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Ipswich – 7/10/23 – Unlimited Bangers Championship of the World – Meeting Report

Saturday 7th October marked the biggest night in the banger racing calendar, as the Unlimited Bangers Championship of the World took place at Foxhall Stadium once again. The crowd was huge for the occasion, in what was a sell out affair for the first time in the sport’s history and the weather more than played it’s part blessing us with sunshine all afternoon and evening.

As always, the level of prep was sublime, with too many effort’s to identify as ‘stand out’s.’ 388 Stevo McGrath stunned with a gold wrapped Ford Scorpio to defend his title; boasting both innovation and modern ideas on the signwriting and wrap front whilst highlighting his honour from the previous year. 

There was an outbreak of Ford Granadas, which is usually the case come World Final night, but it appeared that there was a larger sprinkling than usual. 309 Michael Lane’s Mk2 topped the bill for its emotional factor. It was 30 year’s since Michael’s dad, David, appeared in the main race and Michael paid homage to that by racing the last Mk2 that his father purchased before passing away and kept the paint very old school whilst donning his father’s roof fin. 595 Drew Burdett and 739 Jason Moore had a pair of Mk1 Granada Estates, the latter’s being the infamous ‘bullet-proof’ imported from Ireland. 611 Joe Geeves and the Ellis Factory did well in the build up to disguise his vehicle for the night and trick people into thinking he had a Mk1 Coupe Limo, but it was a sublime looking Mk1 Coupe that Joe had for his debut appearance in the main race. World Finalists 99 David Spooner and 360 Jack Reynolds had Mk1 Granadas, but it was 357 Jason Barrow’s that stood out the most with a beautiful paint job.

Jaguar wise, it was 243 ‘Bodja’ Pete Osborne’s that glistened among the others the most. A Series II XJ was his chosen steed for the evening and was donned in a glorious pink with attention to detail in all areas as he paid tribute to his recently passed mother in very fitting fashion. World Finalists 211 Jamie Pole and 527 Dennis Klomp had a pair of Series III XJs, as did 195 David Forrest and 423 Danny Oliver, whilst 91 Sam Bartlett had another Series II variant. 40 Lester Freestone maintained his Jaguar/Daimler theme which booked him his spot through the entertainers, piloting a Mk7 Jaguar for his maiden World Final appearance. Dutch man 48 Foppe Minnema rounding things off on the big cat front with a 420G.

There were a sprinkling of fresh yanks, with 834 Jan Van Osch bringing a Cadillac Coupe de Ville for the World. 410 Dan Galley opted for a Ford Crown Victoria and 49 Blake Macdowell had a Mk3 Lincoln Town Car Limo. Dutch visitor 630 Marcel de Vries had a Mk4 Chevrolet Caprice for the last chance races and popular Gladiators entertainer 349 Lewis Price had a Mk11 Cadillac Fleetwood.

Unfortunately many drivers suffered travel difficulties on route along the A12, which saw several drivers miss their last chance races and resulted in them not making an appearance until the Alcomers.

National Bangers – World Qualifiers
*28 Fred James – Mk2 Ford Granada

40 Lester Freestone – Mk7 Jaguar 
67 Rickie Beasley – Mk2 Ford Granada
84 Jack Ansell – Mercedes W210 Estate
*99 David Spooner – Mk1 Ford Granada

