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Kings Lynn – 27/12/22 – Micro Bangers Christmas Teams – Meeting Report

The annual Christmas Micro Banger Team meeting took place at the Adrian Flux Arena on Tuesday 27th December. 673 Darren Fendley and 51 James Licquorice had a pair of smart Fiestas, whilst 178 Kieran Bowman and 197 Glen Woodward had a pair of smart Corsa Cs.

Heat 1 saw 920 Kaelan Blakeman the first to show as the Junior Banger graduate spun 557 Liam Jaggard. 204 removed 920 Blakeman. 332 Callum Henderson set about 135 Donny Mann. 230 tboned 332 Henderson, as 23 Sonny Parsons followed in 188 John Reeves. 51 James Licquorice leathered 66 Shane Norley. 337 Ashley Garrod delivered a hit to 66 Shiny Shane on oppo, whilst 51 Licquorice met 19 Joe Mullarkey on the nose. 510 Dan Newman weighed in on 608 Lenny Murkin. 84 Will Cole piled into 920 Blakeman. 512 Matt Armstrong ran 84 Alpaca into 230. 510 Newman ran 557 Lil Jagz in which spun 352 Stu Brooks in turn. 608 Lenny Boy ran into 512 Armstrong and was duly collected by 830 Lee White. 257 Ben Waddingham attacked 352 Mr Bilge on oppo. 830 Stretch spun 920 Blakeman. 23 Sonny P steamed down the home straight on oppo to weigh in on 135 Old Mann. 23 Sonny P then attacked 920 Blakeman on oppo, as 229 Harry Cobb raced to the win.

229, 830, 551, 608, 699, 512, NOF

All drivers came out the first lap unscathed in Heat 2, before 204 Waz Jnr had a pop at 495 Aston Gibbons. 69 Brad Bartram spun 624 Cameron Hubbard. 197 Glenn Woodward delivered a rear wheel shot on 624 Camo. 84 Alpaca caught 624 Camo over the front wheel. 367 Tom Keep delivered a solid head on to 621 Ryan Hawes. 107 Taylor Pratchett jacked 621 Hawesy. 556 Matt Tillow administered a solid tbone to 367 Keep. 460 Luke Tongue followed in 107 Pratchett. 84 Alpaca turned it around on turn 2 to deliver a solid head on to 495 Tyrone. 678 Alex Ward jacked 495 Tyrone. 23 Sonny P then jacked 495 Tyrone, with Team Havoc revenge being immediate as 69 Brado tboned Sonny P. 197 Chipboard jacked 69 Brado and copped one in turn from 608 Lenny Boy. 349 Daniel Copland ran 204 Waz Jnr into 608 Lenny Boy as the red flags came out to assist 495 Tyrone whose belts had worked their way loose in the impact. 551 Brett Jackson made the attack on 830 Stretch on the restart to try and take the lead, but got stuck on him, allowing Hit Squad duo 349 Copland and 327 Charlie Wigger squeeze through to take up the running. 178 Kieran Bowman weighed in on 551 Jacko Jnr. At the end of the back straight, 460 Tongue and 327 Wigger crashed out, as 107 Pratchett homed in on 178 Slim. 460 Tongue rattled 327 Wigger around the turn 1 plating. 107 Pratchett ran 678 Wardy head on into the lurking 460 Tongue. 87 Damien Matthews weighed in on 107 Pratchett as 460 Tongue’s Corsa C burst into flames – he made a beeline for the infield where the marshall’s quickly extinguished it. 830 Lee White raced to the win. 

