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Kings Lynn – 9/9/23 – Unlimited Bangers World of Shale – Meeting Report

The biggest Banger race on shale; the Unlimited World of Shale, took place at the Adrian Flux Arena with a bumper field of cars including drivers from all over Europe. There were several drivers that made some top effort on the paint front, with a few opting for a bit more of a ‘material’ option. 180 Sean McConachie and 267 Martin French went down the Volvo Limo route with 9 Series variants. 178 Kieran Bowman had a stunning Mk2 Ford Granada, whilst 313 John Cullingford had a used example and 113 Lee Waller also had a used Estate. Top entertainer 214 Connor Osborn had a Mk3 Lincoln Town Car Limo. There were a pair of used yanks, with 611 Joe Geeves returning his Mk3 Chevrolet Caprice from the Nutty Nige weekend and 209 Tom Waller’s Cadillac Eldorado saw daylight again after The Reunion weekend at Mildenhall. 777 Harry Ovens had a Jaguar XJ Series II which had a Lexus engine under the bonnet. 101 Cieran Harmer had a tidy Jaguar XJ Series III, but it was 222 Matty High’s ‘breadvan’ Series III that certainly topped the bill, with its peculiarity and rareness making it a very intriguing car indeed.  

The first Last Chance Heat saw 383 Rory Adams get turned fence-wards early on, with 335 Lee White running 16 Jamie Cox head on into the former. 697 Brandon Lawton fell foul along the home straight, before 827 Laiton Disdle spun 32 Connor Byram fence-wards. 209 Tombo couldn’t resist the opportunity, and ploughed through 32 Byram before choosing to turn his yank around. 118 Kane Shaw (Mk10 Jaguar*) weighed in with hit on the nose to 209 Tombo, and was duly tboned in turn by 335 White. 16 Coxy jacked 335 White, with 611 Geeves going in on the Silver Boys driver. 209 Tombo attacked 451 Willy Blackwell on oppo, with Blackwell immediately dishing a revenge hit on oppo to Tombo. 611 Geeves jacked 335 White, and was done in turn by 450 Glynn Platts. 209 Tombo set about 451 Blackwell on oppo before coming under fire from 118 Kaneo. 451 Blackwell homed in on 209 Tombo on oppo, pushing him head on into 390 David Gibson. 451 Blackwell hadn’t finished his assault, delivering a front wheel shot to 209 Tombo as 400 Lee Kingsnorth raced to the win. The entertainer awards going the way of 335 White and 611 Geeves.

400, 3, 266, 577, 181, 312, 366, 800, 16, 704

The action got underway early into the second Last Chance Heat, with 661 Shaun Smith spinning 222 Matty, allowing 87 Damien Matthews to go in for a head on to the Series III XJ breadvan. 801 Mason Foster and 777 Harry Ovens tangled along the straight, before 150 Andrew Parrin turned 664 Ryan Sutcliffe left. 110 Garrie Mirza jacked 753 Billy Cunningham, as 252 Gareth Griffiths took offence to a marker tyre along the home straight and blasted it. 721 Dan Clarke spun 353 Martin Mullins who recovered to deliver the same treatment to 664 Gump. 777 Harrybo went on oppo with 150 Parrin being his victim. 313 Cully weighed in on 150 Parrin, resulting in the former accidentally getting caught in the door by 222 Matty. 664 Gump tboned 313 Cully on oppo before delivering a head on to 353 Mullins. 222 Matty went in on 353 Mullins before 777 Harrybo delivered another head on to 150 Parrin. 664 Gump jacked 777 Harrybo, with the latter coming under attention from 790 Nathan Young also. 721 Clarkey tboned 790 Nafe, who retaliated with a head on to his attacker. 634 Ben Green attacked 353 Mullins whilst 624 Liam Hide raced to the win. 664 Gump and 777 Harrybo the recipients of the entertainer awards.