*103 Jack Deacon – Mercedes W210

111 Joe Cotton – Mercedes W210
*133 Terry Hill – Mk2 Ford Granada Estate 

159 Callum Campbell – Mk2 Ford Granada 
171 Tommy West – Ford Scorpio
*178 Kieran Bowman – Mercedes W210 Estate

203 Cameron Innes – Mercedes W210
211 Jamie Pole – Jaguar XJ Series III
215 Leonard Dunn – Mk2 Ford Granada Estate
222 Colin Riddell – Lexus Soarer
243 Pete Osborne – Jaguar XJ Series II
252 Steven Bugler – Ford Scorpio
262 Robert Bugler – Mercedes W210 Estate
266 Martin Hooikammer – Ford Scorpio
281 Aaron Pole – Mk2 Ford Granada 
284 James Head – Mercedes CLK
309 Michael Lane – Mk2 Ford Granada 
327 Mick Maskell Jnr – Ford Scorpio Estate
328 Daniel Lathan – Ford Scorpio 
340 Wesley Freestone – Jaguar S Type
341 Andrew Jones – Mk2 Ford Granada 
348 Sonny Sherwood – Ford Scorpio Estate 
355 Aaron Dark – Mercedes W210
360 Jack Reynolds – Mk1 Ford Granada 
388 Stevo McGrath – Ford Scorpio 
389 Deano McGrath – Ford Scorpio 
400 Lee Kingsnorth – Mk2 Ford Granada
410 Jake Calvert – Mk1 Ford Granada
*440 Macaulay Mills – Mercedes W210
455 Ricki Finney – Ford Scorpio 
456 Nathan Roberts – Ford Scorpio
459 Blake Platts – Ford Scorpio Estate
494 Jack Harris – Ford Scorpio
*506 Danny Mitchell – Mercedes W210

527 Dennis Klomp – Jaguar Series III XJ
542 Craig Oliver – Volvo 940
548 Alex Utting – Mercedes W210
*577 Alfie Lee – Mercedes W210

589 Simon Smith – Ford Scorpio Estate
595 Drew Burdett – Mk1 Ford Granada Estate
611 Joe Geeves – Mk1 Ford Granada Coupe
623 Ricky Hutton – Mk2 Ford Granada Estate
*634 Ben Green – Mk4 Ford Granada

639 Tye Williams – Mk3 Toyota Supra
670 Max Eaton – Ford Scorpio Estate
699 Stacey Holdsworth – Mercedes W210
717 Jack Tuffen – Ford Scorpio 
739 Jason Moore – Mk1 Ford Granada Estate
754 Klaas Jan Poolman – Ford Scorpio
*817 Kurt Jacobs – Mercedes W210

820 Martyn Perkins – Mercedes W210
*828 Jordan Sharpe – Mercedes W210 Estate

*834 Jan Van Osch – Cadillac Coupe de Ville

887 Robert Browning – Ford Scorpio

National Bangers – Last Chance
3 Mitchel Finney – Mercedes W210
4 David Wilde – Mercedes W210 Estate
5 Jeffrey Woolford – Mercedes W210 Estate
6 Troy Jones – Mercedes W210
25 Matthew Black – Mercedes W210
26 Andrew Plante – Toyota Previa
32 Callum Reed – Mercedes W210 Estate 
45 Anthony Crowshaw – Mk2 Ford Granada Estate
46 Scott Starkey – Mercedes W210
48 Foppe Minnema – Jaguar 420G
49 Blake MacDowell – Mk3 Lincoln Town Car Limo XL
50 Joey Mullady – Mercedes W210 Estate
57 Stuart Cumming – Ford Crown Victoria*
58 Joe Brown – Chrysler 300c Estate*
59 Ryan Brown – Jaguar X300
62 Harvey Webb – Ford Scorpio Estate
77 Aaron Charles – Lexus IS200
78 Lee Macey – Ford Scorpio Estate*
87 Harry Linfield – Jaguar X300
89 Joe Barrett – Ford Scorpio*
90 Joey Holmes Jnr – Ford Scorpio Estate*
*91 Sam Bartlett – Jaguar XJ Series II

92 Lee Edwards – Mercedes W210 Estate*
101 Cieran Harmer – Jaguar X300
107 Taylor Pratchet – Chrysler 300c
108 Lewis Jefcolate – Mercedes W210
118 Jason Anslow – Lexus IS200*
123 Kieran Gray – Mercedes W210
126 Daniel Bowley – Mercedes W210
129 Joe Skutela – Mercedes W210 Estate*
130 Joe Gladden – Mercedes W210*
131 Peter Hanmer – Daimler XJ3000 Limo*
132 Connor Dando – Mercedes W210*
143 Dan Rose – Mercedes W210*
144 Ryan Mackley – Mercedes W210 Estate
148 Ian Redden – Mercedes W210*
*150 Lewis Richards – Jaguar XJ40

