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Yarmouth – 26/06/22 – Back to Basic Bangers

34 Back to Basic Bangers took to the track at Yarmouth Stadium on Sunday 26th June. 

612 Shannon Waters marked her debut with an early spin, before 226 Callum Atkinson completed a barrel rollover on turn 1 in what was a carnage first lap; 44 Dennis Lee Jnr also suffering a spin at the hands of 849 Lown. 173 Luke Spall set about 296 Ross Sharman and 616 Matt Goodswin, which saw 296 Shampoo hit the infield curb hard getting some airtime and collapsing the rear axle whilst 616 Goodswin took off in an impressive rollover. The red flags came out, but not before 849 Lown put the bumper in on 612 Mrs Fatboy Slim spinning her. 798 Lewis England led them away on the restart, and opened up a strong gap from 14 Barry Payne in his Ford Puma. 218 Jordan Andrews spun 139 Aimee Rowley. 69 Jamie Harvey put the bumper in on 629 Ewan Rout which in turn sent 228 Nathan Skinner scuppering. 43 spun 44 The Menace, with 862 Reece Eglington going in for good measures. 139 Rowley retired to the infield, but nearly took 741 Luke Parfitt out with her. 456 Drew Finch turned 228 Skinner left on the back straight, as 72 Breeze Atkin put the bumper in on 612 Mrs Fatboy Slim, which spun the latter. 849 Lown set about 238 Ryan Hall-Boulton, the latter managing to keep the car under control as it snaked along the back straight. The leading 778 England was held up by the rejoining 612 Mrs Fatboy Slim, which allowed 14 Bazza to inherit the running. 629 Rout and 238 Rhyno clattered on the back straight which saw the latter hit the fence backwards in some manner, although he swiftly rejoined into the fray. As the last lap board was displayed, 14 Bazza tangled with back markers, having to spin 43 Jamie Mitchell out costing him momentum allowing 778 England to bomb passed on the outside to reclaim the lead. Bazza attempted to fight back with a last bend lunge but it was quite enough, England taking the victory. 862 Eglington tangling with 728 just before the end.

798, 14, 551, 173, 760, 226, 28, 862, 404, 43

Mammoth roll for 616 Matt Goodswin in Heat 1

The first lap push in Heat 2 saw 404 Sam Dace end up dumped on the marker tyres where he levitated for a while before resting on all four wheels. 139 Rowley collected the fence hard along the home straight, with the red flags coming out immediately for her, but not before 296 Shampoo went in on 404 Dace to try to dislodge him from the tyres. 14 Bazza led them off on the restart. 798 England spun 612 Mrs Fatboy Slim. 741 Capt D dislodged 14 Bazza from the lead. 778 George Enescu went round and was collected in turn by 44 The Menace and 678 Alex Ward. 196 Eddie Farrow removed 228 Skinner on the back straight. 798 England put the bumper in on 44 The Menace to spin him, jumping up the side of him in the process. 43 Mitchell then drove into 44 The Menace. Several drivers went in on the entrance of the Caister bend as conditions under foot were tricky. Up front, 14 Bazza attacked 629 Rout for the lead, which saw the latter go towards the centre green before whipping the other way resulting in him collecting the ropes. 849 Lown dispatched of 254 Reece Coton and 196 Farrow in one move. 14 Bazza retired from the lead. 44 The Menace and 713 Kieran Furniss combined to spin the recovered 196 Farrow. 254 Fatboy Slim then spun the luckless 196 Farrow. 551 Ben Warner removed 629 Rout from the running. 741 Luke Parfitt taking the win this time around.

741, 551, 173, 678, 798, 254, 72, 44, NOF

44 Dennis Lee Jnr was one of the meetings star performers, pictured here tangling with 43 Jamie Mitchell in Heat 2

The Final begun with 760 Harry Spencer spinning 616 Goodswin as 281 Andrews spun 296 Shampoo. 44 The Menace set about 629 Rout along the back straight, before the pair came together once again at the end of the home straight after Rout turned 281 Andrews fence-wards. 456 Daffy Boi spun 862 Eglington. 228 Skinner spun 612 Mrs Fatboy Slim. 296 Shampoo spun on the pits bend and styled out by reversing up the back straight and completing a J-turn. 44 The Menace weighed in on 296 Shampoo, and came under fire in turn from 196 Farrow. Farrow then going on to spin 296 Shampoo. 228 Skinner visited the fence along the home straight, before 254 Fatboy Slim delivered a rear wheel shot to 296 Shampoo. 44 The Menace laid into 228 Skinner, as 760 Hazza backed out on 14 Bazza halting his charge. 678 Wardy momentarily expired and was collected by 629 Rout. 760 Hazza jacked 798 England. 741 Capt D came under fire from 14 Bazza, who in turn copped one from 196 Farrow. This in turn caused most behind to pile in, with 254 Fatboy Slim being ever so gentlemanly driving into partner 612 Waters. 678 Wardy homed in on 254 Fatboy Slim. 296 Shampoo laid into 616 Goodswin who was more than game, running him into the ever-growing melee on turn 2. 72 Breeze Atkin taking the win, making it a Ford Puma winner all afternoon. 551 Ben Warner ended second and 175 James Emmerson third, with five going the distance.

72, 551, 175, 741, 404, NOF

The final ended with most piling in on the exit of the pits bend

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