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Yarmouth – 21/08/22 – Unlimited Bangers World Series Finale – Meeting Report

The final Banger World Series round saw the turn of Yarmouth, in what is always a highly anticipated fixture. There was certainly a lot of pre-meeting buzz and with it being the final meeting of the BWS series, several of the front runners in the Entertainers League delivered on the car front. 203 Darren Nash had the top piece of material for the day with the sports first Mercedes W211 Hearse which was well presented. The top two in the series of 178 Kieran Bowman and 211 Dennis Vorkink impressed with a Volvo 7 Series Hearse and Volvo 960 Limo respectively, with 360 Jack Reynolds having a trademark 240 Estate. 595 Drew Burdett had a smart Ford Scorpio Limo for the occasion and 323 Dean Kelly had a stunning Jaguar XJ-S. Other than a trio of Previas, and a used Lincoln Continental, the rest of the Unlimiteds were your typical run of the mill. 262 Rob Bugler and 341 Andrew Jones had a pair of smart Supras, and 77 Aaron Charles turned out another well presented Lexus 200. 247 Lee Clarke, 158 Shane Davies, 960 Ross Winsor and 114 Liam Lake also impressing on the paint front with their Mercs.

203 Darren Nash’s cool Mercedes W211 Hearse was a first for the sport (Graham Utting)

25 Matthew Black – Toyota Previa
27 Dale Hughes – Mercedes W210 Estate
28 Fred James – Ford Scorpio*
32 Mark Walker – Mercedes W210 Estate*
(3)33 Charlie Randell – Mercedes W210 Estate
41 Lee Barnes – Volvo 740
43 Luke Maynard – Mercedes W210*
44(0) Macaulay Mills – Mercedes W210*
47 Andrew Davies – Lexus LS400*
77 Aaron Charles – Lexus IS200
84 Jack Ansell – Mercedes W210 Estate
89 Joe Barrett – Ford Scorpio*
93 Dylan Goodman – Volvo 740 Estate*
100 Callum White – Jaguar X300
114 Liam Lake – Mercedes W210 Estate
123 Kieran Gray – Mercedes W210 Estate*
143 Daniel Rose – Mercedes W210*
158 Shane Davies – Mercedes W210 Estate*
164 Barry Sedgwick – Jaguar X300
178 Kieran Bowman – Volvo 700 Series Hearse
195 Reece Marsh – Mercedes W210 Estate
203 Darren Nash – Mercedes W211 Hearse
211 Dennis Vorkink – Volvo 960 Limo
224 Lewis Canham – Mercedes W210 Estate*
243 Pete Osborne – Jaguar X300*
247 Lee Clarke – Mercedes W210 Estate
252 Steven Bugler – Mercedes W210*
262 Robert Bugler – Toyota Supra
284 James Head – Mercedes CLK*
294 Lee Hughes – Mercedes W210
317 Calum Jacobs – Mercedes CLK*
318 Oliver Marshall – Volvo 740 Estate*
321 Kieran Fry – Mercedes W210*
323 Dean Kelly – Jaguar XJ-S
327 Mick Maskell Jnr – Ford Scorpio*
328 Ben Nicholls – Mercedes W210*
329 Mark Hughes – Toyota Previa
331 Jason Jackson – Mercedes W210 Estate
333 Daniel Weavers – Jaguar X300*
341 Andrew Jones – Toyota Supra
348 Sonny Sherwood – Mercedes W210*
356 Harry Overy – Ford Scorpio Estate*
360 Jack Reynolds – Volvo 240 Estate
372 Jay Matthews – Mercedes W210*
390 Dan Stacey – Mercedes W210
400 Lee Kingsnorth – Mercedes W210*
433 Ben Smith – Mercedes W210
440 Lennon Phillips – Mercedes W210
444 Charlie Jackson – Mercedes W210 Estate
456 Nathan Roberts – Ford Scorpio*
460 Clifford Friend – Mercedes W210 Estate*
494 Jack Harris – Ford Scorpio Estate*
516 Carl Gould – Lexus IS200 Sportscross
521 Ashley Riley – Mercedes W210 Estate*
526 Jak Denikiewicz – Ford Scorpio Estate 
542 Craig Oliver – Lincoln Continental*
549 Phil Smith – Jaguar X300*
552 Karl Douglas – Ford Scorpio Estate 
555 Harry Gelsthorpe – Mercedes W210*
562 Louis Baker – Mercedes W210 Estate*
570 Jordan Cumming – Mercedes W210 Estate
589 Simon Smith – Jaguar S Type*
595 Drew Burdett – Ford Scorpio Limo
625 Joshua Gooch – Ford Scorpio*
634 Ben Green – Mk3 Ford Granada*
639 Tye Williams – Toyota Supra*
669 Callum Curtis – Toyota Previa*
699 Stacey Holdsworth – Mercedes W210 Estate*
714 Paul Smaldon – Ford Scorpio Estate*
717 Jack Tuffen – Ford Scorpio Estate*
739 Jason Moore – Mercedes W210 Estate*
741 Charlie Daniels – Jaguar X300*
810 David Smith – Mercedes W210 Estate
817 Kurt Jacobs – Mercedes W210*
873 Kyle Roberts – Jaguar X300*
876 Ronnie Hammond – Mercedes W210
920 Terry Church – Mercedes W210 Estate
960 Ross Winsor – Mercedes W210

