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Spedeworth Bangers Track Championship – 29/04/2017 – Ipswich

Report by Lewis Adams

Just shy of 45 cars travelled to Ipswich for the second round of the Whip Street Motors track championship which also doubled up as a World Qualifying Round, earning vital points towards the World Final later on in the year in November. Nothing noteworthy car wise but this is to be expected from a meeting like this.


9 Chris Wallace – Ford Focus
41 Dale Fairless – Nissan Primera
45 Paul Felgate – Honda Civic
52 Reece Needs – Ford Focus
53 Luke Needs – Ford Focus
70 Julian Beaumont – Honda Civic
76 Stuart Aldridge – Honda Civic
84 Jack Ansell – Honda Civic
98 Niki Jarvis – Honda Civic
102 Damien Steel – Honda Civic
103 ?? – Honda Civic
104 Paul Brown – Ford Focus
125 Kyle Pearson – Honda Civic
126 Daniel Darbyshire – Ford Focus
136 James Martins – Ford Escort Mk6
141 Jake Stewart – Honda Civic
162 Ryan Steer – Honda Civic
191 Kieran Greenway – Honda Civic
240 Tommy Butler – Vauxhall Astra
253 Adam Tydeman – Ford Focus Estate
290 Ryan Anderson – Vauxhall Astra Coupe
307 Martin Kent – Honda Civic
325 Callum Davies – Vauxhall Astra Estate
351 Adrian Martins – Ford Focus
383 Ashley Durrant – Ford Focus
385 Craig Thurlow – Honda Civic
386 Marcus Gridley – Ford Fiesta Mk6
400 Lee Kingsnorth – Ford Focus
405 Shane Tilley – Honda Civic
422 Kevin Buckley – Honda Civic Aerodeck Estate
437 Daniel Greener – Honda Civic Aerodeck Estate
438 Jason Greener – Honda Civic
455 Micky Cornish – Honda Civic Coupe
471 Anthony Oak – Ford Focus
474 Michael Kent – Honda Civic
486 Kirk Savoury – Ford Focus
551 Ben Warner – Vauxhall Zafira
621 Gareth Parker – Honda Civic
628 Kevin Taylor – Honda Civic
661 Aaron Harris – Honda Civic
824 Martin William – Ford Focus
844 Zack Button – Vauxhall Astra Estate
876 Ronnie Hammond – Ford Focus
885 Kevin Thurlow – Nissan Primera

Around 43 cars lined up for Heat 1. Early spins for #844 Zack Button as well as #486 Kirk Savoury and #253 Adam Tydeman. #103 gives #486 a small hit on turn 4, 486 then receives a shunt from #53 Luke Needs. #325 Callum Davies gets spun on the back straight, sliding into the back of #253 Adam Tydeman giving both cars some rear end damage. #98 Niki Jarvis gets spun into the middle ending his chance of a podium finish. #45 Paul Felgate gives #437 Daniel Greener a small follow in on turn 3, #307 Martin Kent then hits the wall hard. #84 Jack Ansell of Team Trim takes the first victory of the night.

A smaller grid of around 36 cars for heat 2. #162 Ryan Steer gets spun early on turn 3 and receives a hefty shunt from #621 Gareth Parker, wounding his car, 162 took no further proceedings in the evening’s racing. #45 Paul Felgate also falls victim of an early spin on the home straight. #240 Tommy Butler is spun into the wall on turn 3 and then receives a small head on from #471 Anthony Oak, #253 Adam Tydeman gets in the mix also. #325 Callum Davies trundles around at a snail’s pace trying to take out anyone and eventually comes to a halt on the back straight, only to take a monster hit from #628 Kevin Taylor who swerved to avoid too late; eliminating both cars from any further races. 400 Lee Kingsnorth wins a lively race.

A respectable 34 cars lined up for the final race of the night. A lively start with a lot going on. #45 Paul Felgate spins #351 Adrian Martins early on. #551 Ben Warner put his Zafira to good use with a solid follow in on #136 Adrian Martins, and upon exiting clips #98 Niki Jarvis who ends up drivers side facing oncoming traffic #98 tries to drive away but times it wrong and gets an accidental drivers door shot from #70 Julian Beaumont. On the turn 2 exit a pile up forms involving #383 Ashley Durrant, #70 Julian Beaumont and #400 Lee Kingsnorth, #400 gets catapulted into the air and upon impact with the ground the rear of his roof is crumpled into a total mess, leaving him lucky to get out unharmed. #52 Reece Needs unavoidably goes in to the pile up and gets a shot from the back delivered by #844 Zack Button. On the restart, #9 Chris Wallace tries to spin #351 Adrian Martins on turn 4 but ends up depositing himself into the armco in the process, losing a wheel, reds again. Nothing of note after the restart, #386 Marcus Gridley Wins.

There was also good, close racing to be seen from the Superstox as well as the MASCAR’s. Overall a good evening’s racing, the bangers have been much better at Ipswich this year so far compared to last year with bigger grids and more action, hopefully this continues to grow.

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