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Caged! Hall of Fame

We here at Caged! felt it was only right to pay homage to those that have shaped the banger scene, especially those that have had a direct impact on the way in which we view racing. Each individual member has a vote, and provides their in-depth reason at to why they have included that inductee – it could be a person, driver, car, track, era of racing.



33! Simon Reed (2021)

260 Keith Reynolds (2020)

400 Kevin Shinn (2021)

617 Jack Overy (2020)


Farina Body Bangers (2021)

Ford Granada (2020)


Arena Essex Raceway (2020)

Independent Tracks (2020)

Mildenhall Stadium (2021)

Meetings and Events

Civil War (2021)

London Open (2021)

‘Pre’ Meetings (2020)

Ramp Rollovers (2020)


Dan Klyn Signs (2020)

Iain ‘The Steamer’ House (2020)

Mental Health Awareness (2021)

Wasted Magazine (2021)