Long distance traveller 211 Dennis Vorkink had pretty much assured his place on the World Final grid before the meeting, but made sure of it with this Volvo 960 Limo

The first heat began with 516 Carl Gould launching off the infield markers. The Gladiators traded tender blows with 333 Dan Weavers and 960 Ross Winsor, before 214 Connor Osborne administered a stiff head on to 333 Cuddles. The red flags coming out to attend to 333 Cuddles. The restart saw 329 Mark Hughes run 433 Ben Smith in to the ropes on the Caister bend, which also spun 521 Ashley Riley in turn. 158 Shane Davies weighed in on 433 Smith, with 247 Lee Clarke going in too. 247 Bro completed a lap before jacking 158 Davies once again. He continued his momentum to deliver a head on to 329 Hughes, and then backed off tangling with 333 Charlie Randell. 323 Dean Kelly drove through 329 Hughes, who then took further abuse courtesy of a rear wheel shot from 252 Steven Bugler as the reds were called to attend to 329 Hughes. The pace car hadn’t even left the raceway before 960 Ross Winsor stuck it to 549 Phil Smith, the pair then having a little ding-dong just onto the infield near the start line which saw 960 Rosco tip onto two wheels. 284 James Head led them away but was soon bested by 328 Ben Nichols, as Heady slipped down the order. 570 Jordan Cumming and 262 Rob Bugler enjoyed a good battle for second, but this ultimately resulted in 328 Nichols opening up a significant gap at the front in which he maintained to take the win. 

328, 570, 262, 284, 400, 43, 440, 323, 333, 252

Damage Inc & The Condoms continued their ongoing feud in Heat 1

444 Charlie Jackson was an early casualty of the second heat, expiring onto the centre green on the rolling lap. 224 Lewis Canham immediately spun on turns 3/4 as the green flag was dropped, taking 634 Ben Green with him. 331 Jason Jackson spun 356 Harry Overy, which saw the Team Black driver go flying into the Caister bend on his roof. The typical first bend push resulted in 810 Dave Smith getting bounced into a post. 77 Aaron Charles ran 203 Darren Nash into 810 Smithy. 203 Gnasher planted himself into the luckless 810 Smithy once again. 356 Overy had a pop at 100 Callum White, but was spun in turn by 203 Gnasher. 356 Overy attempted on a couple of occasions to take out the leading 440 Lennon Phillips to no success. 27 Dale Hughes spun 317 Callum Jacobs. 440 Lemon held on to take the win as 114 Liam Lake and 331 Boxer Jack enjoyed a good battle behind consistently swapping places.

