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Kings Lynn – 29/08/22 – Crash for Cancer – Big Vans, 1500 Bangers & Robins ’World of Shale’ – Meeting Report

The August bank holiday fixture at Kings Lynn featured the annual Crash for Cancer event in its typical slot, with the Big Van Bangers the highlight of the afternoon. They were joined by the Reliant Robins racing for their World of Shale title, and the 1500 Bangers, with their day including a wildcard final to the National Championship.

349 Lee Saunders had this cool Ford A Series bus (Kimberley Jessica Photography)
170 Chris Shipp; some length! (Kimberley Jessica Photography)

Several drivers opted for machinery in the Van Bangers. 165 Ben Randell had probably the wackiest contraption; a Vauxhall Movano front end, with a motorhome/Horsebox mid-section with a caravan rear end. 257 Peter Beard had a cool example at last year’s Crash for Cancer and was back again with a 1985 Bedford CF2. 121 David Wright Jnr had an LDV 400 Series Ambulance and 21 Ralph Wright a Burger Van variant. 170 Chris Shipp’s Yank camper was a sight to be seen, massive in size. 476 Ross Coleman always provides on the material front, and had a Bedford EA for today. 349 Lee Saunders delivered too, with a cool Ford A Series bus. 386 Sam Evans and 721 Dan Clarke had a pair of lorry based machines too.

476 Ross Coleman always ‘delivers’ (Kimberley Jessica Photography)

Multiple drivers also went that little extra on the paint front, with some stellar examples. 171 Andy Frost and 666 Nicola Cartwright with some top looking signs. Birthday boy 440 Lennon Phillips’ van looked almost too good to race. Jobie Cobb was kept busy on the signs with the likes of 23 Sonny Parsons, 51 James Licquorice, 57 Max Stott and 385 Roy Gedge among others with top paint.

440 Lennon Phillips van looked the business (Kimberley Jessica Photography)

A special mention must go to The Predators team. They had some top motors, which looked the part as always. Not only that, however, they put a lot into the event behind the scenes with a raffle for the Big C, whilst 279 Bradley Bowman presented his van at the turnstile entrance for people to signwrite; all proceeds going to the Big C also. It’s those little extra bits that gain a positive limelight on the sport, so congratulations to them. It must be noted that there were a lot of other drivers out in the pits representing the sport in top fashion, letting kids pose for photos in or next to their vehicles – a great way to keep families coming to the events!

Superb effort from The Predators – 178 Kieran Bowman’s horsebox shown here

The Van Bangers started the action for the day with their first Heat 1 which was for the more ‘smaller’ vans. 135 Donny Mann spun 23 Sonny Parsons at the drop of the green flag. 257 Peter Beard attacked 476 Ross Coleman and 279 Bradley Bowman along the home straight which saw the Predators young gun get spat fence-wards. 257 Ben Waddington buried 12 Kelly-Louise Skinner. 279 Braderz spun 476 Rosco, who rejoined to set about 23 Sonny P. 329 Michael Carter drove through 476 Rosco, with 288 Chris Ford running into the latter. 21 Ralph Wright spun 279 Braderz, who was tboned in turn by 743 Kavan Barton. 23 Sonny P leathered 257 Benji on the scoreboard bend. 23 Sonny P drove through 830 Lee White, before 380 Trevor Wright turned 566 Tony Pallett left along the home straight. 12 Troy Corbett spun 21 Wreck Ot Ralph, before 476 Rosco had a go at 23 Sonny P. 380 Sharky and 23 Sonny P tangled. 279 Braderz delivered a front wheel shot to 135 Old Mann. 743 Barton ran 23 Sonny P into 135 Old Mann, as 222 Kieran Norton to the win.

222, 380, 288, 566, 12, 23, 21, NOF

51 James Licquorice made his intentions clear straight away in Heat 2, parking up against the armco on the road bend before the green flag even fell and setting himself up for reversing out. 121 David Wright Jnr was his first victim, getting run into Licquorice by the pushing pack. 721 Dan Clarke ran 478 Anth Bailey into 51 Licquorice. 178 Kieran Bowman attacked 170 Chris Shipp, whom had expired at the end of the home straight before the off. 121 David Wright Jnr also set about 170 Shippy. 178 Slim and 440 Lennon Phillips combined to attack 51 Licquorice. 478 The Beast homed in on 170 Shippy and pushed him round to set him up for a big shot from 178 Slim. 349 Lee Saunders set about 386 Sam Evans, and was splintered in turn by 178 Slim. 57 Max Stott also set about 349 Finbarr, with 577 Alfie Lee and 478 The Beast also going in. 178 Slim tboned 51 Licquorice. At this point the track had become pretty much blocked on turn 2. 721 Clarkey homed in on 57 Stotty. 624 Cameron Hubbard jacked 440 Lemon. 577 Fonzo set about 121 Dee Jnr. 385 Roy Gedge assaulted 440 Lemon. 349 Finbarr tboned the big lorry of 386 Evans, stopping the former dead in his tracks. 538 Jake Swann taking the win.

