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Mildenhall – 12/11/22 – 2L Bangers Teams – Meeting Report

The annual 2L Banger Team Championship took place at Mildenhall on Saturday 12th November. Several drivers made the effort on the paint front with Scrapyard Screamers pairing 219 Ben Lewis-Thompson and 174 Aaron Smith impressing. 342 Freddie Crittenden had a smart Ford Mondeo. The whole NFG team looking good with matching paint jobs. 

Smart Mondeo for Team Mates guest 342 Freddie Crittenden

The first two Heats were split into 3 from each team. Heat 1 started with a big push into turn 3, with MM41 Lee Barnes crashing out with TM28 Mac Bell. GFC248 Jamie Blything rattled in G93 Dylan Goodman. DB51 James Licquorice attacked GFC 326 Shane Lynn on the back straight, which saw SS687 Mark Cross bounce off the armco – this caused something to break on Licquorice’s Mk3 Mondeo resulting him putting himself away quite hard. SS299 Dale Locker spun MM212 Jack Maryon before 326 Ratty weighed in on G107 Taylor Pratchett. GFC313 Craig Osborne tboned the spun G93 Dilly Dilly. GFC326 Ratty and G107 Pratchett shared a head on. MM910 Jack Rookard stopped TM28 Bell on the nose. GFC326 Ratty again homed in on the nose of G107 Pratchett. Pratchett fought back to push 326 Ratty onto the marker tyres. GFC248 Blything turned it around to leather G107 Pratchett. MM910 Rookard attacked TM830 Lee White on oppo as G107 Pratchett had a pop at GFC248 Blything. TM830 Stretch drove through G107 Pratchett, with further punishment coming courtesy of a solid head on from GFC326 Ratty. GFC248 Blything pummelled G107 Pratchett, but credit to the Gladiator man, he continued on his way and certainly wasn’t backing down. The battle up front got interesting as returnee DB907 Cameron Bradford and SS317 Bradley Cushion were side by side. TM830 Stretch delivered a front wheel shot to MM910 Rookard, before backing off and going in again for a head on. With a lap to go, DB907 Bradford was still leading, and doing extremely well to fend off the Scrapyard Screamers attack with both 317 Cushion and 299 Knocka trying to dislodge him. He held on, however, to take the win. The action didn’t stop there, with TM830 Stretch and MM910 Rookard sharing hits along the home straight, even with the red flags coming out.

907, 317, 299, 248, NOF

910 Jack Rookard claimed a few on oppo in Heat 1

The second heat begun with G252 Nemo Llewyn getting set about by the pack. SS174 Aaron Smith spun MM552 Karl Douglas for the lead. G349 Lewis Price picked up TM707 Jack Lilley and SS174 Azza rattling the pair in. GFC328 Daniel Lathan spun G349 Noddy. DB337 Ashley Garrod spun TM342 Freddie Crittenden. GFC215 Callum Gould homed in for a head on to G349 Noddy. GFC328 Lathan followed in G252 Chicken Wing. G349 Noddy and GFC215 Gouldie met in another solid head on. G252 Chicken Wing turned it around to deliver a head on to GFC215 Gouldie. GFC328 Lathan jacked G252 Chicken Wing on oppo. Lathan then went on a one mission absolutely setting about the Gladiators – credit to Noddy and Chicken Wing, however, for not calling for the red flags. The race continued elsewhere, with P519 Lee Middleton taking the win.

519, 132, 219, 188, 337, 785, 116, 174, 707, NOF

328 Daniel Lathan was a man on a mission all night – his Heat 2 performance being particularly entertaining

NFG859 Terry Archer was an early casualty of Heat 3 as he was spat fence-wards by the pushing pack. TM28 Bell spun DB51 Licquorice into NFG859 The Wizard. NFG159 Darren Scarrow delivered a front wheel shot to DB51 Licquorice. GFC328 Lathan spun P87 Damien Matthews. SS317 Cushion followed in TM785 Dominic Ambrose as SS732 Archie Cullum spun MM212 Little Mario. SS317 Bonez buried DB51 Licquorice, who made a beeline for SS17 Billy Taylor; Bonez rolling on impact bringing out the red flags. The restart was fairly quite until NFG459 Todd Archer spun SS299 Knocka. 459 Toddy then suffered from snapped steering a lap later, setting himself up nicely for a jacking from P519 Knuckles. SS132 Chris Cullum jacked P519 Knuckles as SS687 Crossy spun DB340 Wesley Freestone. SS132 Cullum weighed in on P519 Knuckles once again before being done in turn by TM28 Bell. SS314 Luke Rawlins tboned P519 Knuckles. P87 Damo leant GFC313 Oz-Cut into SS314 Sparky. The finish was carnage, as SS132 Cullum jacked P519 Knuckles on oppo, leaving little room to get through. GFC313 Oz-Cut attacked DB188 John Reeves, with SS174 Azza also weighing in, as all three looked to gain the win. SS299 Knocka homed in for a head on to P519 Knuckles. P87 Damo set about SS299 Knocka on turn 1, spinning him aside. It was 830 Lee White who snuck through however, to take the win.