440, 28, 331, 114, 317, 84, 555, 27, 341, 817

The green flag had only just dropped in Heat 3 as 348 Sonny Sherwood spun 41 Lee Barnes. 25 Matt Black put the bumper in on 741 Charlie Daniels, which sent 526 Jak Denikiewicz spinning in turn. 494 Jack Harris attacked 873 Kyle Roberts. 456 Nathan Roberts set about 41 Looney Lee. 89 Joe Barrett and 195 Reece Marsh tangled near the pit gate, before 348 Mushy spun 211 Dennis Vorkink. 25 Black Magic homed in for a head on to 211 Mister Nös, with the pair becoming welded together. A battle in the mid-pack saw 552 Karl Douglas put the bumper in on 195 Marsh, spinning him aside. 360 Jack Reynolds attacked 595 Drew Burdett, which in turn claimed the leading 456 Roberts. 41 Looney Lee weighed in on 456 Roberts. 178 Kieran Bowman tboned 360 Jackstar, as 41 Looney Lee spun in round on the infield and homed in for a huge shot on oppo to 595 Drew Boy. 195 Marsh drove through 178 Slim. 741 Daniels well and truly put the roof up on 41 Looney Lee’s Volvo as 739 Jason Moore raced to the win this time.

739, 456, 327, 372, 639, 717, 243, 348, 714, 89

41 Lee Barnes took this big Volvo wreck home after a lively Heat 3

The first Consolation started with all unscathed, although 669 Cal Curtis had a rough ride as he kangaroo’d in to the Caister bend in his Previa. 552 Blacknuts drove through the spun 741 Daniels. 323 Deano spun 43 Luke Maynard. 741 Daniels attacked 321 Kieron Fry on oppo, the latter responding by driving through the TMT man on the inner curb. 43 Muttley Jnr delivered a head on to 741 Daniels, who also copped a front wheel shot from 521 Ace Ash setting him up nicely for a jacking from 321 Chatty Man, as 669 Heli and 960 Rosco met in a huge head on down on the Caister bend which well and truly warped the Gladiators Previa. 323 Deano homed in for a rear wheel shot to 960 Rosco as the red flags came out for Cal. The restart saw 321 Chatty Man deliver an oppo attack to second placed 460 Cliff Friend. Friend retaliated with an oppo attack, with 516 Gouldy taking the honours.

516, 552, 143, 494, 521, 43, 562, NOF

A stiff head on between 669 Cal Curtis and 960 Ross Winsor in the first Consolation left the former’s Previa a big mess

The second Consolation race was the quietest of the day. 699 Stacey Holdsworth was the first to show spinning 211 Mister Nös, before repeating the same feat on 444 Chaz a lap later. 211 Mister Nös delivered a head on to 25 Black Magic, with 521 Ace Ash going in on the latter. Black then flirted with going on oppo but copped a head on from 521 Ace Ash before he had the opportunity to do so. 262 Roona delivered a head on to 294 Lee Hughes, before chasing him down and spinning him later on. 47 Andy Davies showed no signs of his hiatus from racing, dusting the cobwebs off for a convincing win.

