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PRI/ORCi World Championship 2017 – 24/09/2017 – Arena Essex

Report by Stacy Lawday

Most would consider just 33 cars for the 47th PRI World Final a very poor turnout but would prove to be one of the hardest Mondeo meetings this year. Some smart cars from 209 Tom Waller and 212 Dave Daws. Plus 741 Charlie Daniels breaking the mould with a Kia Carens.

First up was the last chance race which fielded just 12 cars. 61 Dan Reid was the first to feature turning round almost straight on the tavern turn. He didn’t get anybody so continued on before 558 John Small decided to also turn round. He also didn’t connect but 61 Reid delivered a huge t-bone close to the pit gate bringing out the red flags for Small. On the restart Reid turned round again to no avail and 741 Charlie Daniels gave 597 Shane Lines some attention but Lines continued on. 521 Jack Coveney motored to a convincing victory, all the finishers confirmed as going into the world final. This meant 271 Goodearl, 59 Greenstreet, 384 Goldie, 290 Bailey, 418 Harris, 741 Daniels and 61 Reid all heading to the world final.

WORLD FINAL: The drivers came out for a short lap of honour before being gridded with 599 Matt Butcher and 331 Jason Jackson on the front row. Boxer Jack went into an early lead as everyone survived the first lap before 449 Bill Crittenden ran in 6 Alfie Jones on the pit bend. 123 Tony Hutton turned round on the pit bend as 623 Ricky Hutton picked up 209 Tom Waller and followed him straight into the side of his brother Tony! Reds came out to assist the drivers getting out the car. Complete restart and once again Boxer sped into the lead, further back it was exploding again as 290 Stefan Bailey picked up 145 Luke Cornish and thundered him into turn 4 Armco as 741 Daniels delivered a big shot to the rear of Bailey  as reds once again for a fire on Daniels Kia. We then restarted and followed the same format as Boxer did it all again to head into a healthy lead, Bailey was still limping on the pit bend but 415 Scott Cornish put pay to that with a decimating hit. Everything then began kicking into life as 145 Cornish turned round and went for 552 Karl Douglas but missed, 415 Cornish also turned round stopping 418 Harris head on. Harris coming back for another head on before Cornish pushed him into the traffic collecting 577 Alfie Lee ending his race early, 717 Jack Tuffen and 456 Nathan Roberts also wading in with hits to the PRI legend as the track became momentarily blocked. 145 Cornish still on oppo then got is target 552 Blacknuts as Blacknuts came round again hitting Cornish over the rear wheel. Meanwhile the leader was getting into trouble as 271 Goodearl pushed Boxer into the pile up and the waiting 592 Mark Marchant who both put a swift end to Boxer’s chances. Marchant then continued on his oppo spree going for Reid but collecting 521 Coveney then also taking out Nathan Roberts. Meanwhile slipping through the carnage was 74 Adam Hitchcock from the west country collecting a well deserved and popular victory. 103 Jack Deacon came home in 2nd and 271 Dean Goodearl took 3rd on the last corner from 348 Sonny Sherwood.

Next on was the all comers final which fielded 19 cars. 133 Stephen Grace was an early spinner on the back straight and 331 Boxer delivered a flat out length of the straight shot bringing out the reds for Grace. On the restart the Creams and TMT set about each other following on from the world final. 521 Coveney took 599 Butcher into the fence as Crittenden dished out a shot on Coveney. 61 Reid then continued the train with a big hit on Crittenden, 552 Blacknuts gave Butcher a large head on against the Armco as another Money Team driver jacked Blacknuts and 623 Ricky Hutton destroyed Reid with another monster shot. Another red flag followed and the battle continued at the restart with 59 Greenstreet getting spun and t-boned by 741 Daniels. 331 Boxer Jack went on for an un-challenged win clearly not the race he wanted to win however.

The damaged took its toll with barely double figures for the dash and DD. 59 Greenstreet was immediately set upon by TMT and 123 Hutton delivered the final blow to his car. 623 Tricky pushed 552 Blacknuts into a waiting team member finally silencing Blacknuts car. Tricky then delivering one more shot to Greenstreets stricken machine. 331 Boxer winning the race again, just Boxer and 3 TMT left to contest the DD. Goodearl slowed Boxer allowing Tricky to run him into the turn 1 wall, Boxer then getting another rear end hit by Tricky dumping him on the centre. The 2 Hutton’s and Goodearl then set about finishing each other off before Boxer burst back into life and was finished off by Tricky who collected the last car award with Boxer the best entertainer. 

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