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Swaffham – 3/1/22 – Rookies, Back to Basics & Junior Bangers – Meeting Report

Swaffham ran a New Year meeting on Monday 3rd January, featuring Rookie Bangers, Back to Basics and Junior Bangers.

The Junior Bangers were out first, with 644 Reece Davis laying into 234 Alfie Edwards. 8 Ben Deverick had a pop at 209 Zac Pears. The raced remained relatively quiet until 8 Deverick weighed in on 644 Davis. 06 Tommy Rawsthorne won from 209 Zac Pears and 809 Toby Tyson.

11 cars were out on track for the first Rookie Banger Heat. 199 John Clements turned 846  left. 259 Tom King was an early spinner. 350 Liam Webster bounced up 199 Jon Boy, causing a flat tyre for the former. 259 King spun in front of the leading 357 Joshua Baty. 351 Ross Lucas homed in for a last bend lunge to 931 Billy Gladden, but he couldn’t dislodge him. 357 Joshua Baty won.

The first Back to Basics Heat saw a quiet start, until 927 Ashley Jordan spun 21 Ralph Wright, with 709 Harry Block collecting the latter. 927 Flash then tangled with 133 Lee Britton. Britton recovered only to be spun by 114 Mike Beal. The lively 927 Flash set about 88 Scott Lake. 158 James Lawrence attacked 77 Warren Foster. 927 Flash again featured among the action, setting about 114 Cheat on turn 1. 575 Callum Maddox had a pop at 215. 158 Fatboy Slim spat 777 Harry Wright fence-wards. 226 Jake Paddick attacked 21 Wright. 575 Squirt dispatched 215 at the end of the back straight. 575 Squirt then turned 777 Rats left, as 912 Michael Greenway raced to the win.

A false start marked the start of Heat 2 for the Junior Bangers. 294 Callum Martindale was turned fence-wards and 234 Edwards set about 209 Pears before order was restored. The race finally got underway, with 644 Davis removing 8 Deverick. 644 Davis then dislodged 209 Pears for the lead. 8 Deverick set about 275 Cooper. 294 Martindale tangled with 234 Edwards, eventually dispatching him at the end of the home straight. 8 Deverick set about 209 Pears, with 809 Toby Tyson laying into 8 Deverick. 644 Reece Davis took the win from 06 Tommy Rawsthorne and 809 Toby Tyson. 

Heat 2 for the Rookies begun with 848 taking a pop at 199 Jon Boy. 849 and 931 Gladden tussled for the lead. 350 Webster attempted to spin 849. 849 put away 350 Webster. 351 Big Doss weighed in on 849. 931 Gladden spun 259 King on route to winning.

The second Back to Basics Heat begun with 114 Cheat putting the bumper into 133 Britton. 215 spun 114 Cheat. 912 Greenway put the bumper in on 131 Shane Rolfe. 114 Cheat attacked 115 Nathan Kempton. 709 Block turned 801 fence-wards. Block then laid into 133 Britton. 647 Nicky Bentley took the victory.

The Junior Bangers Final saw a complete restart due to 275 Cooper failing to get going. The restart saw a push into turn 1, with 644 Davis, 8 Deverick, 234 Edwards and 209 Pears all being involved as water filled the air from the huge puddle down on that bend. 8 Deverick attacked 06 Rawsthorne. 809 Toby Tyson took the win this time.

The Rookie Final started with 357 Baty setting about 199 Jon Boy. 209 Bobbi-Leigh Blowers fenced 848, as 849 spun. 357 Baty collected 849, and was duly done in turn by 199 Jon Boy. 350 Webster delivered a thunderous lunge to 846, as 931 Billy Gladden secured his second win of the afternoon from 357 Joshua Baty and 350 Liam Webster.

The Back To Basics Final finished the day’s action. 215 spun 88 Lake. 215 then attacked 114 Cheat, before the latter got rattled around the armco by 927 Flash. 777 Harry Wright had a nibble at 926 Whitty. 777 Wright laid into 114 Cheat. 927 Flash again took a pop at 114 Cheat. Cheat was then jacked in turn by 215 and 927 Flash. 215 spun 647 Wingnut, with the former being spun in turn by 925 Red Ant. 158 James Lawrence raced to the win. 925 Red Ant again attacked 215. 226 Paddick laid into 88 Lake to finish the action.

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