47, 32, 294, 699, 100, 356, 43, 211, 262, NOF

The Wildcard Final was up next. The action came thick and fast as 143 Rose got dumped into the marker tyres. 555 Harry Gelsthorp spun 400 Lee Kingsnorth before 47 Davies thundered 247 Bro into the fence. 89 Joe Barrett got airborne and catapulted into the side of 47 Davies, as 27 Dale Hughes homed in for a heavy jacking to Bro. The red flags coming out to allow Bro to safely exit his Mercedes with the passenger A pillar very much snapped.  The restart once again saw action come thick and fast. 331 Boxer Jack spun 323 Deano. Most of the pack went in on the Caister bend with 440 Lemon emerging with a big lead. 331 Boxer Jack leathered 252 Boogie and 341 Andrew Jones delivered a head on to the spun 262 Roona. 262 Roona and 341 Jonesey continued to share hits as more drivers piled in to the melee on the Caister bend. 516 Gouldy had leader 440 Lemon around on the pits bend. 178 Slim jacked 552 Blacknuts. 400 Kingsnorth ended up fence-wards along the home straight as 84 Jack Ansell spun 521 Ace Ash. 77 Aario launched 178 Slim who caught a post hard at the end of the back straight. 360 Jackstar driving through the entertainer series leader with the reds coming out to check on Slim, who’s Volvo hearse was a rum mess. 123 Kezza lead them away from 555 Dirty Harry and 114 Lakey. 360 Jackstar spun 243 Pete Osborne. 262 Roona went on oppo, although his intended was unclear with both 114 Lakey and 331 Boxer Jack coming round the corner and splitting to go either side of him. Roona made sure the second attempt connected, catching 114 Lakey on oppo. 323 Deano delivered a solid rear wheel shot to 114 Lakey. 699 Stacey spun 521 Ace Ash. 333 Charlie Randell stopped 331 Boxer Jack head on. 77 Aario weighed in on Boxer, with Chaz pushing the pair the wrong way around the Caister bend. 360 Jackstar homed in on 331 Boxer Jack, with 323 Deano also weighing in on the Midnight Runners veteran. 262 Roona turned it around to deliver a tbone to 331 Boxer Jack. The red flags once again coming out, although the reason not made clear this time. 570 Dino Jnr cruelly expired from second place as soon as the green flag was dropped. 521 Ace Ash wasted no time spinning it around on oppo. It must be noted that Ash turned around the right way, spinning it on the bend which had become more of a novelty at this point. Ash lined up second placed 555 Dirty Harry for a stiff head on. 360 Jackstar jacked Dirty Harry, before completing a lap and homing in again, leaving the roof well up for the Team Black young gun. 77 Aario drove through 360 Jackstar, as 123 Kieron Gray continued his recent good form to take the win and book his spot on the grid; 77 Aaron Charles second and 440 Lennon Phillips third.

123, 77, 440, 817, 400, 570, NOF

123 Kieran Gray took the win to book his spot on the World Final grid in what was a lively Final

The Showdown ended proceedings. 960 Rosco pulled onto the middle early on with several getting scattered as they took avoiding action including 262 Roona and 372 Jay Matthews. 114 Lakey set about 360 Jackstar, with 331 Boxer Jack going in over the front wheel. 341 Jonesey then took a shot at the 3 Litre man. 328 Nichols spun 203 Gnasher. 89 Panda spun 211 Mister Nös fence-wards. Dennis pulled back across just in time for 323 Deano to deliver a solid rear wheel shot. 328 Nichols spun 400 Kingsnorth. 360 Jackstar drove through 341 Jonesey, and left himself prone to a solid jacking from 77 Aario, whom had just spun 252 Boogie aside a bend previous. 89 Panda jacked 77 Aario as 114 Lakey done 252 Boogie on the nose. 203 Gnasher spun 440 Macauley Mills. 262 Roona weighed in on 114 Lakey. 203 Gnasher jacked 77 Aario. 595 Drew Boy tboned 262 Roona on oppo. 123 Kezza delivered a back wheel shot to 595 Drew Boy. 323 Deano then homed in for a shot to 595 Drew Boy on oppo. 595 Drew Boy then parked his car at the end of the home straight and was duly leathered by 195 Marsh, much to The Entertainers drivers’ delight. 47 Davies clipped 625 Gucci, sending himself crashing into a post on the back straight and tearing his rear passenger wheel out. 84 Peach delivered a solid tbone to 625 Gucci. 262 Roona leathered 84 Peach before the reds came out due to the loose wheel, although this didn’t prevent 331 Boxer Jack from driving like a man possessed from the centre green round to the pits bend before coming to a stop. 717 Jack Tuffen deemed the winner.

717, 327, 28, 456, 333, 158, 243, 739, 356, 372

Plenty of action once again in the Showdown

Another top BWS round, with the entertainers seeds being decided, it’s all eyes on Aldershot on September 11th for the final world qualifying round to determine who else will be joining them.

247 Lee Clarke went home with a mangled Mercedes

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