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Yarmouth – 5/3/23 – Back to Basics – Meeting Report

Sunday 5th March saw the second Back to Basics fixture of the season at Yarmouth Stadium raising a field of around 25 cars with a variety of car choice.

996 Jack Wright had a Spider-Man inspired paint job on his Mk5 Vauxhall Astra

Heat 1 begun with 160 Carl Firman spinning 505. 148 Robert Rabjohns spun 629 Ewan Rout. The back marking 993 Stoney tangled with 551 Ben Warner. 141 Jake Stewart attacked 148 Rabjohns and 293 Ben Smith. 14 Barry Payne spun 993 Stoney. 145 Billy Gladden jumped up the side of 175 James Emmerson, before collecting the marker tyres down on the Caister bend. 149 Todd Payne had a pop at 160 Fatboy. 145 Gladden spun 322. 862 Reece Eglington won, and celebrated by burying the Suzuki Wagon R of 882 Copeland. 610 Mitchell Wells took a pop at 862 Eglington. 

862, 175, 551, 14, 798, 778, 141, 109, 145, 621

862 Reece Eglington won Heat 1 and celebrated by attacking the Suzuki Wagon R of 882 Shane Copeland

The second Heat commenced with a first bend push which claimed a few drivers. 610 Wells attacked 142 Alex Metcalf, and was done in turn by 798 Lewis England. 696 Wreck It Rich spun 629 Rout. 145 Gladden spun 148 Rabjohns. A sort out exiting turn 4 resulted in 175 James Emmerson getting turned fence-wards. 293 Smith turned 148 Rabjohns left. 798 England put away 322. 621 Gareth Parker spun 993 Stoney. 798 England weighed in on 862 Eglington, with 610 Wells going in on the former. 142 Fungus spun 149 Payne. Several drivers went in down on the Caister bend. 778 George Enescu jacked running mate 798 England. 141 Jake Stewart taking the win.

141, 14, 160, 778, 621, NOF

The A2B Recovery duo of 778 George Enescu and 798 Lewis England were lively all meeting and even set among one another in Heat 2

Into the Final, which started with 293 Smith getting turned fence-wards by the force of the pushing pack before the green flag fell. This opened a big lead for 145 Gladden from the off. 862 Eglington spun 149 Payne. 160 Fatboy turned 993 Stoney left along the home straight – 778 Enescu also hitting a post whilst taking avoiding action. 696 Wreck It Rich dived to the infield to blast 993 Stoney, which sent the latter into the path of 629 Rout. 14 Bazza spun 996 Jack Wright. Wright quickly recovered, only to be buried on the Caister bend by 142 Fungus, as 621 Gruff crashed into 610 Wells. 862 Eglington then set about 610 Wells. 996 Wright set about 993 Stoney, with 293 Smith running head on into the latter. Wright then attacked 14 Bazza, as 142 Fungus got airborne off of the infield marker tyres. 996 Wright tangled with 798 England – the latter recovering to lay into 629 Rout. 996 Wright ran 322 into 778 Enescu. 14 Bazza delivered a rear shot to 996 Wright, as 798 England buried the leading 145 Gladden on the Caister bend. Gladden recovered only to be dumped out by 862 Eglington on the pits bend, as others crashed out on the Caister bend. 160 Fatboy spun 862 Eglington, as 798 England again laid into the luckless 145 Gladden. 798 England continued his lively display having a pop at 148 Rabjohns. 142 Fungus buried 621 Gruff into 778 Enescu, which claimed 141 Snakey and 14 Bazza. 145 Gladden had a pop at 798 England before getting spun himself by 862 Eglington. 142 Fungus laid into 862 Eglington. 149 Todd Payne took the win from 621 Gareth Parker and 141 Jake Stewart.

149, 621, 141, 629, 142, 160, 145, 862, NOF

It was carnage wherever you looked for most of the Final

Another top Back to Basics session at Yarmouth, proving you don’t need huge numbers to have a good session. They return to the East Coast venue on Sunday 26th March.

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