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Mildenhall – 25/06/22 – Unlimited Bangers World Series Round

The Mildenhall Banger World Series round is usually one of the best on the BWS calendar, and typically highlights why Mildenhall is still regarded as one of the best banger tracks in the country. This years’ staging took place on Saturday 25th June with a bumper field of drivers.

‘Slim’ 178 Kieran Bowman with a smart Plymouth Fury

178 Kieran Bowman had the car of the night with his Mk4 Plymouth Sport Fury. 203 Darren Nash and 595 Drew Burdett had a fresh Mercedes W210 Limosine each. 306 Marc Doughty piloted a smart Austin FX4 Taxi. There were a pair of fresh Volvo 240 Estates at the hands of 211 Dennis Vorkink and 360 Jack Reynolds. 57 Stuart Cumming returned a Mk1 Ford Granada, which first saw action at the 2019 World Final. On the paint front 28 Fred James, 77 Aaron Charles, 123 Kieran Gray, 238 Mark Wareham, 247 Lee Clarke, 341 Andrew Jones and 356 Harry Overy all had freshly signed motors. 

306 Marc Doughty with a well presented Taxi

Only 18 cars for Heat 1. 328 Ben Nichols spun 221 Justin Riley. 611 Joe Geeves spun 634 Ben Green. 36 Dave Lewis had around 221 Motormouth. 639 Tye Williams spun 28 Jamesie. 820 Martyn Perkins went round under pressure from 328 Nichols. 639 Tye Pirate passed 521 Ashley Riley for the lead around the half way stage. 328 Nichols spun 317 Callum Jacobs. 634 Marty buried 36 Lewis, as 639 Tye Williams continued his top form at the track taking the win.

639, 521, 284, 348, 820, 817, 321, 328, 43, 634

Heat 2 begun with 262 Rob Bugler delivering a head on to 341 Jonesey. 876 Ronnie Hammond jacked 211 Mister Nös on oppo, and then took a run up to leather the Dutchman once again. 77 Aario drove through 211 Mister Nös, who took further punishment courtesy of a hit from 178 Slim. 211 Mister Nös jacked 876 Ron on oppo. Ron again set about Mister Nös. 178 Slim went in on 876 Ron on oppo, and then went to get a run up to do further damage. 876 Ron showcasing his loss of bottle diving to the infield and getting himself beached on the grass bank. 67 Rickie Beasley leathered 440 Lennon Phillips. 178 Slim drove through 67 Beasley. 341 Jonesey ran head on into 372 Jay Matthews. 333 Charlie Randell went in on 341 Jonesey. 333 Chaz and 341 Jonesey met in a heavy head on. 262 Roona delivered a head on to 341 Jonesey, and then jacked the DWO man on oppo. 77 Aario rattled in 623 Ricky Hutton and 178 Slim, before 262 Roona tboned 341 Jonesey. 123 Kieran Gray taking the win this time.

123, 400, 333, 623, 77, 87, 960, 460, 178, 306

760 Joey Reynolds set the ball rolling in Heat 3, attacking 725 Simon Bye on oppo. The Condoms (and co) massacred the Damage Inc drivers. 433 Smith got dumped onto the banking at the end of the back straight whilst they pinned 247 Lee Clarke up. 294 Lee Hughes homed in for a front wheel shot to Smith, as 27 Lee Hughes pushed 247 Bro backwards all the way along the back straight, allowing 158 Shane Davies to jack the latter. Davies then drove through 433 Smith, before 294 Stuntman homed in for another head on to Smith. 247 Bro then took a plethora of hits in his already wrecked W210 Estate. Each Hughes going in, as well as 199 Kai Clifford. 122 Mark Cooper Jnr jacked 760 Joey. 203 Gnasha homed in on 247 Bro, with 158 Davies going in over the front wheel of the Damage Inc man, which at this point just became silly. 380 Lee Hopkins set about 726 Sam Bye on oppo. 309 Michael Lane running into 380 Leeful. 27 Ooze Boy and 158 Davies set about 548 Alex Utting on the road bend. 726 Sambo homed in on 380 Leeful, with 760 Joey going in on 726 Sambo. 122 Cooper Jnr homed in on 760 Joey, as 103 Jack Deacon raced to the win.

