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‘Wyatt’ is in store next for this youngster? – Caged! Junior Driver of the Year 2023 – 132 Jack Wyatt Interview

The Wyatt name is a very well known name in the Banger scene, synonymous with the yellow colours of the Posh Wash. Flying the flag for the family and team in the Junior Bangers is 132 Jack, or ‘Ratchet’; a polite young man with a mature head on his shoulders. Jack was voted by his peers as the Caged! Junior Bangers Driver of the Year, so Bryson caught up with him ahead of the 2024 season and his first meeting of the year at Kings Lynn.

We’ve already established Jack’s entry into the racing world, although he expands on the in greater detail. ‘I come from a racing family and I have just loved it since I can remember. My Dad and his brothers and their friends formed Posh Wash and have raced together since they were younger. As long as I can remember I’ve been going racing with them and couldn’t wait to get in a Banger myself.’ Given his family history, Jack would have witnessed some top meetings, but what stands out the most for him. ‘The Ringwood UK Opens and a couple at Taunton before that. The first Ringwood Granada meeting too – proper meetings!’

It was inevitable that Jack would end up racing himself, and it wasn’t long before his wishes of getting in a banger himself was fulfilled. ‘I started off at Ringwood in the Ninja Kart formula and went on to Cheethas in a Micra. I tried out a Junior Banger at Ringwood, and after that all I wanted to do was contact classes. Spedeworth Junior Bangers came after that, and it’s just been flat out ever since. I had a busy year last year and a I have another busy year planned this year – only 1 year left and then into an Unlimited!’

Jack mentions that busy 2023 season, and we got him to reflect on that and identify some of his highlights over the course of the previous 12 months. ‘One would have to be winning a heat at Kings Lynn on my first time there. Getting 2nd in the Spedeworth points after missing out on a few meetings was great. Meeting all my new friends and thanking all of the top drivers having my stickers (Jacks Race Pics) on their cars. One of my main highlights would be my last bender on Rhys Barrow to take the final win at Aldershot.’

2023 is done and dusted, and Jack looks ahead to his final year in the Junior Bangers. ‘I would like to win the Spedeworth points. I got second last year and wasn’t far off the leader. I’d like to try out Skegness, I haven’t been there yet and it looks a mint track.’ As mentioned, Jack’s season will commence at Kings Lynn’s Icebreaker meeting, where his elders will be out in force in the Unlimiteds with Posh Wash having an ‘A’ and ‘B’ team. What will it mean for Jack to be on the same fixture as his father? ‘It’s going to be quite cool going up on the same lorry as dad, and will also look quite cool in the pits too! I’m really looking forward to it.’

The off-season saw Jack crowned the Driver of the Year in the annual Caged! awards, although what made it more special was the fact these awards were voted on by the driver’s themselves. ‘It means a lot to me (to win the award), as racing is mainly my hobby so to get something like this is quite cool.’

The common question all interviewees are asked is to name their dream 6 a side team. Jack has opted for the following, ‘262 Roona, 252 Boogie, 440 Big Mac, 333 Chaz, 77 Aario and himself.’ A good line up that is, with BRCM the chemistry is already there as-well as the crashing element which is added by Aario.

Jack would like to conclude with some thankyou’s – ‘Dad especially as I would be nowhere without him and Callum Reed for the builds throughout the year. Garry Webb for helping as-well and last but not least the MAN himself 333 Steve Randell; his pep talks all year really payed off. Cheers all!’

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