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Unlimited World Qualifying – 13/06/2007 – Arlington

Wednesday 13th June 2007 saw a World Qualifying round at Eastbourne, where just shy of 40 cars gathered including around half a dozen Anglians. The rulings on Spedeworth tracks at the time meant that FWD cars could be raced in the Unlimited Bangers, creating a mix on the car front.

Heat 1 raised 20 cars. On the fresh car front, 340 Colin Jones had a Mk2 Ford Granada Estate, and 264 Mark Welland a saloon version. 183 Mick Strudwick piloted a Datsun Laurel C31, 475 Aaron Brown had a Nissan Bluebird and 741 Luke Parfitt had a used Vauxhall Cavalier. A pile up occurred early doors which was triggered by 27 Ooze Boy following 159 Rubble in, before 998 Cotty Jnr homed in on 27 Ooze Boy in another chapter of the Condoms and Team Black feud. 516 Gouldy and 25 Tombo were taken out of the running. 475 Arry collected 27 Ooze Boy on the nose. 331 Boxer Jack buried 514 Marty into them aforementioned duo. 363 Bulley weighed in on 998 Cotty Jnr, and was jacked in turn by 820 Maggot. 93 Northy went in on 820 Maggot, and had 614 Mr Lossy dumped into him in turn. 741 Capt D spun 522 Weevil, the latter recovering to pile into 340 Jonesy into the growing melee on the pits bend. 522 Weevil went on a lively streak, spinning 183 Struddy and 614 Mr Lossy within a lap of one another. 340 Jonesy set about 614 Mr Lossy, as 522 Weevil removed 25 Tombo. 331 Boxer Jack was lurking for a few laps, but perked up to follow 772 Bernie in big time to the pits bend pile up. 614 Mr Lossy tboned 772 Bernie. 741 Luke Parfitt won, nearly lapping the whole field on route ahead of 322 James Newland and 514 Marty Eighteen.
741, 322, 514, 522, 25, 264, 614, 340, 183
A similar field of cars for Heat 2. East Anglian pairing 730 Deane Mayes and 247 Lee Clarke off the front row with Vauxhall Cavaliers. There were plenty of fresh Mk2 Granadas – 206 Kingy, 88 Woody, 348 Mushy and 58 Stevens all with saloon variants and 478 Mark Logan with an estate, while 245 Jack France raced a used Triumph 2000. 242 Korps attacked 245 France from the off, before several tangled together. 242 Korps continued on to set about 670 Tricky. 384 Goldie ended up on the marker tyres, as 470 Nelson spun 592 Marchant. 617 Overy spun 58 Stevens, who recovered to jacked 88 Woody at the end of the home straight. 862 Scruton ran in 399 Frog, the former then spun by 247 Bro. 46 Maverick spun 242 Korps to conclude the action: East Anglian pairing 730 Deane Mayes and 247 Lee Clarke taking the top two positions, never really looking at being troubled throughout the race. 206 Dave King taking third this time around.
730, 247, 206, 82, 617, 46, 348, 592, 670, 862

All available cars were on track for Heat 3, which proved a lively affair given the tightness of the track. 998 Cotty Jnr spun 528 Jethro to get the action away before 226 Marsh followed in 478 Logan. 264 Wellard spun under pressure from 998 Cotty Jnr. 536 Annette spun 862 Scruton. 614 Mr Lossy went in hard with 25 Tombo. 516 Gouldy removed 614 Mr Lossy, as 522 Weevil rattled in 226 Marsh and then spun him on the home straight – 470 Nelson driving through 226 Marsh as he continued on his way. 514 Marty followed in 862 Scruton, before 27 Ooze Boy took a pop at 998 Cotty Jnr. 617 Overy and 670 Tricky traded paint down the home straight as the Condom/Black rivalry gained momentum. 741 Capt D removed 146 Wiggy as the former pursued the leading 730 Deano. 470 Nelson caught 331 Boxer Jack on the nose, before the leading 730 Deano stuffed in 183 Struddy. 456 Roberts caught 331 Boxer Jack, the latter having spun it around on the pits bend, where he took out 670 Tricky on oppo. EA duo 247 Bro and 741 Capt D were taken out of the top 3 in a skirmish over cars along the home straight. 331 Boxer Jack tboned 384 Goldie on oppo, and then assaulted him further with a jacking. Stuntman, racing under the number 4, took out 741 Capt D down the back straight after the flag but it was 730 Deane Mayes who took his second win of the evening.
730, 741, 998, 82, NOF

The Final commenced with 264 Wellard turning 475 Arry fence-wards. 331 Boxer Jack wasted no time with his intentions, going straight on oppo. 4 Wildy took out 299. 24 Stinky rattled in 475 Arry but spun as a result. 522 Weevil spun 820 Maggot. Plenty of drivers were caught out on turn 2 as the action picked up – 516 Gouldy, 25 Tombo, 340 Jonesy and 528 Jethro all coming a cropper. 514 Marty jacked 340 Jonesy, before 331 Boxer Jack stopped 670 Tricky head on, in very similar fashion to his attack in heat three. 670 Trick responded with a head on of his own to the World Champion. 522 Weevil collected 670 Tricky, which caused the former to spin and lose his second place. 670 Tricky then spun under his own steam on the Hailsham bend, as 27 Ooze Boy attacked 998 Cotty Jnr. 25 Tombo removed 820 Maggot. 514 Marty tboned 522 Weevil, and 741 Capt D put away 470 Nelson. 730 Deane Mayes raced to his hattrick in a strong haul of points for the Legs & Co driver; 158 Shane Davies getting second ahead of Condoms running mate 27 Dale Hughes.
730, 158, 27, 46, 528, 670, 348, 470, NOF

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