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Spedeworth Bangers Gold Rush Round 6 – 04/08/2019 – Yarmouth

Sunday 4th August saw the 1600 Bangers head to Yarmouth Stadium for the first time this year as they contested round 6 of their Gold Rush series in which 61 Bangers were present including several drivers from the Oxford and Southampton areas. 33 Gary Madgwick was present in the Audi A3 he has been using for Back To Basics. On the paint front, there was smart efforts by 455 Micky Cornish, 305 Alfie Cornish, 205 Ryan Farmer and SCL pairing 6 Nathan Ling and 140 Scott Rayner. The Junior Bangers were in support raising 13 cars.

Junior Banger Heat 1 started the day off. 610 Billy spun early on. 842 Ivins had an off coming out of the pits bend. With 5 laps to go, 131 Harley bested 90 Spud Jnr for second place. 622 Harvey had a nibble at 555 Gelly in an attempt to move up the order. 131 Harley bested 08 Finlay for the lead with 2 laps left to run. 5 Maddox Jnr spun 701 Marsh who rolled and with only a lap left it was red and chequered. 131 Harley McCarthy rightfully deemed the winner ahead of running mate 08 Finlay Damon and 90 Joey Holmes Jnr.

Heat 1 for the 1600 Bangers raised 30 cars. 82 Quinn got put on the marker tyres from the off. 98 Shandy spun 59 Greenstreet. 60 Crew and 122 Pikey had an off. 455 MC got fenced on the exit of the pits bend and after a few laps the reds were called as his belts had come lose. The restart saw 23 Staples leading the pack. 60 Crew attacked 224 Canham who hit a tyre and rolled landing on all fours and 354 Sherman immediately duplicated this. 122 Pikey spun 224 Canham as he rejoined the fray. 143 Hansford had a pop at 440 Lemon which sent 244 Bunny Jnr fence bound. 23 Barry Staples stormed to the win ahead of 143 Danny Hansford and 440 Lennon Phillips.

Heat 2 for the 1600 Bangers raised 31 cars and commenced with 76 Aldridge spinning 578 Thorpey as he got off to an early charge. 85 Thur-toe bounced 53 Dreamer off a post. 421 Hippo turned 205 Farmer fence-wards. 352 Mynott spun 528 Bailey. 165 Barwell took out 486 Savoury. 76 Aldridge spun 305 Cornish as he continued his early charge up the order. 486 Savoury pulled across the track in the path of 140 Scotty taking a nasty dooring at his expense. 76 Aldridge attacked 205 Farmer. 305 Cornish put away 6 Ling. 351 Martins turned 295 Ash-Dash fence-wards. 305 Cornish spun 352 Mynott. 76 Stu Aldridge raced to the win ahead of 551 Ben Warner and 123 Steve Saw in what was a nostalgic top three for Yarmouth.

Junior Bangers were back in action for their Heat 2. 449 spun 610 Billy. 08 Finlay and 999 Cotty Jnr Jnr tangled seeing the latter go off the track damaging his rear tyre on the inner curb. 90 Spud Jnr spun 08 Finlay. 449 got posted from the pushing pack. 701 Riley attacked 555 Gelly, seeing the latter come back to spin him which resulted in 5 Maddox Jnr clipping the ropes. 622 Harvey catapulted off the marker tyres on the pits bend seeing him get massive air. 08 Finlay had a nibble at 555 Gelly to get past. 714 Peters attacked 08 Finlay resulting in him hitting a post. 131 Harley McCarthy raced to his second win of the evening ahead of 90 Spud Jnr and 842 Keaton Ivins.

The Wildcard Final was up next for the 1600 Bangers. A random card was chosen for heat winners 23 Staples and 76 Aldridge determining their grid position – 23 Staples starting off of row 3 inside; 76 Aldridge right behind him. An impressive 54 cars out of 61 that started the day’s proceedings made it out on track. 33 Magic set the action rolling by taking out 621 Gruff. 82 Quinn went in hard and took out 354 Sherman in the process. 325 Wiggles ran 18 Turkish head on into 82 Quinn.385 Thurlow set about 536 Barwell. 831 Fuller tuned 421 Hippo fence-wards. 815 Castle fenced 224 Canham who was having a luckless evening. 544 Outhwait gave a head on to the lame 82 Carroll. 244 Bunny Jnr buried 421 Hippo at the end of the straight. 528 Bailey caught the prone 82 Carroll under the starters’ rostrum. 982 Turner jacked 528 Bailey. 23 Staples spun 831 Fuller as he looked to extend his lead. 760 Joey moved up the order by spinning 123 Ratboy. 33 Magic spun 77 Aario. 982 Turner caught 82 Carroll. 352 Mynott caught 982 Turner with a mega jacking. 244 Bunny Jnr attacked 352 Mynott down the back straight rolling him bringing an instant reds but not before 77 Aario caged 122 Pikey. 23 Barry Staples took the win and booked his spot in the World Final with 422 Samuel Lewis taking second place after 760 Joey Reynolds was disqualified for what was viewed as an illegal spring – 33 Gary Madgwick inherited third place in the car he uses for Back To Basics which is not a feat to be snuffed at!
23, 422, 33, 76, 551, 244, 440, 380, 414, 438

The rain poured down just before the start of the Junior Banger Final making conditions very tricky for the young drivers. 610 Billy lost out again early on as she was buried in a first bend push. 714 Peters was sent across the pits bend centre green. 08 Finaly and 701 Marsh enjoyed a great battle for second place.701 Marsh attacked 999 Cotty Jnr Jnr for the lead but both dropped down order. 131 McCarthy put away 08 Finlay to take the lead as he looked on course to complete his hattrick. 5 Maddox Jnr went in on the caister bend and was duly jacked by 555 Gelly. 701 Marsh slid in next to 08 Finlay setting the latter free from the ropes. 842 Mini Messer slid into 701 Marsh. 999 Cotty Jnr Jnr saw his back wheel collapse in an array of sparks so pulled off. 131 McCarthy raced to his hat-trick – 90 Spud Jnr taking another podium and 622 Harvey getting third.

The 1600 Bangers Dash concluded the evening’s’ action. 438 Greener sent 422 Mule over the tyres. 230 Tweedy followed in 544 Outwaite courtesy of a big push first bend push – 578 Thorpey also getting put away hard. 528 Bailey weighed in on 76 Aldridge. 141 Snakey homed in for a shot on 6 Ling. A pile up formed on the pits bend. 305 Cornish spun 380 Leeful. 5 Charlie jacked 461 Bambi.528 Bailey attacked 421 Hippo. 141 Snakey jacked the spun 165 Barwell. The reds came out for 578 Thorpey who was in some discomfort but he exited all ok. The restart – saw 400 The Boy lead 414 Craig and 385 Thurlow at the time of the stoppage. 414 Jimmy buried 385 Thurlow. 380 Leerul ran in 305 Cornish to the pile up. 77 Aario jacked 380 Leeful. 400 Lee Kingsnorth won but had the win taken away for having too many bolts in his rear arches thus 414 Jimmy Craig inherited the win – the lads enjoying a joke about the decision and sharing the photo and pace car ride afterwards just how it should be!

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