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Back to Basics – 01/08/2018 – Yarmouth

Heat 1 commenced with 20 cars. 140 Rainer put away 6 Ling. 800 Neary and 571 Offord tangled down the home straight the leaving latter stranded at the end of the home straight. 800 Neary and 175 Emmo tangled leaving the latter with a puncture. 367 Beevor spun 6 Ling, with the latter getting collected by 800 Neary. 367 Beevor continued on from his attack on 6 Ling but bizarrely went in on his own accord quite hard near the pit gate. 741 Luke Parfitt took the opening win of the night ahead of ex-1300 World Champion 344 Ross Fisher and in form man 33 Gary Madgwick. After 741 Capt D’s lap of honour he ran into the home straight crowd to give a young fan his trophy; a top gesture there which I’m sure made that young fans night.
741, 344, 33, 433, 447, 140, 316, 800, NOF

Heat 2 saw a slightly depleted field of 15 cars.
939 took 140 Rainer to the fence in an attempt to spin the latter. 775 Ballard put away 893 Huggy. 939 sent 441 LeGrice left into fence at the end of the home straight earning him a black cross. 715 Evans set about 316 Dace. 140 Rainer spun in front of the leading 344 Fisher, who managed to take evasive action and maintain his lead – 893 Huggy however was not quite as alert and delivered a rear wheel shot to 140 Rainer. 344 Ross Fisher held on to the win from Heat 1 winner 741 Capt D and 33 Magic in a reshuffle of the opening heats’ podium spots.
344, 741, 33, 175, 10, 447, 775, 433, 715, 316

The Final saw 15 cars make it out once again, although 893 Huggy expired early on. 447 Nail and 775 Ballard enjoyed a good scrap; continuously exchanging places until 447 Nail spun the latter at the end of the back straight.
6 Ling attacked and spun 571 Offord. 344 Fisher buried 93. 344 Fisher then spun 571 Offord. 10 Sideways Jim attacked 800 Neary who was limping along the home straight. 6 Ling attacked 571 Offord again. 447 Nail jacked 800 Neary hard, whilst up front, 33 Magic bested birthday boy 175 Emmo for the win – 433 Ben Smith rounded off the top three this time around.
33, 175, 433, 344, 10, 775, 741, 6, 571, NOF

Caravan Figure of 8 DD commenced with 175 Emmo ruining 116 Wanty’s caravan over the 8. 313 Scottie Dogg spun and got tangled with his trailer only to be splintered by 116 Wanty.116 Wanty completed a lap and drove straight through the empty caravan belonging to 313 Scottie Dogg. 715 Evans attacked 116 Wanty with his trailer. 313 Scottie Dogg began driving through empty caravans. 715 Evans attacked 116 Wanty, and then jacked 313 Scottie Dogg to try and loosen his trailer. 715 Evans jumped the back of 116 Wanty’s trailer nearly burying himself. 313 Scottie Dogg drove through 715 Evans’ trailer and then went in on 116 Wanty.715 Evans successfully dislodged 116 Wanty’s trailer. 313 Scottie Dogg attacked 715 Evans’ trailer multiple times before ramming the latter. 715 Evans lost his passenger front wheel earning a DQ – 313 Scottie Dogg celebrated his win by blasting 715 Evans.

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