830, 699, 313, 907, 116, 87, 188, 299, 28, NOF

519 Lee Middleton happily obliged to jack the sat 459 Toddy Archer

The final saw SS317 Bonez set the ball rolling by following in NFG286 Ben Locke. DB116 Nat Cohn spun SS219 Ben Lewis-Thompson. GFC328 Lathan attacked G252 Chicken Wing, who had done well to get back out there. G107 Pratchett came under attention from the pack, getting spat towards the armco as TM28 Bell went in on SS317 Bonez. G252 Chicken Wing and GFC313 Oz-Cut met in a hard head on. DB907 Bradford ran MM212 Little Mario into GFC313 Oz-Cut, the latter then copping a tbone from TM28 Bell, as GFC59 Ben Jackson weighed in on the nose of G107 Pratchett. SS17 Taylor jacked GFC313 Oz-Cut. DB51 Licquorice weighed in on SS17 Taylor. DB188 Victor went in on GFC59 Jackson. P87 Damo set about SS687 Crossy. SS299 Knocka had a pop at DB116 No Luck Nat. GFC328 Lathan went in on G252 Chicken Wing, positioning him for a blitzing from GFC326 Ratty before the red flags came out. The restart saw SS17 Taylor run into G107 Pratchett, and was jacked in turn by MM212 Little Mario. Scrapyard Screamers revenge was swift, with SS299 Knocka homing in on MM212 Little Mario. GFC313 Oz-Cut leathered G107 Pratchett on oppo. SS219 Benny ran into Pratchett and was done in turn by TM785 Diminoc. SS732 Cullum Jnr jacked TM785 Diminoc. DB340 Wes followed in TM830 Stretch. DB51 Licquorice jacked TM830 Stretch. DB907 Bradford spun TM28 Bell then continued on to tbone GFC313 Oz-Cut. SS687 Crossy set about DB188 Victor. A fire broke out on SS732 Cullum Jnr’s Mondeo. G107 Pratchett and GFC328 Lathan shared a head on down the home straight. DB907 Bradford delivered a savage t-bone to GFC313 Oz-Cut. SS17 Taylor jacked DB907 Bradford. The red flags coming out on track so the Orange Army could get the attention of 732 Cullum Jnr who was still circulating so they could put the fire out. On the restart, DB51 Licquorice leant TM699 Aaron Nelson into the on oppo G93 Dilly Dilly in another tactical move from the Dover Boys. SS174 Azza weighed in on TM699 Nelson. MM212 Little Mario backed out near the pit gate, copping a heavy tbone from SS174 Azza. DB51 Licquorice piled in on SS174 Azza, with SS219 Benny immediately going in. DB340 Wes spun SS17 Taylor, with DB51 Licquorice delivering a head on to the Scrapyard Screamer. GFC326 Ratty attacked NFG159 Scarrow Boy on oppo. MM403 Daniel Jordan weighed in on TM707 Jack Lilley on oppo. DB337 Garrod attacked TM707 Lilley on oppo as DB116 Nat Cohn raced to the win, securing the title for Dover Boys. SS299 Knocka jacked TM707 Lilley. MM403 Jordan tboned the luckless TM707 Lilley. 

116, 299, 219, 41, 340, NOF

907 Cameron Bradford had a top return to racing with a heat win before getting stuck in throughout the final

Dover Boys

51 James Licquorice

116 Nat Cohn

188 John Reeves

337 Ashley Garrod

340 Wes Freestone

907 Cameron Bradford

The winning Dover Boys team (Jimbo’s Race Photos)

The Alcomers saw G107 Pratchett works wonders to be back on track, his Mondeo looking rather warped. SS17 Taylor followed in TM785 Diminoc. MM552 Blacknuts weighed in on TM785 Diminoc. GFC313 Oz-Cut delivered a solid head on to G107 Pratchett and was done in turn by SS17. SS732 Cullum Jnr jacked G107 Pratchett, before GFC326 Ratty absolutely steamed in for a shot on Pratchett. SS687 Crossy had a go at GFC326 Ratty. SS317 Bonez spun MM552 Blacknuts, with MM41 Looney Lee spinning the former half a lap later. GFC326 Ratty again weighed in on G107 Pratchett. SS299 Knocka jacked GFC326 Ratty, as SS219 Benny spun MM403 DJ. As soon as SS299 Knocka backed out, SS26 Daniel Bowley went piling in on GFC326 Ratty creating a temporary auto sculpture. GFC313 Oz-Cut came length of the home straight on oppo to blast G107 Pratchett. He was followed by MM403 DJ, who weighed in on the 313 Cougar in turn. SS687 Crossy had a pop at MM403 DJ, and was duly spun in turn by TM699 Nelson. SS132 Cullum set about TM699 Nelson, before SS687 Crossy jacked MM403 DJ on oppo, with the field now being predominantly Scrapyard Screamers. SS299 Knocka delivered a front wheel shot to MM403 DJ, as the green flag waved to signify the start of the DD. 41 Looney Lee attacked 317 Bonez. The field now solely being Scrpayard Screamers against 248 Blything. 214 Shane Rawlins set about Blything on the back straight before meeting 317 Bonez in a head on. 132 Cullum tboned 214 Sparky before copping a heavy shot from 26 Balers. 785 Diminoc got going again and was sandwiched by 687 Crossy and 17 Taylor. 299 Knocka delivered a front wheel shot to 785 Diminoc, who took more abuse courtesy of 17 Taylor. 17 Taylor delivered a rear wheel shot to 26 Balers. 26 Balers jacked 785 Diminoc. 17 Taylor weighed in on 317 Bonez, before completing a lap and jacking 299 Knocka. 214 Sparky jacked 299 Knocka before being done in turn by 687 Crossy. 26 Balers and 214 Sparky shared a head on. 687 Crossy weighed in on 17 Taylor. 26 Balers jacked 17 Taylor. 687 Crossy outlasted the other Screamer members, delivering a solid front wheel shot to 17 Taylor before jacking 317 Bonez.  214 Shane Rawlins the Alcomers winner.

214, 317, 132, 248, 17, 26, NOF

687 Mark Cross secured the DD win

Despite the car numbers being down, the action certainly delivered on track.

Special moment caught in the pits with 212 Jack Maryon donating his ‘Mario’ mascot to a fan

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