538, 624, 577, 349, 346, 385, 791, 121, NOF

The Robins were up next for their feature race, the World of Shale. 385 Roy Boy shot in to the early lead from defending champion 553 Daniel Douglas and 490 Lee Barnard. 555 Taylor Douglas set about 381 Lewis Hopkin, who rolled on impact to bring an early halt to proceedings. After righting 381 Hopkin back on his wheels, and getting the grid in the correct order, it was back underway. 229 Steve Futter spun 490 Barney who rolled impressively along the back straight. 553 The Douglas soon made the move on 385 Roy Boy to take up the running. 8 Luke Stevens rolled on the back straight bringing another cautionary period, but not before 555 Douglas Jnr also rolled. 197 Tommy Tatham soon dropped down the order from third place on the grid. 244 Mark Curtis rolled himself in spectacular fashion causing another yellow flag, the momentum really struggling to build at this stage. 553 The Douglas opened up another strong lead upon the restart. 9 Anthony Cherry pushed on as debris got lodged under his front wheel. 244 Muppet rolled himself once again on the back straight but landed on all three wheels. 122 Lee Waddington had bested 385 Roy Boy for second, and began chasing down 553 Chalkie. 9 Cherry spun 8 Luke from Duke. 553 The Douglas launched the back-marking 106 Oliver Betts into the road bend, seeing the latter catapult into the armco and roll spectacularly. 553 Daniel Douglas raced to the victory, his experience allowing him to navigate his way through the back markers better than his placemen, making it four years on the bounce of winning the World of Shale event. 122 Lee Waddington took second place from 385 Roy Gedge in third. 553 The Douglas celebrated his win by spinning 8 Luke from Duke before doing donuts on the concrete. 106 Olly rolling himself to conclude the action.

553, 122, 385, 229, 381, 196, 96, 490, 99, 291

553 Daniel Douglas racing towards securing his fourth World of Shale win in a row (Kimberley Jessica Photography)

The 1500 Bangers had their final first, with a wildcard spot into the National Championship up for grabs. 337 Ashley Garrod was the first to show, running 717 Lewis Ivatt in to the plating hard. 275 Joel Bond followed in 912 Dave Huddlestone. Several drivers came together under the scoreboard bend, with 556 Matt Tillow being one of them. He was duly blitzed by 420 Matthew Jode, with 257 Benji immediately going in on 420 Maff, nearly rolling himself in the process. 99 Ricky Garrod collected a marker tyre and was subsequently done over the rear wheel by 178 Slim before the red flags came out. 8 Dale Woolnough spun 988 Holly Mott on the resumption of play. 356 Sam Hildon and 57 Lewis Garrod tangled on the exit of turn 4. 830 Lee White set about 119 Davey Cox, turning him fence-wards allowing 23 Sonny P to home in for a head on to the veteran racer. 228 Samuel Scott weighed in on 23 Sonny P. 9 Ben Cox took 830 Stretch out on oppo and was tboned in turn by 699 Aaron Nelson. 119 Cruncher homed in on 830 Stretch. 110 Brett Judge spun 228 Zam. 274 Leo Bond spun 315 Nathan Webb, the latter then being tboned by 199 John Cally which rolled Webb. 595 Drew Burdett lead son 594 Mason Burdett away from the off, with 110 Brett Judge lurking in third – 110 The Judge had been making rapid progress through the field before the stoppage. The rain began to fall harder on the raceway. 178 Slim buried 8 Woolnough into the gabble of cars on the scoreboard bend. 190 Ben Germany homed in on 178 Slim. 275 The Mole spun 988 Stalky. 110 The Judge delivered a well timed last bend attack which spun 595 Drewboy and resulted in 594 Little Legs’ rear wheel being ripped off. 7 Daniel Bitson homed in on 110 The Judge, and managed to pip the latter to the line to take the wildcard. 

