheriting first place. He enjoyed a good battle with 549 Newell, before the latter took a dive to try and dislodge the 172 Mazda putting himself away in to a lame car near the starter’s rostrum instead. 677 Ryan Barbrooke set about 856 Kyle. The leading 172 KennyG removed 677 Duckspeed. 110 Mushy Cornell dumped 129 Barker into 559 George. 856 Kyle set about 13 Katrina Kirby-Dewar. 573 Lakey was evidently bored of lapping, and decided to back out on the pits bend claiming 677 Duckspeed, with 129 Barker also going in. 856 Kyle weighed in on 129 Barker. 172 Kenton Walker raced to the win, before 549 Newell jacked 20 Tyrone Jones. 856 Kyle went in on Newell, with 121 David Wright and 175 James Emmerson securing the podium spots.

172, 121, 175, 856, 110, 549, 573, 139, NOF

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