*162 Brent Shaw – Mercedes W210

173 Steven Reynolds – Mercedes W210*
174 Tom Lindgren – Mercedes W210
*175 Hayden Ballard – Ford Scorpio

*176 Jonathan Compelli – Mercedes W210

180 Sean McConachie – Mercedes W210 Estate*
181 Grant Doe – Jaguar X300
182 Reece Tingle – Mercedes W210
183 Mitchell Banton – Ford Scorpio*
190 Steve Bailey – Ford Scorpio Estate
194 Des Marsh – Mercedes W210 Estate
195 Reece Marsh – Mercedes W210 Estate*
195 David Forrest – Jaguar XJ Series III
198 Brandon Osborne – Mk3 Chevrolet Caprice*
199 Shady Gough – Mercedes W210
199 Kris Clifford – Mercedes W210 Estate
199 Jamie Wyatt – Mercedes W210
201 Phil Milner – Volvo 740 Estate*
205 Alex Ganter – Mercedes W210*
208 PJ Collins – Ford Scorpio
209 Tom Waller – Ford Scorpio*
221 Ted Harfield – Mercedes W210
224 Lewis Canham – Mercedes W210 Limo
229 Dean Jarvis – Mk3 Ford Granada
229 Sean Riddell – Jaguar X300
230 Scott Paterson – Ford Scorpio Estate*
246 Ryan Sparks – BMW 3 Series Estate*
*252 Nemo Llewellyn – Mercedes W210

254 David Hands – Mercedes W210 Estate*
266 Alan Roskell – Mercedes W210
279 David Rushton – Jaguar X300*
292 Sam Betteridge – Mercedes W210
298 Sam Wyatt – Mercedes W210 Estate
299 Thomas Callaghan – Mercedes W210*
312 Brad White – Lexus LS400
323 Dean Kelly – Jaguar X300
328 Ben Nichols – Mercedes W210
349 Lewis Price – Mk11 Cadillac Fleetwood
357 Jason Barrow – Mk1 Ford Granada
*362 Johnny James – Mercedes W210 Estate

363 Billy Jarvis – Mercedes W210
366 Nathan Wren – Mercedes W210 Estate*
369 Steve Nicholls – Jaguar X300*
372 Jay Mattews – Lexus IS200
384 John Golden – Jaguar 420G*
390 Dan Stacey – Mercedes W210*
390 David Gibson – Jaguar X300
399 Jonny Atkin – Mercedes W210 Estate
402 Albie Jenner – Mercedes W210
410 Dan Galley – Ford Crown Victoria
422 Samuel Lewis – Mercedes W210
423 Daniel Oliver – Jaguar XJ Series III
*427 George Harris – Mk2 Ford Granada

444 Charlie Jackson – Mercedes W210 Estate
*454 Dean Lewis – Mercedes W210

*455 Hayden Hawes – Mercedes W210

466 Dalton Steele – Mercedes W210
511 Arjen de Wilde – Vauxhall Omega Estate*
516 Carl Gould – Lexus IS200
525 Nick Andrews – Mercedes W210
526 Jack Denikiewicz – Ford Scorpio*
528 Alan Hunt – Mk3 Toyota Supra
535 Tommy Cox – Mercedes W210*
549 Phil Smith – Ford Scorpio*
553 Luke Webb – Jaguar X300*
555 Harry Gelsthorp – Mercedes W210 Estate
562 Louis Baker – Ford Scorpio 
570 Jordan Cumming – Mercedes W210*
588 Anthony Bland – Mk3 Toyota Supra
597 Shane Lines – Mercedes W210*
612 Dave Robins – Mk4 Ford Granada
614 Harrison Evans – Daimler DS420 Limo
617 Jack Overy – Ford Scorpio*
622 Garry Webb – Ford Scorpio*
624 Liam Hide – Mercedes W210 Estate
625 Josh Gooch – Ford Scorpio*
630 Marcel De Vries – Mk4 Chevrolet Caprice
682 Korben Quinn – Ford Scorpio*
692 Callum Gubbey – Mercedes W210 Estate*
704 Connor Siddalls – Jaguar X300
705 Anthony Turner – Jaguar X300*
710 Cameron McBain – Jaguar X300
714 Paul Smaldon – Ford Scorpio*
717 Lewis Ivatt – Mercedes W210 Estate*
725 Simon Bye – Mercedes W210
726 Sam Bye – Mercedes W210 Estate
741 Charlie Daniels – Mercedes W210
747 Bradley Dee – Mk4 Ford Mondeo Estate*
751 Laurence Wells – Mk3 Ford Granada
763 Charles Wilson – Lexus IS200
777 Harry Ovens – Mercedes W210*
800 Jacob Rushton – Lexus LS400*
810 David Smith – Mk11 Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse*
827 Laiton Disdle – Mercedes W210*
838 Jamie Peters – Mercedes W210
882 Nathan Grant – Mercedes W210 Estate
883 Jack Filmer – Jaguar X300
902 Matthew Nicholl – Ford Scorpio
*911 Toby Wilson – Mercedes W210 Limosine

