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Kings Lynn – 03/07/22 – 2L Bangers, Micro Bangers & Unlimited Lady Bangers – Meeting Report

Trackstar followed the Unlimited War of the Worlds meeting with an all banger day on Sunday 3rd July, with 2L Bangers and Micro Bangers competing in Wildcard finals for their respective track major titles. They were supported by the Unlimited Lady Bangers and Junior Bangers.

611 Carley Geeves turned out an impressive Humber Super Snipe in the Ladies

The Lady Bangers provided on the paint and material front. 611 Carly Geeves piloting a fresh Humber Super Snipe. 67 Charlotte Whittaker returned her Mk2 Ford Granada, whilst 477 Amy Steele had a used Mk1 Ford Granada Coupe. 626 Kayleigh Sanders and 75 Kyla Seymour had a smart Mercedes W210 each, and 319 Jodie Grief had a well presented Vauxhall Omega. 

Well presented Vauxhall Omega for 319 Jodie Grief

Several Junior Banger drivers made the effort with smartly presented motors. In the 2Ls, 178 Kieran Bowman had a smart Ford Mondeo as he looked to gain traction in the entertainers league. 384 Liam Neve had a smart Nissan Micra K11 for the Micro Bangers.

Smart Ford Mondeo for 178 Kieran Bowman

The Final was first on the agenda for the Micro Bangers, which begun with a big push from the white graded drivers claiming several. 115 Joe Bull came under fire from 711 Panda as 833 Robbie Dillon set about 107 Taylor Pratchett. 384 went piling in and copped a couple of shots in turn from 41 Louis Fidment and 248 Nick Ashbridge, but of whom were spun in turn. 793 met 107 Pratchett on the nose. 265 Karl Gant laid into 107 Pratchett and was duly turned fence-wards in turn by 830 Lee White. 830 Stretch continued his movement up the order by spinning 624 Cameron Hubbard. 41 Louis blasted 115 Bull on oppo and pushed him into the oncoming traffic. 107 Pratchett homed in for a solid head on to 41 Louis. 460 Luke Tongue homed in on 107 Pratchett. Gladiator revenge was swift as 318 Oliver Marshall jacked 460 Tongue. 115 Bull weighed in on 318 Olive and was immediately jacked by 339 Olly Scott. 165 Ben Randell rattled 117 Lee Reynolds in hard on the road bend before a few quieter laps ensued. 830 Stretch spun 135 Donny Mann. 621 Ryan Hawes raced to the win ahead of 511 Jack Licquorice and 830 Lee White, the latter coming under fire from 624 Hubbard after crossing the line.

621, 511, 830, 55, 247, 510, 12, 624, 707, 165

Final win for 621 Ryan Hawes (Jimbo’s Race Photos)

The Unlimited Lady Bangers were up next for their first Heat including the impressive Humber Super Snipe of 611 Carly Geeves. 12 Kelly-Louise Skinner and 346 Lauren Nicholls were early spinners. An early halt to proceedings was called as 611 Carly required some assistance on the back straight. The restart saw 100 Emma Mullins lead them off. 319 Jodie Grief was making rapid progress through the field and it wasn’t long before she muscled her way into the top three, as behind, 85 Danielle Ellis was also making movements through the field from the back of the grid. 319 Grief challenged 100 Mullins for the lead, and ended up rattling the armco which unfortunately halted her progress as damage caused her to spin. 10 Charlotte Coote removed 626 Kayleigh Sanders. 85 Danielle Ellis moved into third around the half way stage and looked to be a real threat. The race remained calm with 100 Emma Mullins taking the win.

100, 85, 469, 477, 57, 10, 313, 502, 917, 12

The 2l Bangers also started their day with their meeting Final. 50 Simon West was the first casualty as he was spun by 32 Connor Byram. 459 Toddy Archer and 699 Aaron Nelson came together along the back straight which saw them both crash out to the centre as 519 Lee Middleton removed 119 Davey Cox. 50 Munch delivered a solid head on to 210 Callum McKee and copped one in turn from 339 Olly Scott. 248 Jamie Blything weighed in on 339 Scott as the following pack steamed their way through. 57 Max Stott tangled with 459 Toddy and was jacked by 808 Fabian Leathers-Ashley. 99 Shaydy Gough weighed in on 210 Cal, as 50 Munch went on the attack once again, this time catching 519 Knuckles on oppo. 564 Jack Priest attacked 188 John Reeves as several bundled in to the melee on the back straight. 519 Knuckles went in on the nose of 50 Munch. 51 James Licquorice went for an oppo attack on 69 Brad Bartram but unfortunately didn’t get his timing accurate and copped a shot in the drivers door by 592 Mark Marchant, the latter having no way of avoiding the hit. 808 Fablaa delivered a head on to 623 Ricky Hutton which also claimed 78 Lee Mace, 248 Jamie Blything and 595 Drew Burdett. 178 Kieran Bowman weighed in on 623 Tricky. 99 Shaydy delivered a head on to 519 Knuckles. 592 Marchant drove through 459 Toddy on oppo, which set him up for a huge jacking from 178 Slim. 552 Karl Douglas went in on 178 Slim, before the red flags were brought on to check on 459 Toddy; the race being declared at this stage.

69, 830, 248, 337, 188, 178, 552, 32, NOF

Broken Focus for 459 Todd Archer

A swift downpour occurred before the Micro Bangers first Alcomers which created tricky conditions out on track. 707 Lilley followed in 117 Rennie. 318 Olive, 135 Old Mann and 707 Lilley came together on the entrance of the back straight. 401 Riley Shinn weighed in on 318 Olive. 107 Pratchett attacked 135 Old Mann on oppo. 115 Bull delivered an oppo attack to 229 Harry Cobb. 229 Cobby retaliated with a stiff tbone a lap later to 115 Bull. 624 Hubbard collected 115 Bull, before 229 Cobby delivered another solid tbone to Bull. 229 Cobby then completed another lap before jacking 115 Bull. 510 Dan Newman the winner this time.

