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Meeting Reports

All Capri & Cortina Bangers, Reliant Robins EA v South and Bangers English Championship – 01-02/07/2000 – Ipswich – Spedeweekend 2000

Spedeweekend 2000 saw a completely different format to normal with an All Capri & Cortina meeting scheduled for the Saturday accompanied by the return of the EA v South Head to Head, this time in Reliant Robins which was contested over both days and the annual English Championship meeting for the Unlimited Bangers occurred on the Sunday. All this action was spread over the weekend of 1st and 2nd July.

The Robins Teams were out on the shale for their first heat. EA637 Bulldeath attacked S264 Wellard and EA363 Skoyles attacked S51. S207 Showtime rolled, whilst EA9 Titch set about S414 Doom. S136 Williams rolled EA349 Allard and S329 Brand spun EA9 Titch. EA442 Mungo spun S510 King Basher. EA637 Bulldeath rolled courtesy of S510 King Basher. EA442 Mungo rolled S51 big time, and EA64 Whybra rolled S300 Jackson on the last bend for the lead and held on to take the win from fellow East Anglian compatriots 363 Mark Skoyles and 41 Willie Skoyles. S510 King Basher ended the action by rolling EA621 Gruff.
64, 363, 41, 637, 04, 442, 134, 414, 37

Heat 1 for the Bangers began with 54 Winnie whipping out 416 Smith. 201 The Rev turned 285 Rose fence-wards, who recovered only to be set about by 84 Bleach. 41 Willie set about 207 Showtime, eventually spinning him. 670 Tricky laid into 416 Smith down the home straight, before 385 Thurlow followed in 320 Duell on the turnstile bend which claimed 54 Winnie in turn. 41 Willie catapulted 46 Maverick into 207 Showtime, which saw the latter clip the wires. 84 Bleach set about 385 Thurlow across the shale, and 670 Tricky attacked 285 Rose. 510 King Basher ran in 4 Wildy as 41 Willie spun 201 The Rev for the lead. The race was brought to a halt for a lose wheel along the back straight which really slowed the momentum as the restart saw no action of note other than some sideways action courtesy of 528 Jethro and 54 Winnie. 41 Willie Skoyles taking the win from 510 Gordon Coull and 46 Keith Painter.
41, 510, 46, 3, 27, 54, 66, 670, 366, 183

Heat 2 for the National Bangers started with 385 Thurlow weighing in on 84 Bleach as they continued to trade blows. 700 Marco spun 149 Melvin. 285 Rose rattled in 670 Tricky which allowed 385 Thurlow to latch onto him down the back straight and follow him in. 416 Smith spun 264 Wellard, as 510 King Basher set about 285 Rose, which allowed 4 Wildy to drive through Rose for extra measures. The leading 41 Willie diminished 233 Mr Magoo on his way past whilst 363 Buckley spun 385 Thurlow as he looked to continue his momentum in chasing the leading Willie. 66 Rogers spun 149 Melvin. 4 Wildy attacked 149 Melvin on the shale, who recovered only to be jacked by 54 Winnie down the home straight leaving him with a big wreck. 41 Willie set about 320 Duell before 3 Kipper spun 363 Bulley. 41 Willie buried 233 Mr Magoo on his way past as he continued to lead. 66 Rogers attacked 416 Smith. 41 Willie put the bumper in on 460 Rupert on route to taking his second win ahead of 3 Dave Shipp and 780 Chris Berry, the latter being set about by 66 Rogers after crossing the line.
41, 3, 780, 366, 700, 510, 528, 4, 264

The Robins were back for Heat 2 of their team event and saw S300 Jackson roll from the offset before S201 The Rev attacked and rolled EA426 Dickie. EA349 Allard jacked S201 The Rev, with the red flags coming out for the latter. EA556 Cawthorne rolled himself on the red flags for the crowd’s amusement. The restart saw S207 Showtime lean EA637 Bulldeath off the course before S136 Williams attacked 1300 Stock Car World Champion EA376 Beaver. EA04 Bulldeath and EA442 Mungo collided and both had a spectacular roll. S510 king Basher spun EA9 Titch who rolled. EA442 Mungo went for another spectacular roll along the back straight. S103 rolled after being spun, and EA637 Bulldeath was another to roll after being set about S510 King Basher. EA9 Titch and S329 Brand enjoyed a double roll as EA64 Mark Whybra took his second win of the weekend ahead of EA472 Nigel Walker and S136 Pip Williams.
64, 472, 136, 376, 363, 207, 510, 557, 21

Heat 3 for the Robins had moved onto the tarmac due to monsoon conditions. EA363 Skoyles was the first casualty as he was posted heavily by the pack from the off. EA426 Dickie spun early on and he was closely followed by S404 Wickens who spun and rolled. EA426 Dickie then matched Wickens as he went for a roll himself. A pile up triggered on the turnstile bend with Robins going in various directions. S404 Wickens turned EA41 Willie fence-wards who remarkably held it to continue his charge. EA9 Titch had a pop at S414 Doom, who then had a dig back rolling the former but he rejoined the fray to put away S264 Wellard. EA64 Mark Whybra raced to the win once again to complete his hattrick from S136 Williams and EA41 Skoyles.
64, 136, 41, 404, 510

The Sunday saw the Bangers English Championship up first with 84 Bleach burying 46 Maverick from the off scuppering the latter’s hopes. 4 Wildy took out 285 Rose before 135 Mann buried himself hard. 414 Doom hung 46 Maverick off a post down the back straight, which allowed 82 Winkle to deliver a large jacking to the luckless 46 Maverick. 13 The Perv jacked 509 Gray. 414 Doom ran 285 Rose into 46 Maverick, which set 285 Rose up for a tbone from 387 Sibbo – this in turn taking out the leading 41 Willie much to the delight of the southern spectators. 285 Rose recovered to take out the leading 670 Tricky, but he was soon buried himself thanks to a combination of 387 Sibbo and 414 Doom. 670 Tricky delivered a revenge jacking to 285 Rose but the latter’s running mate 385 Thurlow was on hand to home in with a shot to Tricky. 3 Kipper took out 207 Showtime to take up the running, and 510 King Basher spun 414 Doom as he moved up the order. 41 Willie weighed into 414 Doom. 460 Rupert destroyed 84 Bleach with a solid hit, as 3 Kipper set about 13 The Perv. 700 Marco spun 13 The Perv who then got obliterated by 66 Rogers with the race stopped to check on The Perv. The restart saw 4 Wildy spin 3 Kipper for the lead, the latter recovering fast but was done again by 264 Wellard. 152 Basho put the breaks on 4 Wildy to allow 510 King Basher to get through for the final lead change where he remained to take the title. 314 Toolbox set about 700 Marco to snatch second place with 264 Wellard taking the final podium spot.
510, 314, 264, 700, 733, 4, NOF

The Robins Final saw it all kick off on the first bend with 4 cars going over. S700 Marco rolled EA426 Dickie and then continued on to set about EA9 Titch in epic fashion rolling him as well. S166 Elmo set about EA308 Goodchild before the South began setting among themselves. EA71 O’Dell put away S700 Marco before EA426 Dickie attacked S414 Doom. Newly crowned Banger English Champion S510 King Basher attacked EA426 Dickie, the latter rejoined to weigh in on S414 Doom. EA71 O’Dell assaulted S457 Turner before having a private DD on the reds with S414 Doom. S264 Mark Welland took the win from compatriots S457 Turner and S510 Coull – the latter taking a hit from EA71 O’Dell way after the race finish. EA finally got a win in the head to head stakes, although narrowly squeezing it by 4 points.
264, 457, 510, 700, 404, 71, 414

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