*920 Terry Church – Mercedes W210 Estate

927 Carl Lindsey – Mercedes W210*
*941 Jimmy Matthews – Mk3 Toyota Supra

956 Harry Thompson – Jaguar X300

(*before number denotes driver displayed Caged on their car & *after car denotes used vehicle)

The first Last Chance race placed 328 Ben Nichols and 630 Marcel de Vries on the front row following the Incarace draw. 32 Callum Reed and 516 Carl Gould, two early favourites, crashed out before the first bend. 357 Jason Barrow delivered a rear wheel shot to 516 Gouldy. 704 Connor Siddalls spun under pressure from 363 Billy Jarvis. 827 Laiton Disdle spun 194 Des Marsh, as the red flags came out for issues along the home straight. 328 Nichols lead them away on the restart from 3 Mitchel Finney and 89 Joe Barrett. 194 Chicken got swift revenge on 827 Goggles, spinning him aside. 199 Jamie Wyatt set about 224 Lewis Canham, which claimed 372 Jay Matthews also. 198 Brandon Osborne spun 194 Chicken along the back straight which saw 132 Connor Dando and 176 Jonathan Compelli dart to the shale to take avoiding action. 48 Foppe Minnema turned 148 Ian Redden fence-wards, with the leading duo of 328 Nichols and 3 Mitchel having to negotiate their way around the stricken 194 Chicken Mercedes. 182 Reece Tingle dived at 528 Alan Hunt, taking the latter out. 612 Dave Robins spun 704 Siddalls, with 129 Joe Skutela catching the Barton Boys man on his way past sending him spinning too. The leading 328 Nichols removed 132 Baba. This allowed 89 Panda to close the gap on the leader, and he passed Nichols to take up the running a lap later. 230 Scott Paterson was blasted by 390 David Gibson as he looked to exit to the infield; the Mad Hatters driver getting spun in turn from 553 Luke Webb. The battle up front heated up as 328 Nichols put the bumper in on 89 Panda, but this caused the former’s Mercedes to go loose on the back end and he was duly turned aside by 194 Chicken, opening up a big gap for Panda up front. 194 Chicken followed in 208 PJ Collins. 198 Ozzie Jnr homed in for a head on to PJ, which snapped the steering on the Chevrolet seeing him crash into the infield marker tyres taking 254 David Hands with him. 466 Dalton Steele collected 208 PJ. The last few laps saw the race settle down, although 682 Korben Quinn looked to be making rapid in-roads on the leading 89 Panda, but the laps eluded him and 89 Joe Barrett raced to the chequers to be the first driver to book his spot on the grid this evening.

89, 682, 363, 62, 77, 466, 328BN, 630, 528, 612

It was a Standlake-esque front row for the second last chance, with Swindon Vigilantes man 920 Terry Church on pole with Equalizers driver 454 Dean Lewis alongside. Lewis fell fowl early on, getting spun aside by 838 Jamie Peters joining 349 Lewis Price and 195 David Forrest on the infield who unfortunately failed to make the start. 423 Dean Oliver spun 800 Jacob Rushton at the end of the home straight, which left the latter stranded and 107 Taylor Pratchett probably thought it was Christmas come early seeing the boot sat up and he bulldozed Rushton with a heavy jacking that left the pair out of action on the entry to turn 1.

180 Sean McConachie spun under pressure from 312 Brad White, and was tboned in turn by 741 Charlie Daniels. 229 Dean Jarvis rattled 209 Tom Waller in. 123 Kieran Gray spun 323 Dean Kelly, before 175 Hayden Ballard ran 625 Josh Gooch into the carnage on the turnstile bend; this also claiming 78 Lee Macey. 838 Sloth delivered a head on to 323 Deano, the latter also copping a front wheel shot from 614 Harrison Evans. 150 Lewis Richards went in on the Daimler DS420 Limo of Evans, and he was pummelled in turn by 58 Joe Brown. 45 Anthony Crowshaw collected 150 Richards, and had 190 Steve Bailey run into him by 423 Oliver. As the half way flag dropped, 562 Louis Baker had a strong lead and it didn’t look like there was any signs of him putting a foot wrong. The remaining laps saw Baker pick his way through the back marking traffic on route to taking the win and his spot into the World Final.