624, 174, 123, 129JB, 224LC, 634, 252, 711, 823, 353

World of Shale Championship Grid

Outside – Inside

747 Bradley Dee Crandon – 20 Florian Duhem

101 Cieran Harmer – 589 Simon Smith

328 Ben Nichols – 639 Tye Williams

23 Kevin Stahr – 51 James Licquorice

362 Johnny James – 419 Laura Quadling

100 Callum White – 374 Sam Markham

410 Jake Calvert – 267 Martin French

284 James Head – 137 Shaun Chaplin

180 Sean McConachie – 828 Jordan Sharpe (C)

791 Nicky Young – 271 Ashlun Woods

224 James Burrows – 662 Dalton Smith

199 Shaydy Gough – 459 Blake Platts

673 Darren Fendley – 214 Connor Osborn

155 Sam Coote – 158 Shane Davies

129 Joe Skutela – 830 Lee White

555 Harry Gelsthorp – 549 Phil Smith

127 Phil Markham – 455 Rikki Finney

182 Reece Tingle – 570 Jordan Cumming

299 Tommy Callaghan – 230 Scott Paterson

146 Davy O’Connor – 388 Stevo McGrath

133 Terry Hill – 281 Lewis Tingle

817 Kurt Jacobs – 178 Kieran Bowman 

The Lowman Race Engines sponsored World of Shale saw two rolling laps begin proceedings. Frenchman 20 Florian and Real Steel 747 Bradderz found themselves off the front row. The green flag dropped simultaneously with the pyrotechnics gracing the Norfolk sky. 137 Chaplin was the first to show sending 284 Heady spinning. Heady was duly collected by 271 Woodszy. 459 Platts spun 662 Dalts before an array of drivers crashed out on turn 1 and 2 including defending champion 828 Sharpey. 224 Buggsy Jnr took out 267 The Tramp and 673 Dazza. 459 Platts drove through 267 The Tramp. 155 Mr Slow spun 830 Stretch, and 624 Lossy Jnr did the same to 3 Finney. A pile up formed on turn 3, with 828 Sharpey right in the middle of things. 129 Square Head weighed in on 146 Davey, and was jacked in turn by 214 One Way. 662 Dalts collected 214 One Way, as 611 Geeves jacked 133 Terz before 362 Drifter, 328 Nichols and 639 Tye Pirate all steamed in. 817 Stig weighed in on 362 Drifter as 23 Little Bad Boy jacked 127 Ginge. 664 Gump administered a rear wheel shot on 673 Dazza to open a gap through the pile up. 570 Dino Jnr spun 20 Duhem, with 281 Tingle running 419 Mossop into the Frenchman. 133 Terz collected 419 Mossop before 51 Licquorice and 199 Shaydy did synchronised jackings with 611 Geeves and 23 Little Bad Boy the targets. 828 Sharpey and 455 Finney tangled along the back straight, taking the latter out of the lead. 299 Callaghan spun 174 Lindgren. At this stage of the race it was 158 Davies who was leading, from 299 Callaghan and 459 Platts. 51 Licquorice delivered an oppo attack to 410 Calvert, as the battle up front heated up as 299 Callaghan turned 158 Davies fence-wards. This allowed 459 Platts to slip up the inside to claim the lead with 299 Callaghan still sitting close in second and 570 Dino Jnr had now moved his way into the top three. 830 Stretch spun 284 Heady. 570 Dino Jnr weighed in on 214 One Way, which caused him to crash out with 137 Chaplin along the home straight ending his charge. 224 Buggsy Jnr pushed 214 One Way back onto the track to form another blockage. 100 Cock duly drove through 214 One Way, with 400 Kingsnorth homing in on the Aftermath which left no path through. The leading 459 Platts jacked 400 Kingsnorth, with 791 Spud going in on Platts. 299 Callaghan pushed 791 Spud through to open a gap once again. 830 Stretch spun 281 Tingle as 51 Licquorice went on oppo again claiming 328 Nichols, which also saw 388 Little Stevo and 362 Drifter fall foul. 158 Davies tboned 362 Drifter, with 133 Terz homing in on the Condoms veteran in turn. 455 Finney went in on 133 Terz as 828 Sharpey weighed in on oppo to 214 One Way. Gladiators revenge was swift as 589 Gonna jacked Sharpey. 281 Tingle tboned 214 One Way whilst brother 182 Tingle jacked 158 Davies. Several drivers rammed their way through the pile up, with 639 Tye Pirate inheriting the lead, but he unfortunately suffered a puncture and opted to weigh in on 549 Smith instead. 362 Drifter homed in on 639 Tye Pirate with 271 Woodszy going in on the Team Extreme Supra in turn. 299 Callaghan now had the lead with 459 Platts close behind and 362 Drifter now seeing out the top three. 555 Dirty Harry and 182 Tingle combined to attack 178 Slim on oppo. 664 Gump went in on 178 Slim and was jacked in turn by 664 Gump. The leading 299 Callaghan had his path blocked with 455 Finney homing in on him. 459 Platts laid into 791 Spud with 271 Woodszy going in too. 830 Stretch went in on 400 Kingsnorth as 555 Dirty Harry jacked 271 Woodszy. Woodszy came under more attention, this time being leathered by 182 Tingle, with 100 Cock steaming in on the latter. 299 Callaghan still lead, with 455 Finney and 549 Smith now working their way into the podium spots. 133 Terz dumped 362 Drifter into the pile up before 664 Gump attacked 388 Little Stevo. 224 Buggsy Jnr delivered a head on to 455 Finney. 549 Smith now lead with 455 Finney still in second and 299 Callaghan dropping to third as he began to struggle with his Mercedes looking very battle scarred. 664 Gump jacked 388 Little Stevo on oppo, as 182 Tingle delivered a head on to 549 Smith. 455 Finney drove through 182 Tingle to open a line through the carnage, but 224 Buggsy Jnr immediately closed that gap by giving a hit on the nose to 549 Smith. 133 Terz again ran 362 Drifter into the pile up, the latter rejoining via the infield concrete earning himself a penalty. 664 Gump weighed in on 362 Drifter a lap later as 133 Terz went in on 455 Finney. Finney emerged through the pile up with a clear lead advantage to take the last lap board. 374 Markham and 182 Tingle stopped any trouble leaving 455 Finney a clear path to the chequered flag and his biggest career win to date. 362 Drifter crossed line second but was docked two places for his earlier infield infringement with the rest of the result being made up of laps completed. 299 Callaghan and 281 Tingle securing the podium spots in what was a proper banger race.

