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Yarmouth – 28/07/22 – Back to Basics – Meeting Report

A respectable 35 cars at Yarmouth Stadium for their first Thursday night of the summer season on 28th July with a little dusting of back to basics variety, although the field being mostly Astra, Fiesta or Puma dominated. 

Escort Estate for 730 Brandon Mayes

Heat 1 was paused before it really got going with 778 George Enescu catching the marker tyres on the pits and rolling bringing a stoppage on lap 2. The restart was a lot smoother. 67 Chris Martin spun 540 Sam Hayward and 175 James Emmerson did the same to 219 Josh Kerry. 219 Kerry recovered only to tangle with 798 Lewis England. 126 Andrew Darbyshire spun 85 Nathan Thurlow and jumped up him. 804 Calvin Potter spun 439 Daniel Sutton; 219 Kerry delivering the same treatment to 13 Bo Harding. 1600 Banger World Champion 141 Jake Stewart removed local hero 14 Barry Payne. 126 Darbyshire spun 219 Kerry. 730 Brandon Mayes removed 13 Gizbo. 367 Barry Beevor spun 67 Martin. 123 Steve Saw had a pop at 126 Darbyshire, who backed his attacker in on the Caister bend. 141 Snakey spun 222 Kieran Norton. 760 Harry Spencer set about 14 Bazza, as 367 Barry Beevor marked his first appearance since November with a win.

760 Hazza was an early spinner in Heat 2. 326 Shawn Wigger fenced running mate 170 David Rust. 219 Kerry spun 349 Dan Copland. 170 Rusty spun 367 Beevor, before several drivers went piling in at the end of the home straight. 67 Martin ran 326 Wigger through son 327 Charlie. The reds coming out for a lose wheel off of 327 Charlie’s Mk4 Astra. Conditions were tricky off the restart. The leading 123 Saw taking a very wide line, although he had already been acknowledged with a black cross due to a very blatant jump start at the beginning of the race. 141 Snakey put himself away on the exit of the pits bend whilst running in second place in what was a very uncharacteristic move from him. 611 Joe Geeves attacked 175 Emmo, which in turn took out 27 Adam Pearce. 170 Rusty put away 85 Thurlow. 123 Steve Saw raced to the chequered flag but was duly deducted from that feat; 621 Gareth Parker inheriting the victory.

The Final begin with 13 Gizbo attacking 456 Drew Finch. A push into turn 1 resulted in a rollover for 14 Bazza, killing his Meriva. A complete restart was the case, 848 Lown taking a pop at 27 Pearce setting the action away once again. 848 Lown set about 219 Kerry, which resulted in the latter going fence-wards. 141 Snakey had a nibble at 456 Daffy Boi, and then continued that momentum to spin 116 Mark Want. 215 James Ellis ran 629 Ewan Rout into 116 Wanty. 540 Chunk set about 222 Norton. 219 Kerry attacked 611 Bieber, getting caught on the latter. 804 Potter ran 439 Sutty into 219 Kerry. 222 Norton jacked 730 Bubba down on the pits bend which commenced a series of lively events. 141 Snakey jacked 222 Norton. 862 Reece Eglington weighed in on 141 Snakey. 85 Thurlow jacked 862 Eglington, with most of the field piling in. 760 Hazza began going in on the pile up on oppo, before attacking 862 Eglington in the same fashion. 175 Emmo and 760 Hazza were driving through 862 Eglington. 848 Lown jacked 760 Hazza on oppo. 862 Eglington tboned 760 Hazza on oppo, before 175 Emmo went in on 862 Eglington on oppo as the red and chequers came out to conclude proceedings. (It must be said that although very entertaining, any hits in the opposite direction are outlawed in Back to Basics and we do not encourage this action.) 349 Dan Copland taking the win from 804 Calvin Potter and 141 Jake Stewart.

Final win for 349 Daniel Copland

A very entertaining summer season opener, if maybe a little controversial at the end of proceedings.

862 Reece Eglington’s Volvo 440 ending the evening well wrecked

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