562, 190, 90, 399, 549, 143, 423, 123, 4, 266

The third and final last chance race saw the front row made up of 882 Nathan Grant and the sole Previa driver, 26 Andrew Plante. 617 Jack Overy took off to a blinding start, eager to make his way up the grid quickly. 911 Toby Wilson set about 810 David Smith, which claimed 725 Simon Bye. 692 Callum Gubbey spun 535 Tommy Cox. 183 Mitch Banton tboned the spun 57 Stuart Cumming. 205 Alex Ganter followed in 726 Sam Bye, and continued on that momentum to leather 183 Banton. 911 Legohead jacked 205 Ganter. 57 Dino blasted 183 Banton on oppo as the reds came out on track. 882 Nutty lead from 362 Johnny James and 941 Jimmy Matthews. 5 Jeffrey Woolford removed 126 Daniel Bowley and 229 Sean Riddell spun 883 Jack Filmer. 511 Arjen de Wilde sent 46 Scott Starkey spinning. 710 Cameron McBain went around courtesy of 883 Filmer. 126 Bowers tank slapped 710 Cam, which caused third placed 941 Jimmy to deliver a rear wheel shot to Cam. The battle up front stepped up a notch as 882 Nutty caught the back marking 763 Charles Wilson, which allowed 362 Drifter to move in and spin the pair and take up the running. 444 Charlie Jackson now moved in to second and was making quick progress up the order. 369 Steve Nicholls attacked 26 Plante, and was removed in turn by 131 Peter Hamner. The leading 362 Drifter removed 5 Woolford. 570 Jordan Cumming spun 26 Plante before the latter recovered and attempted to run in 91 Sam Bartlett. 26 Plante spun 101 Cieran Harmer, as 181 Grant Doe followed in 710 Cam. 46 Scott Starkey spun 181 Doe. 362 Drifter raced to the victory and became the 62nd driver on the grid. 91 Bartz Jnr spun 46 Starkey to round off the action.

362, 444, 570, 246, 195, 402, 221, 526, 511, 555

Unlimited Banger Championship of the World Grid 


215 Leonard Dunn – 456 Nathan Roberts

309 Michael Lane – 887 Rob Browning

754 Klaas-Jan Poolman – 159 Callum Hilton-Campbell

178 Kieran Bowman – 252 Steven Bugler

111 Joe Cotton – 623 Ricky Hutton

40 Lester Freestone – 328 Dan Lathan

203 Cameron Innes – 577 Alfie Lee

494 Jack Harris – 717 Jack Tuffen

542 Craig Oliver – 84 Jack Ansell

611 Joe Geeves – 103 Jack Deacon

67 Rickie Beasley – 440 Macauley Mills

389 Deano McGrath – 455 Ricki Finney 

820 Martyn Perkins – 400 Lee Kingsnorth

348 Sonny Sherwood – 506 Danny Mitchell

284 James Head – 262 Rob Bugler

410 Jake Calvert – 133 Terry Hill

699 Stacey Holdsworth – 243 Pete Osborne

211 Jamie Pole – 595 Drew Burdett

548 Alex Utting – 527 Dennis Klomp

739 Jason Moore – 388 Stevo McGrath

281 Aaron Pole – 360 Jack Reynolds

(Vacant) – 589 Simon Smith

266 Martin Hooikammer – 340 Wes Freestone

327 Mick Maskell Jnr – 639 Tye Williams

28 Fred James – 834 Jan Van Osch

670 Max Eaton – 828 Jordan Sharpe

341 Andrew Jones – 459 Blake Platts

222 Colin Riddell – 634 Ben Green

99 David Spooner – 171 Tommy West

355 Aaron Dark* – 817 Kurt Jacobs

562 Louis Baker – 89 Joe Barrett

362 Johnny James

*355 having to start at the back due to not attending the grid draw and thus sacrificing an opportunity to be placed on the grid

After a superb build up of the World Finalists and some music to hype up the crowd which was capped up with ‘Sweet Caroline’ bellowed out by the fans and drivers and orchestrated along by the likes of 243 Pete Osborne, 699 Stacey Holdsworth, 211 Jamie Pole and 595 Drew Burdett among others. A couple of minutes silences took place, paying tribute to Mr Bigmore, one of the track owners who recently passed and to pay thoughts and respect to 104 Paul Brown Jnr who is still recovering in hospital from his injuries sustained in the 1300 Stock Cars at Aldershot a few weeks back.

