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Kings Lynn – 11/03/23 – Unlimited Bangers + 2L Bangers – Meeting Report

The season officially kicked off for Trackstar on Saturday 11th March with 60 Unlimited Bangers in attendance for a World of Shale qualifier. 313 John Cullingford had the only notable fresh material with a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit, whilst many impressed on the paint front. There was also 38 2 Litre Bangers for their World Qualifier.

Smart Mercedes W210 for 150 Andrew Parrin

The Unlimited Bangers started with a White Top only Heat. 451 Willy Blackwell suffered an early spin, as 137 Shaun Chaplin and 129 Joe Skutela tangled along the home straight. 721 Dan Clarke got it wrong exiting turn 2 and claimed a few drivers. 164 Gary Shaw spun 21 Jason Colbert. 129 Square Head delivered a head on to the spun 195 Dave Forrest. 164 Little Gaz then spun 611 Joe Geeves. 335 Lee White jacked 611 Geeves, with 127 Phil Markham and 99 Shaydy Gough collecting the Mad Hatters p5. 606 Liam Weedon spun 51 Licquorice. 873 Kyle Roberts spun 101 Cieran Harmer. 606 Boomer dispatched 129 Square Head under the scoreboard. 84 Jack Ansell and 99 Shaydy rattled one another, with 137 Jay Chilton spinning 84 Peach aside. 174 Tom Lindgren and 724 Trevor Burcham clashed, which saw the latter hit the armco hard. 199 Kris Clifford making the journey across from Wales worthwhile taking the win.

199, 127, 51, 174, 271, 606, 224, 751, 619, 101

The 2 Litres started their night off with the Final. 595 Drew Burdett was an early casualty before the pack dumped 66 Shane Norley into the marker tyres seeing him nearly roll on impact. The avoiding pack ended up fencing 51 Licquorice hard, leaving both he and 66 Shiny sat up. 210 Callum McKee blasted Shiny, with 129 Square Head going in on 51 Licquorice. 829 Jay Sharpe buried 589 Simon Smith into 210 McKee, as 257 Ben Waddingham went in on 129 Square Head. 81 Carl Scarrow Jnr was the next victim of a pack push, getting dumped into a tracker tyre on the entrance to turn 1. 248 Jamie Blything buried 594 Mason Burdett into the pile on dead cars on the road bend, with 603 Jon Cooper jacking ‘Little Legs.’ The red flags then coming on track for 594 Little Legs. The restart saw 353 Sean Mullins lead from 699 Aaron Nelson and 214 Connor Osborne. 248 Blything spun 129 Square Head. 829 Lil Sharpey set about 459 Todd Archer, before going on to spin 595 Drew Boy. 210 McKee turned 32 Connor Byram fence-wards. 116 Nat Cohn spun 353 Mullins as he looked to move up the order. 829 Lil Sharpey attacked 81 Scarrow Jnr, with 595 Drew Boy also attacking Scarrow on oppo, sandwiching him in the middle. 129 Square Head jacked 81 Scarrow Jnr. 910 Jack Rookard looked to stop 699 Nelson on oppo but failed to connect. 370 Johnny Cobbold took the win from 699 Aaron Nelson and 116 Nat Cohn.

370, 699, 116, 296, 12, 69, 353, 519, 248, 214

66 Shane Norley and 51 James Licquorice were on the wrong side of the action in the 2L Final

The Unlimited Bangers returned for Heat 2 which was open to all drivers. 23 Sonny Parsons the first to show, spinning 374 Sam Markham. 127 Phil Markham set about 137 Shaun Chaplin. 51 Licquorice followed in 313 John Cullingford, with 751 Lawrence Wells running head on into the latter. 101 Charmer tboned 751 Wells, before 281 Lewis Tingle spun 549 Phil Smith. 137 Chaplin spun 69 Brad Bartram, only to get followed in by 828 Jordan Sharpe under the scoreboard. 459 Blake Platts spun 174 Tom Lindgren, who recovered only to be spun by 247 Lee Clarke. 148 Ian Redden suffered an uncharacteristic spin, before 555 Harry Gelsthorp laid into 23 Sonny P. Sonny then pushed 595 Drew Boy onto the track, who was wanting his Hearse to be obliterated. 828 Sharpey happily obliged, getting a big air time shot in. 178 Kieran Bowman jacked 828 Sharpey. 589 Simon Smith raced to the win.

589, 555, 350, 570, 548, 299, 127, 585, 247, 459

828 Jordan Sharpe decimated 595 Drew Burdett’s Hearse in the second Unlimited heat

19 2 Litre Bangers returned for Alcomers 1. 129 Square Head was an early spinner. 589 Gonna spun 699 Nelson. 519 Lee Middleton spun 459 Toddy. 12 Troy Cobbett ran into Toddy and was done in turn by 370 Cobbold. 257 Benji went on oppo looking to connect with anyone, and ended up finding running mate 829 Lil Sharpey. 214 Osborne delivered a rear wheel shot to 257 Benji, and was dispatched fence-wards in turn by 69 Brado. 129 Square Head leathered 257 Benji. 519 Knuckles delivered a head on to 257 Benji. 370 Cobbold dumped 549 Smiffy Jnr into 257 Benji but claimed himself in the process. 129 Square Head attacked 69 Brado, running him into the luckless 257 Benji. 212 Jack Maryon spun 126 Daniel Bowley. 116 Nat Cohn raced to the win.

