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National Bangers Christmas Teams & Rookie Bangers – 27/12/2006 – Yarmouth

The annual Christmas Team Championship for the National Bangers took place at Kings Lynn on the 27th December 2006, and there were also joined by some big numbers in the Rookie Bangers.

Rookie Bangers were the first out for their first Heat of three, the format seeing a 2/3 split. The obligatory three laps non-contact didn’t last long as contact occurred straight away. 788 Harry spun in front of 850 White who collected him over the front wheel. 850 White was then dispatched at the end of the home straight a lap later by 409 Broom. 703 Nottingham crashed out along the home straight and was collected making a tight chicane. 850 White spun aside 277 Trog, who recovered go nearly take out the leading 293 Ashby, but was taken out himself by 711 Allen. The leading 293 Ashby was taken out by a back marker which sent him down to third but he clawed his way back and buried the top two of 711 Allen & 719 Mancini to go back into the lead. A rollover occurred on the back straight leaving no choice but for an early halt to proceedings and 293 Neil Ashby being awarded the win.

Heat 1 for the National Banger Teams was up next. Several drivers came to a halt in a tangle along the home straight. TU72 Bondy punted LC516 Gouldy into the wires. TU388 Emmo collected the parked cars along the home straight. LC224 Canham delivered a solid blow to 982 on the infield. BC60 Laybourne followed in TU439 Sutty. 642 jacked BC60 Laybourne. 169 Lenny Boy set about 642. LC348 Mushy won from LC741 Capt D and 62 Buckley.

Heat 2 for the Rookie Bangers saw a false start to begin with due to some of the ‘novice’ drivers not getting away. The second go at proceedings saw 703 Nottingham not make the start. It was fairly quiet to begin with as a few slid into the ropes. 763 Skoyles took the lead up, as race one winner 293 Ashby crashed out in a puff of steam on the pits bend. 367 Beevor spun aside 654 Baker. The leading 763 Skoyles was leant into a post by 709. 709 was later spun aside a lap later by 704 – the former then doing two complete laps in reverse. 148 Lown then took up the running. 601 Bling set about 708 on the pits bend. 148 Trevor Lown held on to take the win.

The second Heat for the National Banger Teams was next up and began with LC741 Capt D put away 62 Buckley. LC516 Gouldy followed in NH hard on the pits bend. Several quiet laps proceeded before LC348 Mushy moved past TU72 Bondy to take the lead. TU72 Bondy did well to hold off the Legs & Co onslaught sticking the bumper in on LC741 Capt D but subsequently slipped down the order. 169 Lenny jacked 777 who had come to a halt on the caister bend. 348 Mushy raced to another win in his rapid Nissan Primera.

Heat 3 for the Rookie Bangers commenced with some early carnage but nothing major of night. A few quiet laps occurred, before 707 went for a spectacular roll on the exit of the caister bend, bringing the yellow flags out. The race resumed with several sliding out on the pits bend. 850 White bumped aside 654 Baker, which allowed him to come under fire from 369 Taylor, eventually being spun by him. The leading due of 710 and 763 Skoyles crashed out in dramatic fashion as several came a cropped allowing 445 Leonard to nip through to take the lead up. The leading 445 Leonard tangled down the back straight with 122, allowing 218 Swamp Monster to take up the running. 441 LeGrice turfed aside 218 Swamp Monster down the back straight with a lap and a half to run and he stayed there to take the chequered flag. 

The Final for the Teams began with NH968 spun aside straight away. LC348 Mushy fired another No Hoper up the ropes on the following bend. BC60 Laybourne assaulted the limping NH968. TU437 Bailey copped a solid tbone on the caister bend. TU388 Emmo delivered a head on to BC60 Laybourne with the reds coming out for Bailey. The restart saw a Legs & Co domination as they had the top 3 positions. LC348 Mushy took up the running with 3 laps to go and that’s where he stayed to take his hattrick. Legs & Co unsurprisingly taking the team win.

The Rookie Bangers Final saw a rather depleted entry. 788 Harry was spun aside by 777 Neale. 197 The Duck was turned fence-wards. 232 Jimbob buried 654 Baker hard, snapping the latter’s Sierra Estate nicely. The leading 709 put away 3 Hewitt and then continued to attack 445 Leonard. 441 LeGrice spun aside 850 White, only to be attacked himself by 232 Jimbob. 245 Psycho dispatched 707 along the back straight. 369 Taylor spun aside 593 Howell. Bovingdon visitors 329 Parrish and 232 Jimbob somehow managed to find themselves in the top two positions, although the latter came under increasing pressure from 441 LeGrice. 232 Jimbob set about 788 Harry, and then held off a last bend assault from 441 LeGrice to take the win, the latter not even making the finish line. 232 James Kingsbury thus taking the win from 409 Sarah Broom and 369 Scott Taylor.

The National Bangers returned for their DD to end the days’ action for them. 741 Capt D tamely dealt with 530 Laybourne. 439 Sutty came to a halt just off the edge of the track and took a solid jacking from 530 Laybourne – the 730 Deano drove through 137 Turner on the middle. 16 Newson shared a solid head on with 730 Deano, and then was jacked hard by 741 Capt D twice for extra measures. 741 Capt D and 730 Deano shared a pair of head ons. 137 Turner fires back up to drive through 741 Capt D. Miraculously 330 Laybourne fired back up and shared hits with 730 Deano. 741 Capt D tboned 330 Laybourne and was jacked in turn by 137 Turner. 730 Deano taking the win from Legs & Co teammate 741 Capt D.

The Rookie Bangers concluded proceedings with their Wrecker. 197 The Duck was the first to show weighing into 369 Taylor a couple of times before laying into 788 Harry hard. There was a big sort out on the pits bend claiming several before Bovingdon pair 329 Parrish and 232 Jimbob collided over the infield. 122 drove through 232 Jimbob and was jacked in turn by 711 Allen. 277 Trog then caught 122 in the door. 369 Taylor attacked 277 Trog, as down the other end of the track 232 Jimbob set about 788 Harry and was done himself by 763 Skoyles. 277 Trog and 197 The Duck set about 232 Jimbob. 788 Harry picked up 763 Skoyles through his passenger doors and buried him, allowing 197 The Duck to jack the former. 711 Allen went in over the front of 788 Harry. 277 Trog went in on 232 Jimbob and was then jacked by 763 Skoyles, creating a fire on the front of the former’s Volvo 340 seeing him abandon ship. 763 Skoyles jacked 232 Jimbob, the latter then giving a reverse attack to the local man. 232 Jimbob then delivered a solid head on over the infield to 763 Skoyles. The two then shared a head on killing both cars seeing a shared victory.

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