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Kings Lynn – 30/07/22 – 2L Bangers Shale World Final – Meeting Report

743 Jake Bond’s Ford Mondeo was one of many smart examples on display

The 34th staging of the Trackstar World Final raised 91 cars on Saturday 30th July. Countless drivers made the effort on the paint front, with the field being made up of Ford Mondeos, Cougars, Vauxhall Vectra and Mk5 Astras and Jaguar X Types.

The first last chance race saw an awesome lead battle break out early on, with 403 Daniel Jordan spinning 459 Todd Archer to take up the running. 307 Martin Kent drove through the spun 859 Terry Archer, before 210 Callum McKee went in on 171 Andy Frost. 171 Frosty delivered a solid head on to 859 The Wizard, who was jacked in turn by 210 McKee. 370 John Cobbold went bundling in to the melee on turn 2; then getting jacked himself by 314 Luke Rawlins. 830 Jay Sharpe laid into 314 Lukeyboy. 270 Mark Hutton jacked 859 The Wizard up on oppo, before 210 McKee also delivered an oppo attack to 171 Frosty. 828 Jordan Sharpe jacked 210 McKee and then continued on to deliver a head on to 314 Lukeyboy. 270 Hutton tboned 245 William Bush on oppo. 214 Shane Rawlins jacked 828 Sharpey up on oppo. 210 McKee stopped 813 Troy Goodwin with a solid head on, as 403 Daniel Jordan raced to his biggest victory to date, on only his second 2L meeting booking his spot on the World Final grid.

403, 356, 191, 119, 370, 268, 604, NOF

Last Chance races are normally associated with rodding as drivers look to book their spot on the grid, but several drivers in LCQ1 got well and truly stuck in. (Jimbo’s Race Photos)

The second Last Chance Qualifier was a quieter affair but still had its moments. There were a few early spinners, before 662 Jamie Harding attacked 02 Ash Reynolds. 101 Cieran Harmer weighed in on 558 Donald Stewart and rattled him around the plating on turns 3 and 4, before the latter came to a halt at the end of the home straight after tangling with 299 Dale Locker. 101 Charmer duly wasted 558 Stewart with a stiff jacking which resulted in a red flag. Donald needing emergency medical assistance which initially saw the visit of the Lincolnshire Air Ambulance. Donald had no broken bones, but had concern surrounding internal injuries, and we wish him all the best. Upon the restart, 12 Troy Corbett had a pop at 100 Callum White to get in to that all important top three, but couldn’t dislodge him. 594 Mason Burdett taking the win.

594, 129, 100, 12, 318, 101, 50, 595, NOF

101 Cieran Harmer’s blitz of 558 Donald Stewart was the talking point of LCQ2 (Unknown)
Outgoing World Champion 830 Lee White posing with the trophy for the final time, having signed autographs pre-meeting also

After the inaugural driver introductions and rolling laps, it was initial heartbreak for 337 Ashley Garrod who expired on the drop of the green and was duly pushed off by 248 Jamie Blything. 2 Jack Hodges spun 348 Sonny Sherwood at the end of the home straight, the latter getting collected by the passing pack ending his race early. A big push into turn 1 saw 603 Jon Cooper dump 93 Dylan Goodman and 519 Lee Middleton in, with the Predator rolling bringing an early halt to proceedings. 356 Sam Hildon spinning 603 Hitman before the reds came out. 73 Dean Cruickshanks read the restart extremely well, opening a big gap at the front with 808 Fabian Leathers-Ashley and 60 Kyle Stevenson chasing. 396 Callum Woods put the bumper in on 188 John Reeves and 340 Wes Freestone looked to spin 51 James Licquorice as drivers jostled to move up the order. 908 David Brown removed 801 Freddie Jeffries and 594 Little Legs had 248 Blything out. 50 Simon West thundered 396 Ginner into the plating on the road bend ending both their races. 51 Licquorice spun 817 Kurt Jacobs out and 2 Patchy had 36 Ricky Lewis around too. 340 Ches bounced 51 Licquorice into the plating on turn 4. 73 Crucko put the bumper in on 60 Shakey for second place. 908 Browner removed 808 Fablaa from the lead leaving 60 Shakey and 73 Crucko battling up front. 191 Kieran Greenway jacked 808 Fablaa up, as defending champion 830 Lee White was turned fence-wards along the home straight. 123 Kieran Gray spun 188 Victor in the battle at the business end of the field. 60 Shakey’s charge at the front was short lived as he clipped a parked car, tearing the passenger front wheel off. 73 Crucko weighed in on 191 Corey as he looked to open a gap at the front. 603 Hitman spun 830 Stretch aside on the back straight. 57 Max Stott put the bumper in on 188 Victor, in an effort to try and pinball him into the leading 73 Crucko. Crucko began to expire and slowly slip down the order. 191 Corey came under fire from 817 Stig as 57 Max Stott raced to a very strong victory ahead of 552 Karl Douglas and 123 Kieran Gray. It’s also worth noting that 403 Daniel Jordan took a strong 6th place finish in only his second 2L meeting after winning the last chance.