7, 110, 337, 57, 69, 273, NOF

End of the road for 556 Matt Tillow

Heat 3 for the Big Vans began with 60 Nathan Port and 700 Harley Burr tangling. 23 Sonny P set about 873 Kyle Roberts, with heat 1 winner 222 Kieran Norton also going. 26 Paul Lovick spun 36 Tony Gibson. Several drivers came together under the scoreboard bend, with 476 Rosco leathering 257 Benji. 288 Chris Ford turned 23 Sonny P fence-wards. 288 Fatboy attacked 36 Gibbo. 330 Jackson Whitehead went in on 288 Fatboy. 830 Stretch spun 329 Carter. 12 David Wright backed across the track into the path of 873 Roberts. 23 Sonny P and 288 Fatboy combined to dismantle 476 Rosco’s Bedford EA further. 23 Sonny P drove through 743 Barton, which in turn sent 222 Norton crashing towards the armco. 566 Zippy Jnr drove through 222 Norton. 873 Roberts piled into 23 Sonny P. The latter recovered to home in on 135 Old Mann in the last piece of action. 380 Shakey the winner this time around.

380, 830, 288, 165, 12, 26, 222, 12, NOF

James Licquorice again parked up to take abuse from the traffic as Heat 4 began. 178 Slim duly obliged, before absolutely leathering 171 Andy Frost near the pit gate. 385 Roy Boy spun 440 Lemon aside, before 346 Scott Saunders weighed in on 51 Licquorice. 624 Camo ran 538 Jake Swann through 51 Licquorice, the latter repositioning himself to receive the same treatment from 17 Gary Beck. 57 Stotty ran 721 Clarkey and 349 Finbarr in. 440 Lemon tboned 51 Licquorice before the red flags came out for an unknown reason. 791 Nicky Young spun 121 Dee Jnr from the lead on the resumption of play. 279 Braderz and 538 Swanny Jnr piled into 51 Licquorice. 538 Swanny Jnr then backed out, taking out second placed 791 Spud, snapping the latter’s passenger A pillar in brutal fashion. 791 Spud completed a couple of laps before delivering a monster tbone to 538 Swanny Jnr. 624 Cameron Hubbard was victorious.

624, 791, 386, 57, 349, 17, NOF

791 Nicky Young guided this wreck to a second place after surviving an oppo attack from 538 Jake Swann

The first Alcomers for the 1500 Bangers commenced with 222 Brad Cook spinning 274 Bond. 443 Steve Ashman drove through 274 Bond. 231 Alex Smith followed in 443 Ashman, which claimed 170 Darren Teal in the process. 23 Sonny P jacked 170 Teal. 12 Corbett spun running mate 26 Skiddy. 420 Maff delivered a solid oppo attack on 830 Stretch, before the reds came out due to a fire on the scoreboard bend. 420 Maff ran across to shake 830 Stretch’s hand, the latter refusing to co-operate. 99 Skiprat spun 988 Stalky, with 717 Ivatt catapulting off the latter. 8 Woolnough went in on the nose of 988 Stalky. 337 Garrod followed in 190 Ben Germany, claiming 7 Bitson in the process; Garrod rolling bringing another stoppage. 621 James Barrett lead them off on the drop of the green. 817 Rhys Mills spun 743 Barton. 23 Sonny P did the same to 713 Lauren Annetts. 315 Webby pushed on and was duly leathered by the lively 23 Sonny P. 275 The Mole spun 110 The Judge. 257 Benji attacked Team Jackpot duo 99 Skiprat and 7 Bitson on oppo, taking the former’s rear wheel off and connecting with the final winner on the nose before rolling, with the race being declared at that point in favour of 621 Jamie Barrett. 

621, 12, 57, 275, 356, 99, 7, 69, 378, 248

Solid follow in on 190 Ben Germany in the first Alcomers for the 1500s courtesy of 337 Ashley Garrod

The Big Vans Final saw an all in format which proved to be carnage. 51 Licquorice parked up straight away as he had done in his two previous races; 23 Sonny P homed in for a large shot to the former. Sonny then backed out to be clobbered by 12 Corbett, who got caught in turn by 26 Skiddy. 478 The Beast put away 178 Slim. 57 Stotty ran 39 Justin Woodlock into Slim. 330 Jackson Dude buried 538 Swanny Jnr into the melee. 873 Roberts attacked 476 Rosco. 257 Benji went piling in. 743 Barton drove through 873 Roberts. At this point, the road bend has become more or less blocked. 830 Stretch ran 624 Camo into 51 Licquorice. 538 Swanny Jnr pummelled 288 Fatboy as 171 Frosty and 330 Jackson Dude went weighing in. Most drivers were game for entertaining the crowd; 476 Rosco the next to go in on the pile up. 12 Kelly-Louise went storming in to the pile up which left her name plate flapping away. 830 Stretch ran 12 Corbett and 26 Skiddy into the growing carnage. 349 Finbarr weighed in on 830 Stretch which lifted the latter off the ground. 23 Sonny P tboned 12 Kelly-Louise. 721 Clarkey attacked 57 Stotty in reverse, running him into 51 Licquorice. 440 Lemon jacked 60 Port. 12 Corbett weighed in on 60 Port. 23 Sonny P went in on the lorry of 386 Evans; not sure whether brave or stupid! 17 Becky spun 440 Lemon as 538 Swanny Jnr set about 624 Camo. 538 Swanny Jnr completed a lap before homing in on 830 Stretch. 346 Muttley went in on 538 Swanny Jnr in turn. 17 Becky spun 386 Evans, before tangling with 349 Finbarr. 23 Sonny Parsons was awarded the win, mostly as he continued to complete laps whilst going into the pile up, rather than going on to the centre concrete to take avoiding action. He celebrated by homing in on 721 Clarkey’s bus to end the action.