103, 456, 309, 739, 459, 887, 699, 570, 122, NOF

The Condoms and Hughes’ set about Damage Inc in the third heat

Heat 4 started with 61 Stuart Holdsworth getting dumped into the armco in his Toyota Previa. 595 Drewboy ran 724 Trevor Burtrum through 84 Jack Ansell. 229 Dean Jarvis drove through 595 Drew Boy, the latter recovering to attack 224 Lewis Canham. 229 Big D tboned 595 Drew Boy. 174 Tom Lindgreen jacked 724 Burtrum and was jacked in turn by 360 Jack Reynolds. 229 Big D delivered a head on to 360 Jackstar, then provided the same treatment to 920 Terry Church. 444 Chaz weighed in on 920 Churchy, and was done in turn by 360 Jackstar. 585 Luke Holdsworth leathered 360 Jackstar. 133 Terry Hill went in on 920 Churchy. 585 Holdsworth ran 723 Stuart Woolley through 444 Chaz. 02 Jon Bricknell set about 506 Danny Mitchell. 644 Alfie Sime drove through 920 Churchy on oppo. 360 Jackstar jacked 84 Peach on oppo. 170 Darren Teal got dumped into 360 Jackstar as 136 Adrian Court won.

136, 243, 224, 133, 55, 252, 2, 506, 723, 32

The first Consolation begun with 100 Callum White running into the spun 828 Jordan Sharpe. 372 Matthews drove through 440 Lemon, the latter getting caught head on by 114 Lakey. 356 Harry Overy spun 625 Josh Gooch. 828 Sharpey blasted 114 Lakey over the front wheel. 521 Ace Ash weighed in on 114 Lakey. 623 Tricky and 555 Dirty Harry drove through 43 Muttley Jnr. 257 Timmy Aldridge took out 617 Jack Overy. 221 Justin Riley tboned 617 Overy. 521 Ace Ash weighed in on 623 Tricky. The leading 67 Beasley spun 100 Cock, only then get stopped head on by 521 Ace Ash along the home straight. 611 Geeves weighed in on Beasley, the latter copping further abuse from 321 Kieran Fry. 521 Ace Ash delivered a head on to 555 Dirty Harry which left the Team Black young gun beached on the grass bank. 617 Overy set about 221 Motormouth, only to run in to a head on from 521 Ace Ash. 100 Cock went in on 617 Overy, as 221 Motormouth bombed down the home straight on oppo to driver a solid jacking to 67 Beasley, claiming 317 Callum Jacobs in the process. 257 Waterboy tboned 617 Overy, with World Champion 217 Sid Madgwick driving through Waterboy in turn. 521 Ace Ash looked to go on oppo, but caught the passing 28 Jamesie on the nose. 100 Cock drove through 67 Beasley. 521 Ace Ash delivered a head on to 67 Beasley. 321 Chatty Man weighed in on 623 Tricky. 217 Madgwick drove through 221 Motormouth. 100 Cock delivered a shot over the front wheel to 617 Overy. 521 Ace Ash completed a full lap on oppo, firstly driving through 67 Beasley, before going in on 611 Geeves; eventually ending with a head on to 315 Nathan Webb. 04 Mikey Croft rattled 625 Gucci in under the starters rostrum, the latter recovering to deliver an oppo attack to 199 Clifford. 521 Ace Ash leathered 623 Tricky well on the red flags. 328 Ben Nicholls winning.

Another chapter in the Team Black war, this time against The Bears, 257 Waterboy and 100 Cock; 617 Jack Overy coming out on the worse side

The second Consolation saw the Hughes trio of 27 Dale, 294 Lee and 24 Patric all pulling straight on the middle instead of lining up in strange circumstances. 876 Ron set the action rolling, following in 306 Chunky. 174 Lindgren jacked 291 Mick Turner. 444 Chaz tboned 876 Ron, with the reds coming out to check on the latter. The restart saw 625 Gucci jack 174 Lindgren on oppo. 707 Lilley removed 723 Stuart Woolley. 625 Gucci delivered an oppo attack to 888 Jake Smith. The leading 717 Jack Tuffen spun 625 Gucci, handing the lead to 122 Cooper Jnr. 625 Gucci jacked 888 Dingle on oppo, before the race was declared with red and chequered; 122 Mark Cooper Jnr the winner.

