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Standlake – 4/12/22 – Caged! Classic – Meeting Report

The annual Caged event at Standlake Arena on Sunday 4th December; this year with the name change of ‘The Caged! Classic.’ The classes remained unchanged with the Unlimited Bangers, Under 1800 Non-Mondeo Bangers and Teen Streets; the youngsters racing for their Caged Open title. 

The material front saw the typical mix in the Unlimiteds, with the majority being used vehicles. 146 Steve Voss piloted a Volvo 240 Estate and 260 Keith Reynolds brought a fresh Volvo 740. 644 Reece Davis had a smart Mk4 Vauxhall Astra in the Unders, with the usual Focus, Astra, Civic mix making up the bulk of the grid. There were a pair of Nissan Micras and a Ford Fiesta too, which wouldn’t have been out of place in the Teen Streets. It was the Teen Streets where the majority of smart paint efforts were. 622 Alfie Harper had the car of the meeting with his Toyota 1000. 122 Jai-Dee Boland had a fresh Metro. Other smart paint came courtesy of 363 Billy Jarvis, 535 Taylor Bligdon, 710 Tyler Rayner, 375 Harley Spencer, and 460 Ed Reynolds, the latter piloting a Hyundai Getz.

644 Reece Davis had this smart Mk4 Vauxhall Astra

The Teen Streets got us underway for the day’s action; they’re heats for the day operating under a half car format. 311 Lewis Allen set the early pace, closely followed by 246 Oliver Smith. Smith put the bumper in as they entered turn 3 to take the lead. 252 Finley Bentham was making rapid progress through the pack and had inherited the lead after lap 4. 75 Kyla Seymour put the bumper in on 308 Joss Procter who rattled the armco. 333 Sam Champion had a pop at 75 Kyla. 311 Allen set about 227 Oakleigh King. 819 Ruben Coat put the bumper in on 246 Smith. 333 Champion had a pop at 44 Riley Bricknell. 227 Oaks had an off, seeing him meet the barrier on turn 1, as 75 Kyla crashed into the spun 226 Alfie Caplin. 333 Champion collected 75 Kyla. 115 Ed Kirby spun 44 Bricknell Jnr. 819 Coat also clattered into 75 Kyla, bringing the red flags out. 252 Finlay Bentham taking the win.

252, 311, 209, 06, 103, 246

252 Finnerz raced to a strong win in the first Teen Street race

The second Heat for the Teen Streets saw 225 Casey Cole suffer an early spin. 622 Alfie Harper attacked 122 Jai-Dee Boland. 46 Archie Parker ran head on into the spun 225 Cole. 247 Laiton Disdle had a pop at 14 Alfie Parker. 158 Aiden Howell sent 622 Harper spinning. 474 Millie Kent spun 286 Megan Allmond in the battle of the girls. 14 Freddo, 375 Harley Spencer and 921 Adam Steele crashed out on turn 4. Steele recovered quickly to attack 474 Kent. 247 Disdle drove through 622 Harper on the infield along the back straight earning himself a load up. 375 TikTok had a pop at 691 Archie Snape. 691 Snapper Jnr weighed in on 14 Freddo. It all kicked off on turn 3, with 444 Francesca Ellis and 225 Cole crashing out. 19 Callum Bryant turned 691 Snapper Jnr fence-wards which also spun 14 Freddo. 791 Bobby Rowland ran head on into Freddo. 19 Nort Jnr ran into 46 Archie Parker, with 460 Ed Reynolds also going in. 474 Kent spun 791 Tricky Jnr. 710 Tyler Rayner raced to a strong win.