510, 7, 830, 511, 247, 556, 69, 36, 135, 55

318 Oliver Marshall’s Fiesta had seen better days

The conditions were still poor for the Lady Bangers second heat. 75 Kyla Seymour and 626 Sanders were early spinners. 319 Grief clattered the armco along the back straight. 313 Shannon Woods had an off and was collected by 477 Amy Steele, before 100 Mullins spun under pressure from 85 Ellis. 232 Samantha White found herself facing the wrong direction in her Previa. 319 Grief spun and was collected by 917 Mellisa Jacobs, bouncing the former into the path of 232 White who spun her fence-wards. 75 Kyla spun once again on the back straight before 57 Sophie Tillow removed 232 White. 12 Kelly-Louise Skinner kept it steady to secure the win.

12, 477, 57, 85, 10, 502, 917, 313, 626, 100

232 Samantha White and 319 Jodie Grief tangled in the second Ladies heat

The first Alcomers for the 2L Bangers commenced with 592 Marchant attacking and spinning 910 Jack Rookard. 564 Priesty going in on the back of 592 Marchant. 337 Ashley Garrod spun 57 Stotty. 50 Munch attacked 519 Knuckles on oppo and was jacked in turn by 178 Slim. 178 Slim completed a lap before jacking 50 Munch once again. 519 Knuckles’ Mondeo caught alight creating a smoke screen behind him, but this didn’t prevent him from steaming in head on to 50 Munch. 592 Marchant had a pop at 707 Lilley on oppo. 519 Knuckles and 99 Shaydy shared a solid head on, with 178 Slim jacking Shaydy. 699 Nelson jacked 178 Slim. 592 Marchant drove through 519 Knuckles and continued on to do the same to 50 Munch. 910 Rookard connected with a shot on the nose of 707 Lilley. 57 Stotty went in on 910 Rookard and then weighed in on 178 Slim. The red flags then coming out to end proceedings; 248 Jamie Blything the victor.

248, 32, 552, 188, 69, 57, 337, 699, 910, NOF

The Outsiders & Predators crossed paths in the first 2L Alcomers

The Micro Bangers second Alcomers started with 265 Karl Gant setting about 117 Rennie. 556 Matt Tillow dumped 793 Megan Jean into the marker tyres. 401 Shinn laid into 384 Lil Jnr. A few came to grief along the home straight, with 7 Dan Bitson running head on into 793 Megan Jean. 247 Jon Bailey weighed in on 793, sending her crashing into more marker tyres. 107 Pratchett stopped 556 Tillow on the nose, with 401 Shinn going in on the latter. 117 Rennie set about 707 Lilley and was jacked in turn by 247 Jonboi. 248 Fastbridge weighed in on 69 Brado, before 41 Louis attacked 107 Pratchett on oppo. 36 Lewis the winner.

36, 830, 55, 661, 339, 69, 624, NOF

Into the DD, where 265 Gant was the first to show laying into 69 Brado and burying him into 248 Fastbridge. 229 Cobby set about 55 Chris Hornbrook. 55 Hornbrook responded with a rear wheel shot to 229 Cobby. 265 Gant spun 460 Tongue aside before 460 Tongue and 55 Hornbrook met on the nose. 265 Gant jacked 55 Hornbrook, seeing the latter off to take the win.

The Final for the Lady Bangers saw an early spin for 12 Kelly-Louise. 477 Steele removed 313 Woods, and was spun in turn by 85 Ellis. 232 White had an off under the score board. The rest of the race was relatively action-less. 100 Emma Mullins making it a heat and final win, with 75 Kyla Seymour taking second place and 502 Becca Bitson third.

100, 75, 502, 85, 477, 10, 57, 469, 917, 313

The second Alcomers for the 2L Bangers saw a few quiet laps before 57 Stotty ran in 188 John Reeves. 337 Garrod reeled 57 Stotty in and buried him around the plating. 32 Crazy Con spun 564 Priesty over the line. 595 Drew Burdett the winner.

595, 552, 248, 32, 830, 707, 178, 337, 69, 564

The 2L Bangers DD commenced with 32 Crazy Con setting about 57 Stotty. 178 Slim homed in on 32 Crazy Con. 910 Rookard spun 57 Stotty fence-wards. 317 Bryson Walker, who was in the 51 Licquorice Jag, homed in for a heavy hit to Stotty. 910 Rookard tboned 69 Brado. 317 Brick set about 69 Brado, eventually spinning him. 564 Priesty spun 178 Slim, with 910 Rookard weighing in over the front wheel. 317 Brick delivered a front wheel shot to 69 Brado, leaving him prime to a jacking from 910 Rookard. 699 Nelson jacked 910 Rookard. 707 Lilley went in on 910 Rookard and then copped a stiff shot behind the drivers’ door from 69 Brado as he backed out. 69 Brado slowed to allow 707 Lilley to drive through him. 910 Rookard went in on 707 Lilley and then had a pop at 69 Brado. 910 Rookard and 707 Lilley shared a couple of small head ons before 69 Brado homed in for a large tbone to 910 Rookard. 707 Lilley set about 69 Brado. Brado and Rookard shared a solid head on to share the honours.

Battered Mondeo Estate for 57 Max Stott (Jimbo’s Race Photos)

Header – Jimbo’s Race Photos

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