Proceeding that, it was showtime. Two rolling laps passed, in what surely would have seemed an age for the drivers with pyrotechnics flying from the trucks at the front of the grid and from the infield too. 456 Roberts got off to a strong start whilst 887 Browning darted up the inside of 215 Murph to take second. 252 Boogie spun 159 Campbell aside, whilst 589 Smith got turned into the armco by 340 Wes along the back straight. 440 Big Mac, 67 Beasley and 611 Geeves crashed out near the starter’s rostrum, which saw 670 The Man Jnr collect the sublime Mk1 Coupe of Geeves. 634 Marty removed 834 Balletje and 171 Westy Jnr did the same to 222 Riddell. 459 Platts ran into 670 The Man Jnr as the raced got off to a busy start as expected. 639 Tye Pirate got turned fence-wards in the sort out by 340 Wes. 440 Big Mac got pinballed along the home straight which also claimed 634 Marty and 362 Drifter. 215 Murph ran out of road and blasted Big Mac with a rear wheel shot, before 455 Finney ran head on into the BRCM driver. The lively 340 Wes rattled 28 Jamesie and 527 Klomp in. 340 Wes lengthened 455 Finney, leaving the World of Shale Champion with a sorry looking Scorpio after only one lap. 834 Balletje blitzed 611 Geeves along the home straight also. 542 Oliver turned 389 Deano fence-wards which left the latter’s passenger front wheel hanging off. The red flags then coming out to pause momentum; 456 Roberts still leading at this stage from 887 Browning and 309 Laney. Some drivers had made rapid progress through the field, with 328 Lathan, 400 Kingsnorth and 717 Tuffen looking very dangerous at this stage.

A big push on the restart into turn 1 saw 284 Heady send 400 Kingsnorth spinning, and 348 Mushy also went around. 341 Jonesey was turned out of contention along the back straight, before 284 Heady rattled the armco on turn 3 with steering issues. 84 Peach had 623 Tricky around, and 360 Jackstar also suffered a spin under pressure from 820 Maggot. Last Chance 1 winner 89 Panda removed 595 Drew Boy. Roberts again opened up a slight gap at the front of the field as a four-car battle ensued behind him for second place between 887 Browning, 309 Laney, 178 Slim and 328 Lathan. 243 Bodja spun 84 Peach. 99 Bam put 222 Riddell away hard on turn 1, but spun himself in the process. The battle towards the front of the grid saw 178 Slim remove 309 Laney from contention. 355 Dribbler launched in 266 Hooikammer. 589 Gonna administered a well-timed attack on rival 328 Lathan as the latter mounted a challenge for the lead. This caused chaos behind seeing 203 Camo and 111 Cotton Eye go flying across the track into turn 1, and 360 Jackstar going fence-wards. 133 Terz barged 111 Cotton Eye out the way, but was duly spun himself by 577 Fonzo. 84 Peach drove through 360 Jackstar. 456 Roberts engine began to give way which allowed 887 Browning to take up the running. The five lap board fell, and you could literally throw a blanket over the top four with 887 Browning pipping 456 Roberts with 717 Tuffen and 178 Slim side by side behind as they came across the line. The Spedeworth Points Champion was evidently struggling with the engine boiling up, and he was eventually spun by 178 Slim as it fully gave way. This allowed Tuffen to slip up the inside and begin the chase to Browning, whilst 327 Maskell Jnr moved into the top four. 699 Stacey spun 506 Mitchell. 717 Tuffen continued to close the gap, and he homed in for an incredible last bend lunge on 887 Browning which caused severe push for the latter as they entered the home straight leaning on one another. 400 Kingsnorth spun 89 Panda. 589 Gonna pulled off the infield in a last ditch attempt to stop Tuffen, who rode up the Gladiator man and crossed the line to the chequers on two wheels as he wheeled across the line. 887 Browning having to settle for second as he was pushed sideways across the line by the back-marking 243 Bodja and 355 Dribbler. 178 Slim guided his Mercedes to third and it was a long way back before we saw fourth placed 327 Maskell Jnr. 717 Tuffen tussled with 211 Poley after the chequers and was duly blasted by 281 A Pole, who stayed latched to the newly crowned World Champion along the back straight and he rattled him around the plating on turn 3. 89 Panda went in on 281 A Pole. 266 Hooikammer got well and truly set about down on turn 1 to round things off. 