710, 475, 19, 476, 375, 6

14 Alfie Parker was in the centre of the action all day in the Teen Streets

The Unders also saw a split heat format. Heat 1 for them got underway with 231 Ash Grasso running 910 Josh Wilkins into 786 Lawrence Allen who had failed to get going. 334 Jamie Swanborough spun 988 Matt Sykes who was duly jacked by 160 Jamie Warr. 244 Jack Bunyan spun 746 Deejay Tyler. 54 had a pop at 418 Amie Chandler, which left the former sat up. 817 Toby Hodgkinson couldn’t resist the opportunity to leather the Micra, also hitting the barrier hard himself. The red flags coming out to assist the chap in the Micra. The restart saw 254 Nick Digweed collect the empty cars on turn 1, before 334 Swanborough followed in 231 Pyro. 254 Digweed spun 720 Kenny-Joe Gabriel.  288 Chris Ford buried 372 Bradley Stratford. 747 Bradley Dee-Crandon ran 962 Josh Pidgeley into 418 Chandler’s lame Focus, which saw the latter’s car go on an adventure of it’s own before luckily coming to a stop on the infield. 422 Samuel Lewis started where he finished off at the Caged meeting last year with a win, giving his trophy to a young fan.

422, 244, 7, 760, 333, 746

The second Unders heat started with 443 Craig Bentham having a pop at 325 Adam Wickson. 25 Reece Priestly buried 922 Rob Baker hard on turn 1. 644 Reece Davis drove into 848 Jorja. 391 Adam Bligdon followed in 454 Dean Lewis. 391 Spikey continued his war-path for The Equalizers, weighing in on 911 Toby Wilson. 49 Ash Harvey attacked 241 Jack Broughton. 350 Ryan Yeo homed in on 848 Jorja. 47 buried 172 Nick Mills. 321 Kieron Fry jacked 172 Milky, which brought a stoppage. 25 Hobbit put away 49 Harvey and 193 Jack Smith upon the restart. 5 Jeffrey Woolford weighed in on 25 Hobbit. 325 Wiggles followed in 5 Jefferson, with 443 Benham going in on Wiggles. 321 Chatty Man buried 87 Justin Harvey. The lively 25 Hobbit rattled 443 Benham in. 321 Chatty Man jacked 87 Harvey. Wallbangers revenge was swift as 49 Harvey homed in for a heavy shot to The Bears man. 115 Simon Kirby weighed in on 49 Harvey. 6 Troy Jones delivered a shot to 115 Kirby. 369 Daniel Thompson stayed out of trouble to take the win.

369, 815, 391, 23, 325, NOF

The second Unders Heat was one of the best of the day

550 Nathan Emery and 882 Nathan Grant suffered early spins in the first Unlimited Heat. 32 Callum Reed spun 550 Emery. 137 Shaun Chaplin, who was making his RWD debut, spun under pressure from 699 Stacey Holdsworth. 32 Reedy Jnr spun 739 Jason Moore. 262 Rob Bugler spun 184 Callum Gaughan, and 32 Reedy Jnr delivered similar treatment to 623 Ricky Hutton. 262 Roona weighed in for a head on to the spun 184 Beaver; 278 Sean Brokenshire then doing the same to the luckless 184. 377 Kieran Nye suffered a spin in the Chrysler Crossfire. He rejoined only to get spun again, this time courtesy of 32 Reedy Jnr. 623 Tricky delivered a rear wheel shot to 184 Beaver. 262 Roona and 284 James Head tangled. 625 Josh Gooch went in on 284 Heady and spun in turn. 183 Mitch Banton, who impressed here at the Heavy Metal Classic earlier in the year, dispatched of 278 Bean. 247 Lee Clarke guided his Volvo 240 Estate to the win.

247, 585, 699, 639, 440, 2

639 Tye Williams at full flight

The Teen Streets returned for their third Heat. 103 Jake Hayes and 308 Proctor tangled. 475 Archie Spiers spun 333 Champion, as 311 Allen once again set the early running. 246 Smith spun 475 Archie, and came under fire from 476 Freddie Spiers. 252 Finnerz and 158 Howell enjoyed a scrap for second, the latter getting the edge and breaking a gap, but he couldn’t reel 311 Lewis Allen in who raced to the win.