830, 512, 327, 87, NOF

The third heat begun with 129 Will Morphey suffering an early spin. 678 Wardy came to a halt and was duly done by 178 Slim. 51 Licquorice spun 830 Jay Sharpe who was collected by 873 Kyle Roberts. 135 Old Mann removed 873 Roberts in turn. 624 Camo put the bumper in on 107 Pratchett which sent 19 Dove Toe Joe spinning. 244 spun 66 Shiny Shane. 51 Licquorice jacked 678 Wardy and then weighed in on 244 Hounddog. 830 Sharpe attempted an oppo attack on 87 Damo but missed and was collected by 349 Copland. 510 Newman homed in on 107 Pratchett. 828 Jordan Sharpe jacked 349 Copland. 229 Harry Cobb ran out of road and hit 349 Copland in the driver’s door. 673 Darren Fendley spun 327 Wigger. 830 Sharpe connected with an oppo attack to 19 Dove Toe Joe. Dove Toe Joe responded with a front wheel shot to 830 Sharpe. 66 Shiny jacked 19 Dove Toe Joe on oppo. 352 Mr Bilge jacked 257 Waddingham on oppo down on the scoreboard bend, before 828 Sharpey and 229 Cobbster shared a solid head on. 107 Pratchett then delivered a solid hit to the World of Shale Champion. 828 Sharpey then burst into flames seeing the red and chequers brought on track. 673 Darren Fendley the winner.

673, 155, 188, 51, 178, 327, 107, NOF

The final started in manic fashion as a pack push saw 244 Hounddog, 107 Pratchett and 23 Sonny P, the Aftermath entertainer rocketing into the air before crashing down. The red flags immediately coming out with Sonny luckily jumping out all ok. The restart saw 349 Copland spin 66 Shiny. 244 Hounddog drove through 66 Shiny, with 830 Sharpe then running 107 Pratchett into the WI Engineering driver. 229 Cobbster spun 197 Microchip. This set the latter up nicely for a jacking from 188 Victor. 51 Licquorice also delivered a hit to 197 Microchip. 460 Tongue leant 214 Osborne into a marker tyre at the end of the back straight, as the battle of up front heated up. 608 Lenny Boy and 28 Mac Bell crashed out into 244 Hounddog’s dead car. 460 Tongue attacked 188 Victor, who snakes across the track claiming 673 Fendley and 608 Lenny Boy. 624 Camo went on oppo in search of 214 Osborne, but instead came under fire from 66 Shiny. 257 Waddingham went on oppo getting it all wrong and connecting with a DSU hit on 87 Damo. Down on the exit of turn 4, Team Bash went on the tactical attack with 155 Sam Coote leading, 673 Fendley connected with a head on to 830 Stretch. 678 Wardy mistimed his attack on 229 Cobbster and copped a heavy door shot from 51 Licquorice for his troubles – Licquorice having nowhere to go it must be said. 28 Bell rattled in 673 Fendley. 66 Shiny laid into 257 Benji on oppo. 349 Copland set about 608 Lenny Boy as 214 Osborne jacked 678 Wardy bringing the reds out. 155 Captain Slow still lead as the cars got underway once again. 28 Bell immediately went on oppo looking to stop 155 Captain Slow. 673 Fendley clocked this and set about 28 Bell to try and prevent the onslaught. 624 Camo looked once again to go after 214 Osborne. 229 Harry Cobb raced to his second victory of the day, securing the win for TFB. 178 Kieran Bowman second and 510 Dan Newman taking third.

229, 178, 510, 155, 512, 327, 87, 28, 551, 214

TFB B winning the points from Team Bash; Slim’s second place meaning that the Predators ended up in third place. In the entertainers ranks, Dover Boys took the honours from Aftermath and Sharpe Boyz & Ben.

Into the DD, with 214 Osborne landing a head on to 624 Camo under the yellows. 512 Armstrong attacked 84 Alpaca and then run into a head on from 197 Chipboard. 69 Brado weighed in on 512 Armstrong. 624 Camo circulated a couple of times with his sights set on a revenge hit to 214 Osborne, but his steering was damaged too much to line him up. The action continued down under the scoreboard, with several steaming in. 624 Camo finally managed to square up 214 Osborne for a revenge hit. 557 Lil Jagz and 332 Henderson laid into 197 Chipboard. 

The DD rounded off the day which was a lively affair with the majority action taking place under the scoreboard. 129 Will Morphey taking the win to take the win and cap off a top afternoon of action.

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