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Spedeworth Bangers WQR – 29/08/2021 – Yarmouth

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The 1600 Bangers made one of their rare appearances at Yarmouth for a World Qualifier on Sunday 29th August 2021.

Heat 1 began with 140 Adam Humphrey taking 127 Kieran Andrews in from the off. 97 Jack Sheppherd spun 128 Danny Allen, before 682 Korben Quinn done a full roll and continued on. World Champion 354 Josh Vowden removed 97 Shep Jnr. 14 Barry Payne took flight off a marker tyre. Up front, 33 Gary Madgwick dislodged 270 Brian Stanney for the lead around half way through, and stayed their to take the win ahead of 3 Harley McCarthy and 306 Mitch Hawkins.
33, 3, 306, 270, 85, 982, 73, 352, 354, 477

A push into the pits bend claimed several drivers at the start of Heat 2, with 455 Micky Cornish and 544 Matthew Outhwaite losing the most ground. 325 Callum Davies turned 108 Lewis Jefcote fence-wards. 544 Outhwaite and 455 Cornish tangled, ripping a wheel off of 544 Outhwaite in a process. 141 Jake Stewart punted on 846 Lown who locked up and caught a post. 11 James Spriggs hit a marker tyres and rolled, bringing a red flag out. The restart featured a great battle between 400 Lee Kingsnorth, 98 Niki Jarvis, 621 Gareth Parker and 267 Danny Grady for the podium spots, as 521 Jack Coveney had broken away in the lead. 13 Morgan McCarthy spun 621 Gruff before the line, with the aforementioned 521 Coveney racing off to the win ahead of 400 Kingsnorth and 98 Shandy.
521, 400, 98, 267, 13, 325, 33, 168, 141, 131

Heat 3 began again with a push into the first bend which sent 141 Snakey around. 621 Gruff got ran in backwards with 846 Lown and 127 Andrews also going in – it was thumbs down from 127 Andrews who had injured hand. The restart saw carnage on the green as the pace car went into limp mode, seeing the pack behind tread gingerly as to not hit it, claiming 98 Shandy, 330 Tyler Wilkin and 270 Ginge. 438 Jason Greener took 33 Magic out, the latter immediately rejoining and spinning 59 Tom Greenstreet out. 3 Harley McCarthy took the victory from 400 Kingsnorth and 682 Quinny Jnr.
3, 400, 682, 325, 59, 85, 83, 267, 128, 354

325 Davies fell foul early on in the final. 621 Gruff was bundled onto the marker tyres, before 455 Cornish rolled on the pits bend. 270 Ginge and 544 Outhwaite were early casualties on the restart. 3 McCarthy spun 379 Brandon Kevern, before 621 Gruff, 330 Wilkin and 83 John Gilman all went out down the back straight in a sort out. 83 Gilman took out 108 Squeaky which nearly scuppered the leading 333 Brad Wickson. 621 Gruff ran head on into 108 Squeaky before 270 Ginge spun 730 Brandon Mayes. 730 Bubba had a pop at 270 Ginge in an attempted revenge attack, but couldn’t dislodge him. 333 Beachball was taken out of the lead, and was clearly gutted from his arm movements. The lead was inherited by the very quick 3 Harley McCarthy who took the win ahead of 306 Hawkins and 128 Patrick.
3, 306, 128, 682, 85, 141, 477, 400, 336, 354

At time of publishing, the 1600 Bangers have a few meetings left ahead of their World Final on November 20th with their Hednesford Gold Rush on October 10th. 1(3)1 Harley McCarthy heads the points ahead of veteran 33 Gary Madgwick and 330 Tyler Wilkin in a close battle.

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