311, 158, 252, 209, 246, 476

Heat 4 for the Teen Streets begun with 122 Jnr Boland experience rollover along the home straight. The restart saw 474 Kent attack 791 Tricky Jnr. 474 Kent set about 14 Freddo. 444 Ellis spun 14 Freddo, the latter copping a rear wheel shot from 710 Spacknuts. 286 Meggs ran into 14 Freddo. 710 Spacknuts again weighed in on the game 14 Freddo. 710 Tyler Rayner took the win.

710, 375, 363, 294, 444, 6

The Unders were back in action for Heat 3. 747 Didee set about 350 Yogi Jnr. 7 Aaron Charles spun 241 B-Sting. 538 Curtis Salvage weighed in on 786 Allen. 7 Aario had a pop at 23 Clive Crockford. 372 Jnr Fruit set about 794 Scott Martindale. 334 Swanborough ran in 910 Wilkins. 538 Rodders weighed in on 334 Swanborough. 288 Fatboy ran 231 Pyro into 350 Yogi Jnr.  794 Scotty followed in 231 Pyro bringing the red flags out. 244 Bunny Jnr lead them away from the restart, and opened a big gap straight away from the greens. 962 Abbie Deeprose ran 786 Allen into 538 Rodders empty car. 244 Jack Bunyan took another victory for the DMB faction.

244, 254, 422, 760, 746, 300

Heat 4 for the Unders saw 461 George Moore get us underway with the action by spinning 443 Bentham. 962 Pidgeley tangled with 561 Carl Reason. 538 Rodders weighed in on 962 Pidgeley, before being jacked himself by 321 Chatty Man sparking a fire on the Motley Krew drivers’ Astra. 456 Terry Hawes set about 25 Hobbit, and was then followed in by 461 Bamp as the reds came out to attend to Rodders fire. The restart saw 150 Lewis Richards spin 7 Aario. 321 Chatty Man weighed in on Aario. 321 Chatty Man rattled in 66 Kyle Roberts and then had a pop at 350 Yogi Jnr. 105 Louis Tompkins still held on to the lead at this stage but was becoming under increased pressure from 760 Joey Reynolds. 743 Ben Rogers had a pop at 46 Scott Simon. 6 Jones followed in 443 Turkish. The red flags coming out to assist the latter with 760 Joey Reynolds taking the win.

760, 105, 644, 325, 333, 720

538 Curtis Salvage experienced a fire in the fourth Unders Heat

The Unlimiteds were back on the raceway for Heat 2. 550 Emery suffered an early spin once again. 477 Jack Spiers spun 284 Heady. 211 Jamie Pole weighed in on 284 Heady. 623 Tricky and 146 Steve Voss crashed out along the back straight. 211 Poley spun 137 Chaplin. 377 Nye and 623 Tricky had an off on turn 4. 262 Roona spun 137 Chaplin. 333 Charlie Randell spun under his own steam, before 623 Tricky rattled in 553 Luke Webb. 585 Luke Holdsworth raced to the win. 211 Poley spun 623 Tricky. 262 Roona finished the action by driving through the spun 137 Chaplin.

585, 32, 699, 247, 739, 639

262 Rob Bugler was on top form in the Unlimiteds (Fish Racepix)

The Teen Streets Caged Open Final saw 710 Spacknuts and 311 Allen off the front row based on their Heat results. 828 Levi Warr set about 14 Freddo before the green flag had fallen. 252 Finnerz, who looked to be one of the favourites for the title, suffered an early spin. 44 Bricknell, 122 Jnr Boland & 407 Lilly Dawson crashed out on turn 3. 921 Steele jacked 44 Bricknell. 791 Tricky Jnr and 444 Ellis joined the casualties on turns 3 and 4. 246 Smith had a pop at 19 Nort Jnr which sent 333 Champion spinning. The red flags came out due to 375 TikTok rolling on the back straight. It was a clutch start restart, with 710 Spacknuts currently heading the pack from 158 Howell and 363 Jarvis. 474 Kent spun 294 Callum Martindale. 14 Freddo attacked 19 Nort Jnr. 122 Jnr Boland attacked 14 Freddo, the latter then being spun by 460 Reynolds. 828 Warr had a pop at 14 Freddo, as 46 Parch crashed out with the leading 710 Spacknuts. 819 Coat spun 246 Smith. 14 Freddo went in on 710 Spacknuts and was tboned by 828 Warr. 363 Jarvis inherited the lead, but he was then taken out of the running a lap later as he got front end damage collecting a parked car on turn 4. 311 Allen took the lead from 252 Finnerz and 158 Howell. 710 Spacknuts delivered a savage tbone to 14 Freddo. 103 Hayes weighed in on 710 Spacknuts with the red flags coming out to attend to 14 Freddo who unfortunately suffered an arm injury. 311 Lewis Allen declared the winner from 252 Finlay Bentham and 158 Aiden Howell.

