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2L RWD National Bangers WQR – 24/07/2007 – Yarmouth

The 24th July 2007 saw a World Qualfying Round at Yarmouth Stadium in a 2l RWD format, with several Southern based Spedeworth drivers making the trip up.

28 cars were on track which began with a few early spinners including 82 Winkle. 349 Allard spun 733 Picton, before 24 Stinky attacked 439 Sutty. There were a couple of spins down the back straight, as 614 Mr Lossy had a pop at 733 Picton, but he caught a marker tyre and spun. 247 Bro jacked 24 Stinky, who had come to a halt. 158 Davies spun 322 Twigo, as 27 Dale Hughes raced to the win.

Heat 2 started with one of the Lown’s spinning 433 Smith, while 82 Winkle attacked 244 Bunny. 349 Allard followed in 326 Picton on the Caister bend, and 24 Stinky got put away big time once again. 514 Marty spun 528 Jethro under pressure from 730 Deano. 514 Marty was involved further, as he spun 564 Coatie. A few laps went by before 514 Marty spun under his own accord this time. 27 Ooze Boy buried 247 Bro as a Condom took another win, this time in the form of 158 Shane Davies.

433 Smith and 614 Lossy Jnr combined to set about 522 Weevil early on in the Final. 158 Davies turned 244 Bunny fence-wards as he looked to make early progress. 27 Ooze Boy attacked 564 Coatie. 614 Mr Lossy set about 433 Smith, but posted himself in the process, but did allow 528 Jethro to home in for a heavy head on to 433 Smith. 516 Gouldy spun 326 Picton to end the action with a southern top three – 27 Dale Hughes claiming his second win of the day, ahead of 82 Paul Tompkins and 158 Shane Davies.

The DD saw 439 Sutty attack 522 Weevil straight away. 733 Picton set about 522 Weevil, whilst 564 Coatie attacked 206 Kingy. 439 Sutty spun 514 Marty, setting the latter up for a portion from 564 Coatie. 206 Kingy delivered a rear wheel shot to 564 Coatie. 24 Stinky administered a head on to 564 Coatie. 522 Weevil jacked 24 Stinky, and 206 Kingy did the same to 564 Coatie. 439 Sutty went on the assault jacking 522 Weevil and then homed in on 514 Marty, before giving a head on to 206 Kingy. 514 Marty delivered a tame hit to the front of 439 Sutty, before taking a slight run up for a head on to take the win.

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