455, 299, 281, 362, 549, NOF

The first Alcomers begun with 379 Shaun Turner spinning 87 Damo. 224 Canham turned 112 Daz left. 506 Danny Mitchell spun 747 Bradderz. 252 Mr Blobby set about 753 Gypsy Boy. 570 Dino Jnr spun 704 Connor Siddalls, as 313 Cully set about 382 Theo Baker. 379 Turner flew along the back straight on oppo to deliver a head on to 12 Prestage. 112 Daz delivered a shot on oppo to 150 Parrin who had been having a luckless evening of similar attacks; he responded with a rear shot to the Gravediggers Previa. 379 Turner delivered a heavy shot to 12 Prestage and was tboned in turn himself by 112 Daz, as 800 Jacob Rushton took the victory.

800, 129JB, 312, 224LC, 466, 506, 570, 284, 123, 823

Alcomers 2 begun with 129 Square Head spinning 374 Markham, with 827 Goggles running 3 Finney into his spun teammate. 127 Markham had a pop at 827 Goggles, before 267 The Tramp spun 466 Dalton Steele. 100 Cock attacked 382 Baker. 267 The Tramp rattled in 214 One Way, the latter keeping in pinned to tbone 100 Cock. 178 Slim delivered a rear wheel shot to 382 Baker, with 267 The Tramp weighing in on 214 One Way. 199 Shaydy jacked 267 The Tramp, and was collected in turn by 137 Chaplin. 178 Slim steamed in on 137 Chaplin, whose luck was not on his side, with 390 Gibbo then jacking the Team Reem man. 133 Terz steamed in on 390 Gibbo, with 04 Croft going in on the Autospeed World Champion. 196 Marsh jacked 04 Croft and was collected by 224 Buggsy Jnr and 318 Oliver Marshall. 129 Square Head homed in on 224 Buggsy Jnr. 555 Dirty Harry delivered a rear wheel shot to 129 Square Head, and continued the momentum to also blast 506 Mitchell. 266 Al Roskell went in to the pile up and was duly followed by 450 Platts. 549 Smith ran 178 Slim into the pile up. 827 Goggles followed in 222 Matty. 04 Croft went in on 390 Gibbo and was jacked in turn by 366 Nathan Wrenn. 312 Brad White went in on 366 Wrenny. 100 Cock spun and was done head on by 3 Finney. 20 Duhem flew along the home straight to tbone 214 One Way on oppo. Gladiators revenge was swift, with 549 Smith jacking 20 Duhem. 459 Blake Platts took the win.

459, 549, 312, 366, 466, 224LC, 374, 196, NOF

The third Alcomers begun with 711 Tom Mackenzie spun 224 Buggsy Jnr. 101 Charmer went in on 224 Buggsy Jnr. 817 Kurt Jacobs spun 271 Woodszy, as 196 Marsh attacked 410 Calvert. 93 Dylan Goodman laid into 199 Shaydy, as 32 Crazy Con jacked 16 Coxy. 577 Alfie Lee assaulted 410 Calvert, with the CrashZone man getting jacked on oppo by 828 Sharpey. 93 Dilly ran 267 The Tramp head on into 555 Dirty Harry. This allowed 51 Licquorice to jack 267 The Tramp, with 828 Sharpey going in on Licquorice. 196 Marsh jacked 828 Sharpey whilst 129 Jono Brook raced to the win.

129JB, 158, 123, 577, 196, 93, 388, 146, 199, NOF

The race went straight into the DD where 146 Davey O’Connor was the first to show following in 93 Dilly, which also claimed 199 Shaydy. 549 Smith jacked 313 Cully on oppo, with the latter being blasted in turn by 196 Marsh. 146 Davey laid into 224 Buggsy Jnr, as 711 Macca attacked 199 Shaydy. The DD went quiet with a few piling in on turn 3/4. 146 Davey outlasted everyone else to emerge victorious.

A fantastic night of racing highlighting bangers at their very best. The Unlimiteds return to the Adrian Flux Arena on Saturday 28th October as part of the Halloween Carnival Night.

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