717, 887, 178, 327, 820, 252, 459, 699, 262, 577

The first Alcomers placed Mad Hatters duo 390 Gibbo and 399 Jonny Atkin off of the front row. 49 McDougall was instantly spun aside by 747 Bradley Dee Crandon, whilst 254 Titty Dave got all unsettled and was encouraged towards the armco by 410 Dan Galley. 91 Bartz Jnr ran head on into 254 Titty Dave, as 129 Square Head laid into 920 Churchy on turn 1, spinning him aside. 763 Wilson had a rough ride along the back straight taking hits from 410 Dano and 129 Square Head. 535 Tommy Cox followed in 328 Nichols, with the latter copping a rear wheel shot from 130 Joe Gladden as he looked to exit to the infield. 48 Foppe Minnema spun 252 Nemo Llewellyn, with 366 Nathan Wrenn running head on into the latter. 48 Foppe spun it on oppo, missing his intended target but causing chaos among the leaders halting 312 Brad White who duly got blasted in turn by 143 Dan Rose, with 229 Sean Riddell also going in. 49 MacDougall tboned 252 Chicken Wing, as 466 Dalto spun 630 Marcel de Vries. 129 Square Head dispatched of 956 Harry Thompson. 199 Kris Clifford buried 292 Sam Betteridge, as behind 511 Arien de Vries thundered in 221 Ted Harfield. The attention turned to the back straight with many drivers falling by the wayside, including 777 Harry Ovens who was blasted by 553 Luke Webb. Webb himself ran head on into 902 Matthew Nichol, and he was spun by 143 Rose. 246 Ryan Sparks ran 349 Lewis Price into 553 Webby. 625 Gucci spun 528 Jethro, as he moved into second place and looked to chase the leading 390 Gibbo down. Gucci soon put the bumper in to dislodge Gibbo, who also lost out to 130 Gladden slipping down to third. 62 Harvey Webb rejoined after a spin behind brother 625 Gucci, making a cool moment with all three TWT cars in tandem momentarily. 617 Overy put away 48 Showman, which allowed 410 Dano to blast the 420G with a rear wheel shot. 625 Josh Gooch raced to a dominant win, with 617 Overy and 528 Jethro clashing as the red flags came out.

625, 130, 390, 175, 528, 4, 129, 714, 555, 466

146 Dan Wigman and 87 Harry Linfield were the front row sitters for the second Alcomers. 754 Klaas-Jan Poolman was the first to show, spinning 103 Jack Deacon, as 173 Steven Reynolds spun 506 Mitchell. The Bye brothers of 725 Sibbs and 726 Sambo combined to set about 834 Balletje and 224 Lewis Canham. 705 Anthony Turner got turned fence-wards, before 180 McConachie rattled in 682 Korbs. 224 Canham attacked 323 Deano on oppo, and 25 Matt Black spun 176 Jonathan Compelli. 323 Deano delivered a head on to 726 Sambo and was tboned hard in turn by 838 Sloth. 614 Evans and 201 Turk were spat left at the end of the home straight by the pack. 224 Canham continued his onslaught on the turnstile bend with an attack on oppo to 132 Baba. 101 Charmer was flicked left along the home straight by 90 Joey Holmes Jnr. 725 Sibbs steamed in for a head on to 323 Deano. 262 Roona jacked 725 Sibbs. The action then turned to the front of the pack, as the leading 146 Wiggy spun the back marking 726 Sambo, which saw them tangle with 834 Balletje and all go crashing out towards the armco on turn 3, with 199 Bona also getting caught up with them allowing 194 Chicken to slip into the lead. 195 Grenade Dave spun 146 Wiggy, the latter taking more punishment as he rejoined and was instantly spun by 194 Chicken in a cruel insult to losing the lead himself. 224 Canham connected with another victim; 279 Shaun Rushton this time around feeling the wrath of the Mercedes Limo. 298 Sam Wyatt tboned 614 Evans on turn 2, and 828 Sharpey delivered an equally savage hit to 834 Balletje on turn 3. 262 Roona attacked 726 Sambo, spinning the latter as they entered the back straight. 704 Siddalls set about 726 Sambo. 224 Canham attacked 756 Klaas on oppo. 726 Sambo went in on Canham. 262 Roona steamed in on 726 Sambo, as 754 Klaas retaliated with a tbone on oppo to 224 Canham – the pair shaking hands in a nice embrace on the red flags as 194 Des Marsh wound back the years to take the victory.

