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Back to Basics – 08/08/2018 – Yarmouth

Wednesday 8th August saw another session for the Back To Basics at Yarmouth Stadium, and was the turn of the Mascot meeting which saw various contraptions on the roof of the cars. Unfortunately due to work commitments I didn’t get to the track for Heat 1.

Heat 2 commenced with 24 cars. 212 Barty Jnr spun 326. 9 Titch caught a post as loads of cars got together, only to be jacked by Northern man 248. 212 Barty Jnr turned 141 Snakey left, as 385 Thurlow spun 888 Ford. 433 Smith spun 212 Barty Jnr. 760 Hazza weighed in on 141 Snakey. 17 Chiefy attacked 548 Big Al. 741 Capt D removed 326. 6 Ling spun 333 Cuddles who got collected by 31 Manny. 31 Manny attacked 175 Emmo. 821 Dangerous put 326 into the parked 9 car. 212 Barty Jnr blasted 447 Nail as 821 Dangerous and 247 Bro joined forces to slow the leaders up near the start line causing no end of chaos – 995 Emmerson blasting 247 Bro big time getting some air time and 821 Dangerous getting spun by 33 Magic. Among all the chaos, 441 Gary LeGrice took the win.

The Final saw 22 cars make the start. 212 Barty Jnr spun and was done head on by 447 Nail. 888 Ford jacked 212 Barty Jnr. 447 Nail set about 333 Cuddles only to come under fire from 548 Big Al. 888 Ford set about 326 who backed him into the Caister bend ropes. 433 Smith spun 31 Manny. 31 Manny spun 248 Lineham only to be spun by 385 Thurlow. 33 Magic dispatched 31 Manny when he rejoined.447 Nail attacked 333 Cuddles. 14 Bazza spun 447 Nail who seemed to be centre of the action all race. 821 Dangerous spun 995 Emmerson. 760 Hazza attacked 248 Lineham.14 Bazza rolled on the Caister bend and kept going. 141 Snakey put away 31 Manny to end the action.

The DD commenced with 888 Newstead set about 333 Cuddles. 433 Smith jacked 548 Big Al. 247 Bro drove through 548 Big Al. 333 Cuddles and 888 Newstead shared a head on.141 Snakey went in on 548 Big Al. 821 Dangerous went in on 247 Bro. 6 Ling tboned 548 Big Al. 888 Newstead and 31 Manny met on the nose. 6 Ling tboned 333 Cuddles. 433 Smith jacked 31 Manny who waved for the reds. The restart saw 760 weigh in on 821 Dangerous. 821 Dangerous responded by tboning 548 Big Al. A fire broke out on 760 Hazza’s car which ended his night. 821 Dangerous and 433 Smith shared a head on. 433 Smith gave a head on to 821 Dangerous to settle the honours.

The Caravan DD ended the evening’s entertainment with 6 cars. 140 Scottie spun 175 Emmo, who’s caravan went on two wheels. 760 Hazza buried 140 Scottie. 116 Wanty set about 760 Hazza. 140 Scottie splintered 313 Scottie Dogg’s caravan. 175 Emmo drove through the remains of the 313 caravan. 760 Hazza and 141 Snakey ended in a mess of fibreglass; 760 Hazza again set alight. 175 Emmo lost his caravan over the centre of the 8. The reds came out to attends the fire. The restart saw 140 Scottie go on oppo to obliterate 116 Wanty’s caravan – both parties losing their trailers. 175 Emmo and 313 Scottie Dogg took synchronised turns at driving through empty caravans. 175 Emmo went for an attack on 313 Scottie Dogg and mistimed the hit burying himself flat out after launching over the 313 trailer which ended the action.

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