57, 552, 123, 73, 355, 403, 337, 188, 603, 699

57 Max Stott raced to a resounding victory, the only driver to win both the 2L Bangers and 2L Saloon Stock Car World titles at the venue (Kimberley Jessica Photography)

The first Alcomers followed immediately after the World race raising just over 30 cars. A quieter few opening laps before 9 Ben Cox was spun from the lead by 366 Nathan Wren. 732 Mac Free removed 366 Wrenny a lap later, the Team V man taking 296 Thomas Jennings with him. A few laps passed before 296 Wingnut spun aside 119 Davey Cox. 02 Ash Reynolds delivered a solid hit over the rear wheel to the stranded 732 Big Mac along the back straight. 23 Sonny Parsons spun aside 02 Reynolds, who was duly met head on by 270 Hutton. 04 Mikey Croft bounced 828 Sharpey into the luckless 732 Big Mac, which also claimed 519 Knuckles. With a lap to go, 12 Troy Corbett attacked 214 Rawlins to take the lead; 466 Dalton Steele collecting the latter on his way past. 662 Harding turned it round to deliver a solid head on to 245 Willy. 828 Sharpey homed in on 245 Willy. 119 Cruncher put away 214 Rawlins and was done in turn by 04 Croft, before 830 Sharpe assaulted 248 Damo on oppo. 132 Cullum jacked 830 Sharpe. 9 Cox rounding off the action by setting about 214 Rawlins. 12 Troy Corbett victorious this time out.

12, 466, 370, 132, 296, 220, 318, 214, 9, 604

57 Max Stott wasted no time displaying the gold roof as he was back out on track for Alcomers 2

Alcomers 2 saw newly crowned World Champion 57 Stotty back on the raceway and he was the first to show spinning his runner-up 552 Blacknuts. 318 Oliver Marshall had a pop at 220 Troy Cooper. 910 Jack Rookard put the bumper in on 604 Ross Cooper. 908 Browner removed 51 Licquorice. 348 Mushy rejoined from a spin and came under fire from 466 Dalto. 359 Lee Moatt attacked 129 Joe Skutela but ended up stranded himself. 220 Cooper obliged to home in on the Twisted Metal driver. 466 Dalto turned 69 Brad Bartram left. 817 Stig leathered 669 Cal Curtis on the exit of turn 4. The lively 220 Cooper set about 129 Square Head. 908 Browner dispatched 356 Sambo, leaving the latter sat for a huge shot from 366 Wrenny. 129 Square Head spun 743 Jake Bond, as fellow Mendips comrade 908 David Brown piloted to the win.  

908, 248, 466, 549, 830, 542, 2, 119, 69, 348

669 Cal Curtis ended the day with a fair wreck

The last Alcomers race of the DD raised slightly less cars. 808 Fablaa was jacked by 129 Square Head, with a lose wheel causing mayhem on turn 4, claiming a few drivers including 51 Licquorice before the red flag came out to recover the wheel. The restart saw 610 Devon Usher come under fire from 161 Charlie Hutson. Several laps passed before 161 Charlie Boy thundered 132 Cullum in on turn 1. 123 Kezza drove through 161 Charlie Boy. 314 Rawlins spun 604 Rossco, who came under more Scrapyard Screamer attention receiving a stiff shot from 299 Dale Locker. 69 Brado came to a stand still on the road bend and was duly leathered by 178 Kieran Bowman. 299 Knocka then homed in on 69 Brado, as behind, 214 Rawlins buried 370 Johnny Cobbold and 50 Aiden Gamble; Cobbold having just taking the win. 178 Slim weighed in on 370 Cobbold before copping one in turn from 132 Cullum as the yellow beacons shone to signify the commencing of the DD. 

370, 214, 296, 248, 123, 549, 340, 830, 178, 132

161 Charlie Hutson traded blows with the Scrapyard Screamers, before 178 Slim delivered a front wheel shot to 214 Sparky. 93 Dylan Goodman went in on the nose of 859 The Wizard. 307 Pretty Boy leathered 161 Charlie Boy on oppo; 910 Rookard also clattering into 161. 178 Slim came under fire from hits in turn courtesy of 69 Brado and 910 Rookard. 542 Craig Oliver ran in 50 Gamble. 910 Rookard and 307 Pretty Boy shared a head on. 817 Stig weighed in on 307 Pretty Boy and was done in turn by 299 Knocka. 69 Brado jacked 299 Knocka. 542 Oliver went in on 299 Knocka as 69 Brado drove through 910 Rookard. 542 Oliver jacked 69 Brado. 171 Frosty rejoined from nowhere to administer a head on to 69 Brado. 69 Brado and 307 Pretty Boy then exchanged numerous hits, most of which on the centre concrete, both bizarrely being awarded positions even though evident that marshals were signalling to get back onto the track. 69 Brad Bartram outlasting 307 Martin Kent to take the win. 

69 Brad Bartram and 307 Martin Kent settled the DD honours (Kimberley Jessica Photography)

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