Broken Jag for 174 Tom Lindgren

The Wildcard race begun with the usual Joker card picks from the heats winners, which resulted in 123 Kezza and 639 Tye Pirate starting off the front and 136 Junior and 103 Deacon off the back. 252 Boogie was an early spinner. 211 Mister Nös picked up 77 Aario, who latched onto 178 Slim, spinning the Predators entertainer. 341 Jonesey rattled in 521 Ace Ash, which spun 820 Maggot and 440 Big Mac in turn. 178 Slim attacked 817 Stig on oppo. 229 Dean Jarvis attacked 284 Heady on oppo. A pile up occurred on the home straight, with most steaming in. 77 Aario jacked 723 Little Dingle. Drivers were coming out one end of the pile up, and steaming in to the end after completing a lap. This pattern continued before the red flags came out. 460 Big Dog was given a black cross for jumping the restart. 77 Aario spun. 459 Platts spun 506 Mitchell. 122 Cooper Jnr had a pop at 440 Big Mac, and was duly spun by 328 Lathan. 595 Drewboy parked across the track near the start finish line. 224 Canham drove through The Entertainers man, claiming 133 Tezza also. 284 Heady spun 133 Tezza fence-wards, and had the same done to him by 440 Big Mac. The chequered flag dropped on 460 Big Dog, but he was subsequently docked positions, handing the win and wildcard to 459 Blake Platts. 133 Tezza bombed along the home straight on oppo to jack 595 Drewboy. 521 Ace Ash also weighed in on Drewboy. 77 Aario finishing the action with a rear wheel shot to 122 Cooper Jnr.

459 Blake Platts on route to securing the Wildcard win
211 Dennis Vorkink and team worked hard to ensure he was out in every race

The Showdown raised an impressive 72 cars, with the grid in the classic three-a-breast format. The clutch start caught a few off guard with some spinning out. 433 Smith was turned fence-wards, and then collected by 639 Tye Pirate. 552 Jordan Street drove through 433 Smith. 229 Big D tangled with 611 Bieber and 444 Chaz. 306 Chunky jacked 229 Big D. 440 Big Mac buried 122 Cooper Jnr, before 77 Aario leathered 211 Mister Nös. 521 Ace Ash attacked 178 Slim. A few piled in at the end of the back straight, with 55 Hornbrook going in on 243 Bodja. 611 Bieber spun 625 Gucci. 328 Nichols tboned 699 Holdsworth on oppo. 178 Slim attacked 555 Dirty Harry on oppo before the reds came out due to a fire for 77 Aario. The restart saw the drivers pile in to the graveyard of cars on the pits bend. 309 Laney weighed in on 611 Bieber. 817 Stig went airborne on the back straight. 103 Deacon weighed in on 221 Motormouth. 360 Jackstar struck 114 Lakey over the front wheel, and was done in turn by 725 Sibbs. 136 Junior ran 178 Slim into 28 Jamesie. 61 Stuart Holdsworth jacked 114 Lakey, as they piled in. 217 Madgwick laid into 585 Holdsworth. 238 Wareham jacked 24 Patrico. 873 Roberts done 238 Wareham in turn. 360 Jackstar ran 887 Browning into 123 Kezza. 61 Holdsworth jacked 726 Sambo. 555 Dirty Harry weighed in on 28 Jamesie. 328 Lathan drove into 341 Jonesey. Boogie and Roona were taking a particular interest to someone on the other side of the pile up, driving through them on oppo. 617 Overy and 100 Cock shared hits on the exit of turn 2. 625 Gucci weighed in for a solid tbone to 873 Roberts, as 67 Beasley attacked 100 Cock. 820 Maggot homed in on 625 Gucci, before the race was red and chequered to check on 873 Roberts.

Big fire for 77 Aaron Charles in the Showdown

A fantastic BWS round which emulated Suffolk Open nights from the RDC era of the track.

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