Buckled Micra for 14 Alfie Parker

760 Joey and 422 Mule formed the front row for the Unders Caged Classic. Unfortunately 333 Beachball failed to make the start. 288 Fatboy got the action underway, burying 350 Yogi Jnr. 794 Scotty followed in 288 Fatboy. 350 Yogi Jnr took 422 Mule out on oppo, although it did appear that the former was looking to rejoin and got it wrong. 244 Bunny Jnr jacked 350 Yogi Jnr. 369 Thompson spun 23 Crockford fence-wards. 254 Digweed and 962 Deeprose had an off on turn 4. 150 Lewie spun 23 Crockford. 760 Joey Reynolds raced to a dominant win from 244 Jack Bunyan and 7 Aaron Charles.

760, 244, 7, 815, 105, 644

244 Jack Bunyan leathered 350 Ryan Yeo on route to second place in the Caged Classic (Fish Racepix)

The Unlimiteds were up next for their Caged Classic Final. 585 Holdsworth and 247 Bro forming the front row. 702 James Dodge was the first casualty, getting spun by 623 Tricky. A push into turn 1 saw 585 Holdsworth send 247 Bro spinning, with both slipping well down the order. 307 Martin Kent weighed in on 109 Leon Barton. 550 Emery, 184 Beaver and 553 Webby crashed out on the entrance of the home straight. 247 Bro spun 739 Meerkat. 585 Holdsworth collected 77 Aario. 377 Kizza went in on 760 Joey, who was out in the 882 Mercedes. 183 Banton spun 623 Tricky. The melee of cars on the home straight caused carnage for the front runners. 32 Reedy Jnr blasted his way through, but the door shut for second placed 699 Stacey. 639 Tye Williams weighed in on 377 Kizza. 32 Reedy Jnr held on to the lead followed by 2 Jon Bricknell and 260 Keith Reynolds. 211 Poley jacked 553 Webby. 262 Roona spun running mate 440 Macauley Mills. 639 Tye Pirate blasted 553 Webby. 623 Tricky jacked 109 Barton. The reds came out on track for 377 Kizza, who had been involved in an incident along the back straight. The restart saw 32 Reedy Jnr lead 247 Bro, the latter providing a top driving performance to have rallied back to second place, with 260 Keefy tucked behind in third. The top 2 got a strong start off the green, opening a bit of a gap. 211 Poley rattled 184 Beaver around the plating exiting turn 2. 702 Jimbo and 639 Tye Pirate collided on the home straight seeing the pair crash out. 2 Bricknell spun 260 Keefy. The back marking 260 Keefy took a pop at 32 Reedy Jnr but failed to dislodge him. 278 Bean set about 623 Tricky and then jacked him a lap later. 247 Lee Clarke raced to the win from 32 Callum Reed and 585 Luke Holdsworth.

247, 32, 585, 262, 622, 739

32 Callum Reed was in impressive form

The Teen Streets Dash concluded their programme. 474 Kent dispatched off 246 Smith, before 226 Cappy and 294 Mini Trigger crashed out. 252 Finnerz ran into 294 Mini Trigger and was jacked in turn by 19 Nort Jnr. 209 Zac Pears leathered 19 Nort Jnr. 246 Smith attacked 122 Jnr Boland before getting spun aside by 8 Charlie Bendle. 474 Kent leathered 122 Jnr Boland. 226 Cappy attacked 122 Jnr Boland. 622 Harper weighed in on 122 Jnr Boland, and then copped one in turn from 311 Allen. 8 Charlieboy ran head on into 622 Harper. 6 Michael Weston homed in on 122 Jnr Boland to end the action. 

