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The ‘Rowdy’ one – 57 Georgie Boult Jnr Interview

Georgie Boult Jnr is a second generation talent, following in his father’s footsteps in what was a very coveted Stock Car career. GBJ has dabbled in multiple formulas, with success across the board and is certainly a recognised name among the racing community. Georgie took second in the Spedeworth 1600 Points in a strong 2023 season.

‘Hit me baby, I’m chilled with a cuppa watching the darts’ – just a casual Saturday night in the off-season provided the perfect opportunity to have a chat with Georgie to discuss his career to date and what’s planned for the upcoming season. As mentioned, Georgie followed his Dad into racing. ‘Watching my dad race Bangers and 1300 Stock Cars and be World Champion, I wanted to grow up and be like him.’ George Boult Snr had a great racing career; Ministox, Bangers, 1300 Stock Cars, 2L Saloon Stock Cars, Lightning Rods, V8 Stock Cars, 2L Hot Rods – the lot, but it was the 1300 Stock Cars where his name resonated the most taking the World & European Championship in 2002, and then successfully retaining the European in 2003.

Georgie started his racing career in the Junior Rods as part of the Rolling Thunder Show at Arena Essex, which he recalls ‘surprisingly I was late to my first meeting missing the first race , but I went on to win the final.’ Georgie competed in all Junior classes available at the time, going onto the Ministox as well as regular outings in the Junior Bangers when the formula was very much in its infancy. ‘It gave me confidence and knowledge, and I guess a bit of a head start to when I went into the adult formulas,’ Georgie admits. It was the Ministox that Georgie had the most success in however, taking numerous titles including the 2010 Spedeworth Points Championship. 

Georgie went on to the National Saloon Stock Cars from the Ministox, and his success continued more or less immediately with him taking the 2013 European Championship at Taunton. He had many successful years in the Saloons, and has dabbled in other forms of Stock Cars including the PRI/Ringwood spec 2 Litres where he won the Supreme Championship, as well as outings in V8 Stock Cars and 1300 Stock Cars, but the constant throughout has always been appearances in the Bangers where he has found his feet and appears to be settled. Georgie explains the reasons behind this. ‘It’s a mixture of things really. Covid came, and I spent a lot of time at home with the family and that made me think that there’s more to life than spending every night in the workshop. Living 90 miles from my dad was taking its toll also – having to do that journey to do the car and I also stopped enjoying the racing side of it. When I look back, I didn’t have a bad run in the Saloon, winning a couple of championships, but with the Bangers, it’s not every week and it’s affordable for me to race. I enjoy the Bangers; it’s not as serious as the Stock Cars and it’s put the fun back into my racing.’

Georgie’s early racing in Bangers came as part of the Cream Team, racing frequently as part of the war with the Gladiators at Arena Essex, but he’s very much a sole ranger these days. Georgie reflects on what he prefers. ‘Racing with the creams was good – to say I raced with one of the best teams was good, but I do prefer to race on my own. Sometimes I wish I had some back up at time,  as it does help in some situations,’ he laughs. 

‘Rowdy’s’ racing these days is more commonly within the 1600 Bangers class, where he regularly uses the fifth-generation Fiesta, which although is frequently used in the Back to Basics and Micro classes, isn’t a common sight in the 1600s. ‘I raced a couple in b2b and thought these would make a good 1600, and after Champ of Champs last year with my Focus falling to bits after a crash, that’s when I made the change. When I said to a few people I was going to start using fiestas, they thought I was doing the wrong thing and thought I was mad, but me being me, I wanted to also prove a point and not follow the crowd.’ It definitely worked for him to go against the norm, taking several victories and solid performances throughout the year. Georgie and Fiestas seems to be an ideal match, but what clicks for him with the car? ‘Maybe it’s my style of style of driving? I don’t think I can say why exactly – they just work for me and I’ve persevered with them to get them quick; just ask Harvey (Devall) about the endless phone calls we’ve had about trying to be quick,’ he jokes.

Before we turn to the future, and what we can expect to see from Georgie this season, I got him to rewind the clock a little to think about some of his favourite racing moments. ‘Winning a race at my first meeting. Being so young and winning the Irish Open and European in the Saloon and to be honest this whole year has been a big moment, as I haven’t had any input or funding from my Dad. Having arguments with him saying without me you’ll be f**ked and obviously having the season I’ve had, that’s a big achievement.’ So heading into 2024, what can we expect to see from GBJ? ‘With twin boys due in February, I’m going to try and do what I can.’ I don’t think anyone can argue with that and it will be good just to see him out on track when the opportunity arises.

As is always the case with our interviewees, I got Georgie to identify his dream 6 a side team. ‘Hmm that’s a hard one! Me, 670 Max Eaton, 382 ‘Chubby’ Jack Foster Jnr, 717 Jack Tuffen, 252 ‘Boogie’ Steven Bugler and 262 ‘Roona’ Rob Bugler.’ That’s certainly a team that could do some serious business. It’s very interesting to see the latter two names among the list, as they appear to be cropping up quite frequently within this question currently which highlights how respected they are in the community.

We like to given our interviewees the opportunity to thank those behind the scenes. ‘Call in the cavalry!’ Georgie laughs. ‘Gamble Motorsport, TK Metals, Jagtech, Lee Humber, Tricky – Richard Flocton, he has been the older, wiser figure I’ve needed this year to help keep my head down and behaved, and obviously my mrs Michelle and kids for being there every meeting without fail cheering me on regardless.’

We wish Georgie the best for not just the racing season ahead, but with family life and the arrival of his twin boys in February.

‘Roll on 2024 and haters stay tuned 🫶🏻😮‍💨’ – mic drop!

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