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2L National Bangers Bandit Memorial plus Big Vans – 29/05/2017 – King’s Lynn

Report by Chris & David Whiting

Big Vans

A good turnout of vans, with Iveco Daily minibuses from 349 Lewis Price, 372 Barry Overland and 601 Chris Medler, while 337 Ashley Garrod had a Mk5 Transit ambulance, 386 Sam Evans a Mercedes 612 minibus and 324 Mark Lathan a Talbot Express camper.

The first race was for the white graders only, with 71 James Unwin soon spinning 324 Lathan on turn 4, 100 Callum White also spinning. 721 Dan Clarke led, as 551 Brett Jackson and 330 Karl Jones spun 78 Gavin Oakes on the back straight, where he was T-boned by 372 Overland and then 100 White, leaving the rear of his Transit well squashed. 514 Charlie Taylor briefly took over the lead down the back straight, but he was overhauled on the pit bend by 551 Jackson, as 71 Unwin spun 78 Oakes on turn 4. 721 Clarke hooked out 372 Overland down the back straight, before 71 Unwin spun 67 Dave Loates into the home straight plating. 71 Unwin then collected the reversing 349 Price on turn 4, as 551 Jackson claimed the win.

Heat 1 started with 372 Overland fencing 386 Evans on turn 2, as 514 Taylor took an early lead. 780 Simon Sparrow spun 77 Lee Ivatt into turn 1, as 386 Evans ran into the again reversing 349 Price on turn 4. 170 Chris Shipp reversed into 372 Overland on turn 2, with 386 Evans then weighing into Overland. 349 Price reversed into the passing 888 Lloyd Stark on turn 4, before the red flags came out for a loose wheel. 514 Taylor led the restart from 830 Lee White and 170 Shipp, as 601 Medler T-boned 337 Garrod on turn 2. 830 White ran into the lurking 170 Shipp on the back straight, as Medler again hit 337 Garrod. 781 Scott Sparrow collected 170 Shipp on the back straight, before the latter was T-boned by 77 Ivatt. 601 Medler continued to attack 337 Garrod on turn 2, while 781 Sparrow again hit 170 Shipp, as a pile up formed off turn 2, with 337 Garrod getting in a revenge hit on Medler. 514 Taylor got stuck in the jam, as 339 Jack Garrod and 99 Ricky Garrod both piled into 601 Medler. 170 Shipp dished out a head-on to 830 White, as 514 Taylor found a way through the chaos to take the win.

266 Callum Hall collected the road bend marker tyres early in heat 2, with 78 Oakes running into him to be blitzed by 67 Loates. 324 Lathan led, as 100 White followed in 721 Clarke on turn 4, the latter’s LDV bouncing off the plating to gently roll onto its side. The red flags came out, 324 Lathan heading 514 Taylor and 349 Price for the restart, with Taylor going ahead. 673 Darren Fendley took over second, as 100 White followed in 372 Overland hard on turn 3, 780 Sparrow weighed into White, as 514 Taylor collected 601 Medler on turn 2. 673 Fendley moved into the lead, as 780 Sparrow T-boned 551 Jackson down the home straight. 324 Lathan hit 170 Shipp down the back straight to half collapse his camper, Lathan going on to attack both 601 Medler and Shipp again on the next lap. 601 Medler T-boned the still fenced 100 White in the closing stages, as 673 Fendley took the flag.

Only 8 vans managed to survive for the Final, with 324 Lathan leading in his now “flat-pack” camper from 514 Taylor and 349 Price. 77 Ivatt hooked out Price on turn 4, before 549 Phil Smith spun Ivatt on the back straight. 514 Taylor moved into the lead, as 549 Smith fenced 170 Shipp on turn 2. 673 Fendley took over at the front, as 349 Price reversed into 170 Shipp, with 549 Smith T-boning Shipp. Smith then hit Shipp again, the latter’s teddy-bear mascot coming off to be run over*. 330 Jones attacked Shipp on turn 2, as 549 Smith reversed into the passing 514 Taylor on turn 4, as 673 Fendley claimed his second win of the day.

The DD started with 78 Oakes reversing into 77 Ivatt from the off, before 601 Medler hit 339 Garrod on the home straight. 266 Hall weighed into 549 Smith on turn 4, before 514 Taylor shoved 77 Ivatt into 78 Oakes on turn 4, with Ivatt collecting the fence, the red flags coming out to check on him. The restart saw 514 Taylor hit 78 Oakes on the home straight, as 339 Garrod spun 601 Medler on turn 1. 514 Taylor hooked out 78 Oakes on the back straight, as 266 Hall attacked 601 Medler on turn 4. 514 Taylor spun 349 Price off turn 2, before 266 Hall dished out a big T-bone to Medler on turn 4. Medler took further damage from 78 Oakes, with 339 Garrod then reversing into the pair of them. 324 Lathan then spun 78 Oakes into the turn 1 fence head-on, which finished him off, before Price reversed into Taylor on turn 4, with Hall T-boning Price. Lathan hit 339 Garrod on the home straight to steam him round the track and into Price, before Garrod spun, with Hall then giving Taylor a head-on on the back straight. Lathan went on opposite to hit Hall, which left just Lathan and Price in the running. Lathan attacked Price on the home straight, before Price spun Lathan and then gave him a hard T-bone. A further head-on from Price finished off Lathan for the win, ending a superb van wreck-up.