194, 542, 577, 101, 171, 25, 262, 410, 704, 726

The Cash or Card race saw both Alcomers winners on the front row of what was a packed track. 902 Matthew Nicholl was the first to show spinning 372 Matthews. 466 Dalto was turned left by the pack. 882 Nutty followed in 143 Rose. 747 Didee attacked 108 Lewis Jefcote and came under fire in turn from 199 Shaydy Gough. 555 Harry Gelsthorp tangled with 108 Squeaky and was done by 180 McConachie. 252 Boogie got rid of 341 Jonesey. 410 Dano came to a halt on turn 2. 284 Heady and 400 Kingsnorth suffered spins on the entrance of the back straight. 252 Steven Bugler leathered 747 Didee. 194 Chicken homed in on 77 Aario, spinning into the oncoming traffic which caused bedlam behind. 639 Tye Pirate ran 516 Gouldy into the pile up and 902 Nicholl did the same to 123 Kieran Gray. 133 Terz dumped 699 Stacey fence-wards. 173 Steven Reynolds jacked 194 Chicken and was done himself by 199 Shaydy. 107 Pratchett rattled 133 Terz around the plating, dumping him along the home straight allowing 390 Dan Stacey to decimate 133 Terz and the Autospeed World Champion was left fully buckled courtesy of a jacking from 107 Pratchett who was on the attack again. 372 Matthews spun 827 Goggles, with 388 Stevo collecting the latter. 129 Joe Skutela laid into teammate 595 Drew Boy. 25 Black Magic set about 201 Phil Milner as 390 Dazza laid into 747 Didee. 506 Mitchell dumped 89 Panda into Didee’s lame car as the reds came out on track. 527 Klomp set about 542 Oliver, putting himself away in the process, with 243 Bodja delivering a huge shot to The Maniacs driver. The race resumed with four laps to the flag with 625 Gucci setting them off from 67 Beasley and 670 The Man Jnr. 699 Stacey removed 89 Panda, as behind 182 Tingle, 107 Pratchett, 243 Bodja and 101 Charmer all had a sort out amongst themselves. 412 Dano leathered 201 Turk as 209 Tombo spun 312 White. 50 Joey Mullady jacked 201 Turk which brought the red flags out just as 625 Gucci came round the final bend. The race was restated with a one lap dash with Gucci heading them up from 670 The Man Jnr and 67 Beasley. The bumpers flew into turn 1 from the pack as they were eager to work their way to the front of the grid; unfortunately much at the expense of 625 Gucci who dropped down the order. 670 The Man Jnr and 699 Stacey got turned aside. As they went into the last bend, at least half a dozen drivers were able to emerge victorious. 617 Overy lunged 67 Beasley into turn 3, spinning him aside. 625 Gucci ran head on into Beasley, as Overy and 506 Mitchell scrapped for traction coming out the bend to take the flag. The ‘GOAT’ just nabbing the win and he opted to take Wildcard booking his spot into next year’s World Final. 548 Big Al spun 209 Tombo for the minor places. 

617, 506, 372, 625, 577, 246, 107, 548, 252, 312

A superb night of action with a thrilling finish to the World Final race. We bid goodbye to the era of Stevo; a fantastic World Champion, and one of the best of the modern times. We welcome the era of Tuffen, and we look forward to seeing Jack’s campaign as World Champion. The atmosphere of the evening was top drawer, with both on and off track antics aiding to that – the rendition of Sweet Caroline will be something to recall for years. Bravo all involved.

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