116, 212, 126, 178, 337, 589, 549, NOF

It all went wrong for 257 Ben Waddingham and 829 Jay Sharpe in the first Alcomers for the 2 Litres as the running mates shared a head on

Heat 3 for the Unlimited Bangers begun with 84 Peach, 51 Licquorice and 224 Buggsy Jnr all spinning along the back straight. 101 Charmer did the spun 777 Harry Ovens on the nose, with 129 Square Head jacking the latter. 271 Ashlun Woods spun 51 Licquorice. 195 Grenade Dave laid into 129 Square Head, before 585 Luke Holdsworth spun the Predators man. 23 Sonny P attacked 271 Woods on oppo. 350 Liam Webster spun 137 Chilton. 51 Licquorice tboned 129 Square Head. 178 Slim was on hand for swift revenge, tboning Licquorice. 23 Sonny P jacked 350 Webster on oppo. Sonny P then attacked 84 Peach on oppo, before copping a rear wheel shot from 247 Bro. 195 Grenade Dave leathered 23 Sonny P. 214 Connor Osborne raced to the win, his first ever National Banger victory.

214, 247, 570, 555, 589, 549, 459, 714, 585, 828

51 James Licquorice and 178 Kieran Bowman delivered savage tbones in quick succession in Heat 3 for the Unlimiteds

Alcomers 2 for the 2 Litre saw an improved field of 23 cars. There were a few early skirmishes before the action kicked off down the back straight. 178 Slim jacked 370 Cobbold before copping a solid shot from 828 Sharpey. 549 Smiffy Jnr delivered a rear wheel shot to 595 Drew Boy. 210 McKee jacked 828 Sharpey. 126 Bowers jacked 210 McKee and was immediately done by 829 Lil Sharpey. 212 Mario tboned 829 Lil Sharpey. 699 Nelson weighed in on 829 Lil Sharpey, with 69 Brado going in on 212 Mario. 519 Knuckles weighed in on the nose of 126 Bowers, with 314 Luke Rawlins doing Knuckles. 699 Nelson had a pop at 910 Rookard. 519 Knuckles dispatched of 12 Troy. 353 Mullins set about 699 Nelson. 519 Knuckles stopped 314 Lukeyboy with a head on. They then shared another head on a lap later, with 214 Osborne going in on 314 Lukeyboy. 519 Knuckles burst into flames with the reds coming out immediately – 69 Brad Bartram having already secured the win. The DD was duly cancelled with no one seemingly interested in partaking.

69, 549, 589, 214, NOF

Some hard hits were dished out in the second 2L Alcomers

The Final for the Unlimited Bangers saw a relatively quiet start until 148 Shorty spun 188 Victor, with 459 Platts collecting the latter. 548 Alex Utting spun 299 Tommy Callaghan. 247 Bro spun under pressure from 570 Jordan Cumming. 195 Grenade Dave followed in 101 Charmer, as 374 Markham spun 229 Harry Cobb. 148 Shorty then spun 374 Markham aside. 23 Sonny P backed out on turn 2, with 828 Sharpey duly obliging to jack him. 84 Peach spun 127 Ginge. 548 Big Al spun teammate 350 Webster after the chequered flags. 555 Dirty Harry concluded the action by following in 828 Sharpey. 84 Jack Ansell winning from 199 Kris Clifford and 555 Harry Gelsthorp.

84, 199, 555, 459, 99, 350, 548, 570, 178, 589

195 David Forrest delivered this follow in to 101 Cieran Harmer in the Unlimited Final

Into the DD, with only 4 drivers up for it – 51 Licquorice, 178 Slim, 195 Grenade Dave and 555 Dirty Harry. Harry delivered an attack on oppo to 195 Grenade Dave. 51 Licquorice delivered a solid head on to 555 Dirty Harry, who also copped a tbone from 195 Grenade Dave. 178 Slim weighed in on 51 Licquorice. The four then traded small blows on the entrance of the home straight, before the action moved down to turn 1/2. 178 Slim tboned 51 Licquorice. He then went on to share a head on with 555 Dirty Harry. 195 Grenade Dave homed in for a solid head on to 555 Dirty Harry. 51 Licquorice jacked 555 Dirty Harry. It was Harry Gelsthorp who outlasted them all to take the honours. 

555 Harry Gelsthorp outlasted the other three pictured to win the Unlimited DD

Bangers return to the Adrian Flux Arena on Saturday 1st April for another 2L World Qualifier, with the 1500 Bangers and Unlimited Ladies also in attendance.

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