*Note: Teddy did survive being run over, as he was spotted sitting in his wrecked van’s driver seat in the pits afterwards, no doubt raring to go for the next van session!


White Grade (12 vans): 551, 324, 330, 349, nof. Entertainers: 71, 100.

Heat 1 (19 vans): 514, 77, 549, 830, 337, 170, nof. Entertainers: 170, 337, 601.

Heat 2 (19 vans): 673, 830, 514, 77, 349, nof. Entertainers: 100, 170.

Final (8 vans): 673, 514, 830, 324, 77, 349, nof. Entertainers: 170, 349, 549.

DD (9 vans): 349 from 324. Entertainers: 266, 324, 349.

2L National Bangers

The Michael “Bandit” Bailey Memorial was led away by 51 James Licquorice, as 390 Dave Gibson took an early spin into the home straight marker tyres. 807 Chris Murfin T-boned the fenced 389 Charlie Garrod on the road bend to spin round, with 339 Jack Garrod dishing out a head-on to Murfin, 801 Mason Foster then blitzing 339 Garrod. The red flags came out to check on 185 Dave Bonnett off turn 2, with 51 Licquorice heading 170 Darren Teal and 843 Jacob Foster for the restart. 399 Jonny Atkin picked up 404 Luke Brinton and steamed him round the plating on the power station bend, Brinton spinning on the home straight where he was collected by 677 Matt Bradshaw, with 171 Andy Frost blitzing Bradshaw and 841 Stu Carmen also crashing in. 306 Nicky Bell and 180 Mark Foster further blitzed 404 Brinton, as 337 Ashley Garrod went on opposite to hit 392 Sam Baines on turn 2. 180 Foster dished out a head-on to 337 Garrod, with 338 Terry Garrod weighing into 180 Foster. The still leading 51 Licquorice followed in 382 Jack Foster Jnr on turn 3, the red flags coming out to check on him, with the result being declared at this point and 51 Licquorice the winner.

519 Lee Middleton Jnr led away the first Allcomers, as 328 Dan Lathan ran into the marker tyres on turn 1. 801 Foster overhauled 519 Middleton for the lead, as 843 Foster hooked out 51 Licquorice on turn 2. 519 Middleton retook the lead, as 306 Bell followed in 247 Jon Bailey on turn 2. 801 Foster and 519 Middleton diced for the lead, before Foster decided to blitz 51 Licquorice on the back straight, Licquorice taking further damage on turn 4 as he was given a head-on by 180 Foster. 843 Foster also blitzed Licquorice, before 180 Foster gave Licquorice another head-on to stuff him backwards into the fence. 306 Bell then blitzed the fenced 841 Carmen on turn 2, Carmen taking further damage from 513 Sean Harvey, 180 Foster and 843 Foster to leave him with a big wreck, as 519 Middleton claimed the chequered.

801 Foster led away Allcomers 2, as 306 Bell spun 51 Licquorice on the home straight. 248 Jamie Blything spun 514 Charlie Taylor Jnr on the back straight, before 390 Gibson followed in 248 Blything on turn 3. 830 Lee White fenced 513 Harvey on turn 1, the latter then taking a T-bone from 79 Ricky Twell, before 768 Danny McSweeney blitzed Twell. 801 Foster took the win, as the DD continued straight on with 339 Garrod (in 337’s car) meeting 399 Atkin (now in 843’s car) head-on on turn 2. 100 Callum White (in 338’s car) met 801 Foster head-on on turn 1, allowing 328 Lathan to blitz Foster, as 180 Foster hit and T-boned 389 Garrod round turns 2 and 1 on opposite. 306 Bell was hit by 170 Teal on turn 4, with 549 Phil Smith weighing into Teal, as 389 Garrod and 180 Foster met head-on on the home straight. 389 Garrod was then blitzed by 519 Middleton and 399 Atkin, before taking a T-bone from 180 Foster. 170 Teal then T-boned 180 Foster before taking a hit from 248 Blything, who was T-boned by 519 Middleton. 549 Smith went on opposite to head-on 519 Middleton, before blitzing him twice and finishing him off. Meanwhile, 768 McSweeney had managed to get himself going again after being caught up on turn 1, 549 Smith giving him a head-on for the win, ending a very destructive session.


Michael “Bandit” Bailey Memorial (34 cars): 51, 178, 514, 513, 549, 313, nof. Entertainers: 180, 339.

All-comers 1 (20 cars): 519, 79, 549, 178, 370, 170, 313, nof. Entertainers: 51, 180, 306.

All-comers 2 into DD (16 cars plus 6 for DD): 801, 519, 549, 830, 370, 306, nof. Entertainer: 390. Last Car: 549 from 768. Entertainers: 170, 519, 549.

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