23, 624, 386, NOF

23 Sonny Parsons was certainly star of the show accumulating five entertainer awards as well as the final win in the Van Bangers

The second Alcomers for the 1500 Bangers saw several pile in under the scoreboard. 23 Sonny P laid into 199 Jon Boy, and was then spun towards the fence in turn by 315 Webby. 7 Bitson had a pop at 988 Stalky. 178 Slim jacked 420 Maff. 378 Cracker spun 228 Zam. 315 Webby turned 988 Stalky left. 99 Skiprat and 57 Lewis Garrod tangled along the home straight. 988 Stalky rejoined, only to get put away by 178 Slim. 356 Sambo spun 8 Woolnough, before 178 Slim rattled 621 Jim around the road bend plating. As the yellows came out to signify the start of the DD, a few came together on turns 3 and 4.

315 Webby spun 69 Brad Bartram, before jacking 595 Drew Boy. 8 Woolnough went in on 315 Webby. 69 Brado went on oppo to home in on 420 Maff. 8 Woolnough weighed in on 595 Drew Boy and was done in turn by 69 Brado. 315 Webby jacked 420 Maff before 8 Woolnough and 69 Brado shared a head on. 595 Drew Boy delivered a head on to 69 Brado. 315 Webby drove through 595 Drew Boy. Drew Boy then completed a lap before jacking 315 Webby, running him in to 420 Maff’s dead car. It all went quiet momentarily, before 595 Drew Boy again homed in on 315 Webby. The Entertainers man then did Webby over the front wheel before completing a lap and laying into him as the marshalls tended to a small fire on 8 Woolnough’s Astra. 595 Drew Boy went in over the rear wheel of 315 Webby, with the former expiring. 57 Garrod miraculously found some minerals from somewhere and came off the middle to jack 315 Webby. Garrod done Webby again before the reds were called, obviously in favour of 315 Nathan Webb. 594 Mason Burdett the winner of the Alcomers race.

Alcomers 2 – 594, 595, 57, 12, 26, 231, 69, 315, 378, NOF

The Van Bangers concluded the day with their DD. 2L Shale World Champion 57 Stotty was immediately in reverse. 791 Spud spun 346 Muttley. 478 The Beast, 17 Becky and 440 Lemon all tangled along the home straight. 349 Finbarr weighed in to 440 Lemon. 791 Spud tboned 700 Bogeye. 346 Muttley and 57 Stotty combined to sandwich 386 Evans. 51 Licquorice backed into 279 Braderz, and then copped a heavy front wheel shot from 538 Swanny Jnr. 170 Shippy homed in on 538 Swanny Jnr. 279 Braderz and 178 Slim traded blows, before 478 The Beast tboned the former. The Beast went in on 51 Licquorice and then took one in turn from 279 Braderz. 386 Evans backed into 538 Swanny Jnr. 478 The Beast leant 279 Braderz into 178 Slim. 346 Muttley leathered 279 Braderz. 346 Muttley delivered a reverse attack to 178 Slim. 279 Braderz pulled across to cop one from 386 Evans. 624 Camo piled into 386 Evans and then reversed into 478 The Beast. 17 Becky set about 386 Evans as The Beast ran 624 Camo into 178 Slim. 17 Becky jacked 624 Camo, as 346 Muttley blitzed 279 Braderz with a huge jacking. 57 Stotty backed into 17 Becky. 346 Muttley stopped 57 Stotty in his tracks with a reverse attack. The DD then quietened down with the usual slow back and forward hits. 346 Muttley and 57 Stotty the final too, with 57 Stotty copping one from the former to bounce off the armco. He survived that, however, to hold on and see Muttley off to take the win. 

279 Bradderz took this impressive LDV wreck home (Samuel Tooze)

An awesome day raising money for the Big C. The grand total coming in at an amazing £5451.72, which takes the total to nearly £40000 since the meetings inception; incredible effort by all involved.

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