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Yarmouth – 26/3/23 – Back to Basics – Meeting Report

34 Back to Basics assembled to Yarmouth on Sunday 26th March with an array of car choices.

The first heat saw 848 Shaun Lown bounce across the infield marker tyres before the green even fell. The pack pushed their way into the pits bend which resulted in 357 Joe Philpott being spun at the front, seeing a good half a dozen drivers pile in near the pit gate. 112 Marty Powell spun 357 Philpott. 54 Laurence Dickerson set about 445 Andy Leonard. 54 Loz attacked 92 Ricky Nicholls on the Caister bend, with 14 Barry Payne and 327 Charlie Wigger collecting the latter. 224 Charlie Oakley jacked 293 Ben Jordan, with 133 Jake Brown going in on 224 Oakley. 356 Sam Hildon spun 14 Bazza. 141 Jake Stewart laid into 133 Brown. A few drivers had an off near the starters’ rostrum including 621 Gareth Parker and 10 Warren Lown. 969 Neil Allen spun 862 Reece Eglington. 80 Joe Shorten clipped the tyres on the pits bend and completed an impressive roll before landing back on all four wheels. 862 Eglington set about 217 Bailey Burrows; Burrows keep the car pointing in the right direction in a fantastic display of driving. 217 Burrows attacked 28 Scott Green, which resulted in the latter going fence-wards. 327 Wigger laid into 862 Eglington, before the recovered 28 Mayo Maker attacked 241 Reecey T. Meanwhile, 629 Ewan Rout stayed out of trouble to guide his Ford Puma to the win.

629, 327, 141, 28, 862, 10, 810, 216, 133, 217

Heat 2 begun with 217 Burrows suffering an early spin. 133 Brown spun 696 Shelby Allen, which saw the latter snake towards the fence and catch a post ending her race early on. 848 Shaun Lown rolled bringing a red flag out, but not before 10 Lown blasted 357 Philpott. The race got back underway, with 217 Burrows getting a second redemption at proceedings, spinning 241 Reecey T aside to take the early lead. That however, didn’t work, as Reecey T was rolled by the force of the pack and was duly collected in the roof by 10 Lown. The race resumed with 245 Stephen Lown attacking 862 Eglington. 846 Olly King set about 733 Kyle Picton, with the latter punting him up a post a bend later in retaliation. 54 Loz spun 629 Rout, as 610 Wells removed 14 Bazza. 862 Eglington turned 141 Snakey left at the end of the home straight. 28 Mayo Maker put the bumper in on 54 Loz, and was duly cast aside himself by 862 Eglington. 54 Loz attacked 445 Leonard and eventually spun him exiting the back straight, before the recovered 28 Mayo Maker spun 621 Gruff. 54 Loz took a chop at 217 Burrows, which also claimed 112 Marty P – 217 Burrows immediately striking his revenge by spinning 54 Loz. 621 Gruff attacked 28 Mayo Maker but rode up him and the pair tangled together. 14 Bazza spun 610 Wells, before 54 Loz attacked 629 Rout with the pair crashing out onto the infield. 356 Sambo spun 217 Burrows. 327 Charlie Wigger taking the win this time.

327, 112, 629, 621, 445, 54, 148, NOF

733 Kyle Picton was the first to show in the Final by spinning 259 King. 846 King sent 610 Wells spinning, before 10 Lown dived to the infield to blast 862 Eglington. Lown then immediately turned around to give a head on to 862 Eglington. 216 Mark Burrows buried a few cars on the Caister bend. 357 Philpott laid into 148 Robert Rabjohns, eventually spinning him. 629 Rout spun 54 Loz. 969 Allen then clipped the marker tyres on the Caister bend, becoming the fourth driver to roll on the afternoon. The reds coming out to assist Neil from his vehicle. The restart saw 862 Eglington and 10 Lown play cat and mouse with neither wanting to be the first to go ahead. 217 Burrows put the bumper in on 148 Rabjohns which saw the latter go fence-wards. The action diverted to the home straight, where 733 Picton set about 216 Buzzer, before 141 Snakey jacked Picton which saw cars scatter in all directions, with 175 James Emmerson and 629 Rout collect the marker tyres. 846 King delivered a rear wheel shot to 733 Picton, and was duly collected by 357 Philpott before 217 Burrows delivered a savage tbone to 733 Picton. 10 Lown collected 259 King, and was done in turn by 112 Marty P, with 141 Snakey going in on The Squashies member, pushing him through the melee. 54 Loz ran 293 Jordan into 10 Lown. 862 Eglington homed in for a rear wheel shot to 10 Lown, with 357 Philpott weighing on 293 Jordan, as the race was now resembling that of a more ‘national banger’ style of contact. 14 Bazza drove through 293 Jordan, and was done in turn by 28 Mayo Maker. The latter backed out to then go on and attack running mate 112 Marty P, and he was done in turn by 54 Loz. 862 Eglington dumped 327 Wigger into 14 Bazza. 141 Snakey attacked 28 Mayo Maker, with 54 Loz latching onto the pair and following them both in. 259 King jacked 54 Loz, before the reds came out for the former who required some medical attention. After a slight pause, the action got back underway. 216 Buzzer immediately in reverse, stopping 10 Lown with a hit. 862 Eglington homed in on 10 Lown. Eglington backed up to get a run up, again steaming in on Lown. 141 Snakey weighed in on 862 Eglington before 629 Rout and 327 Wigger spun themselves to avoid the wrath of 216 Buzzer; 629 Rout cutting across the centre green which should have realistically seen a black cross, with 327 Wigger taking the more difficult route around the dead cars on track. 357 Philpott jacked 216 Buzzer, as 629 Rout again cut the infield. 327 Wigger dumped 862 Eglington into the pile up on the pits bend. 216 Buzzer tboned 357 Philpott before hitting 862 Eglington as the race was declared. 

629, 327, 216, NOF

The Back to Basics return to Yarmouth as part of the Easter Sunday fixture.

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