Some brilliant action put on by the Teen Streets in their Dash

The Unlimiteds Dash saw 477 Wacko and 278 Bean suffer early spins. 137 Chaplin delivered a rear shot to 278 Bean. 32 Reedy Jnr spun 585 Holdsworth. 260 Keefy and 477 Wacko tangled. 625 Gucci jacked 477 Wacko. 260 Keefy spun Wacko. 247 Bro taking the win to secure a hattrick. 

247 ‘Bro’ Lee Clarke guided his Volvo 240 Estate to a hattrick (Fish Racepix)

The DD saw only four drivers game; 262 Roona, 333 Chaz, 211 Poley and 625 Gucci. 211 Poley set about 625 Gucci on the back straight. 262 Roona went in on 211 Poley, and then spun him. Poley bounced back to jack 625 Gucci. 333 Chaz pulled off leaving 262 Roona and 211 Poley to settle the honours. They shared a few light hits before both getting a run up to meet in a solid head on. 211 Poley then appeared to have the upper hand with some solid hits to Roona before getting caught by the Jaguar XF’s poor turning circle leaving him open to a rear wheel shot from 262 Roona. This got the Barton Boy entertainer stuck, allowing Roona to home in with a stiff hit. The pair shared several solid hits; a rear whee shot to Poley seemingly ending his charge. Roona made sure of that with a solid jacking to take the honours.

262 Roona outlasted 211 Jamie Pole to take the DD honours (Fish Racepix)

The Unders Dash started with 46 Scotty dispatching of 454 Lewis, as 372 Jnr Fruit followed in 922 Baker. 321 Chatty Man jacked 372 Jnr Fruit. 345 Tony Carter piled in on 321 Chatty Man. The red flags then came out for an incident on turns 3/4. The resumption of play saw 25 Hobbit spin 193  Smith. 23 Crockford put away 345 Carter. 254 Digweed spun 7 Aario. 23 Crockford set about 321 Chatty Man. 760 Joey put away 345 Carter. 

The Wicksons and the PVR boys traded blows all day in the Unders (Fish Racepix)

Into the DD, where 962 Deeprose attacked 7 Aario and came under fire herself from 46 Scotty. 321 Chatty Man laid into 46 Scotty. The three remained as a chain on the back straight – 160 Warr jacking 7 Aario hard. Several drove past 160 Warr, not game for jacking the Zafira until 66 Roberts weighed in. 321 Chatty Man jacked 66 Roberts and was done just as hard by 25 Hobbit in turn. The reds coming to assist 66 Roberts; clearly everyone else’s decision to not drive through the Zafira was a wise one! The restart saw 962 Deeprose the first to show once again, going in on 25 Hobbit. 7 Aario weighed in on 962 Deeprose. 321 Chatty Man jacked 7 Aario. 160 Warr weighed in on 321 Chatty Man. 962 Deeprose delivered a solid head on to 321 Chatty Man at the end of the home straight. 46 Scotty weighed in on 962 Deeprose. 46 Scotty completed a lap before jacking 962 Deeprose and then continued on to share a head on with 7 Aario – he managed to outlast the latter to take the victory.

321 Kieron Fry was in superb form all day (Fish Racepix)

A fantastic showcase to end our tenure of Caged associated events. A series of merit awards were available on the day, with all being awarded for each drivers’ individual contribution to entertain. The recipients being 321 ‘Chatty Man’ Kieron Fry, who was our entertainer of the day, with the remaining awards going to Teen Streets entertainer 14 Alfie Parker, 6 Troy Jones and 25 Reece Priestly in the Unders, with 278 ‘Bean’ Shaun Brokenshire and 623 ‘Tricky’ Ricky Hutton getting them in the Unlimiteds.

622 Alfie Harper throwing his Toyota 1000 around in the Teen Streets

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