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Kings Lynn – 11/06/22 – Unlimited Bangers, 1500 Bangers EA Team Championship & Junior Bangers – Meeting Report

An all banger night at Kings Lynn on Saturday 11th June was headlined by the 1500 Bangers East Anglian Team Championship. The Unlimited Bangers were present for a World of Shale Wildcard Qualifier. The Junior Bangers were also in action, where 95 Dylan Gamble, 996 Jack Wright and 478 Morgan Bailey all had smart Micras, and 669 William Cartwright had a well presented Ford Fiesta. In the 1500s, the Wild Boyz were particularly smart on the paint front, whilst Rust & Dust impressed with a fleet of Ford Escorts.

Smart Nissan Micra for 478 Morgan Bailey’s track debut in the Junior Bangers
Fleet of Escorts for Rust & Dust in the 1500s

The sheer volume of Junior Bangers allotted to a half car format for their opening heats. 232 Levi James was left facing the wrong way on turn 3. 432 Lucas James rattled the plating and came to a stand still on the entrance of the back straight. 47 Sam Malkin and 231 Jack Smith tangled together. 74 Mikey Whitehall had a pop at 869 Jamie Steele. 19 Reggie Turnbull put away 47 Slippery Sam. 19 Rhino attacked 627 Kourtney Webb. 172 Marley Frost set about 231 Smith, with 8 Perry Williamson taking the win from 44 Harvey Law and 750 Rhys Parrin.

8, 44, 750, 70, 869, 19, 74, 23, 7, 232

The second Junior Banger Heat begun with 71 Sean Unwin spinning 517 Rylee Taylor from the off. 517 Taylor delivered a revenge hit on 71 Twigie Jnr. 669 Bam Bam turned 701 Riley Marsh left, before the yellow flags came out on track. 356 Rhys Barrow lead 10 Harry Andrews and 85 Jade Ellis at this stage. 190 Riley Holmes and 622 Harvey Webb crashed out courtesy of 609 Levi Murkin. 702 Ben Kaleta turned 713 Oscar Preston left. 295 Alfie Butler spun 811 Corey Nason. 609 Murkin spun 920 Kaelan Blakeman. 71 Twigie Jnr removed 248 Harry Shaw. A push into turn 1 spun 85 Ellis, who was caught by 996 Wright, with the latter rolling. 95 Monkey Boy followed 71 Twigie Jnr in whilst taking avoiding action. 295 Butler jacked 272 Riley Crowson in avoidance before the reds came out. The restart handed a lifeline to 85 Ellis, who benefited from the race restarting. She headed the field from 356 Mini Pump and 10 Haz with 3 laps to go. 190 The Rat spun in a tangle with 517 Taylor. A great battle broke out from 3rd to 7th which saw all four drivers more or less cross the line together. It was 85 Jade Ellis who held on for the win from 10 Harry Andrews and 65 Alfie Painter.

85, 10, 65, 356, 609, 291, 622, 95, 78, 517

Unlimited Bangers started their evening off with a White Top Heat. The action getting going immediately with drivers going in all directions along the home straight. 661 Shaun Smith came to a halt next to the armco on turn 1, and was duly jacked by 191 Kieran Greenway. 724 Trevor Burcham had a pop at 801 Mason Foster. 115 Joe Bull spun 701 Kevin Cooper aside. 312 Jake Burgess attacked 241 Jack Broughton, spinning him around. 281 Aaron Pole homed in for a head on to 241 Broughton. 115 Bull weighed in on 241 Broughton. 211 Jamie Pole put the anchors on 801 Foster, with the leading 585 Luke Holdsworth going in on the Grey & Black man. 281 A Pole absolutely leathered 115 Bull under the score board. 271 Ashlun Woods spun in the battle for a podium spot with 229 Harry Cobb and 78 Lee Mace. 597 Andy Ashman spun 32 Mark Walker. 800 Jacob Rushton removed 597 Ashman a lap later, only to be turned fence-wards along the back straight by 271 Woodzy. 321 Andy Newton racing to the win. 281 Aaron Pole, 115 Joe Bull and 191 Kieran Greenway taking the entertainer awards.

321, 229, 78, 271, 357, 182, 211, 597, 701, 800

281 Aaron Pole on route to an Entertainer Award in the White Top heat leathering 115 Joe Bull

The first 1500 Banger Heat begun with several coming together on the exit of turn 4. A few quieter laps ensued before the leading 337 Ashley Garrod spun 550 Phil Jackson. 72 Billy Bond spun 98 Matt Harrison. 107 Taylor Pratchett rattled in 190 Ben Germany. 550 Fearless laid into 248 Jamie Blything. 107 Pratchett jacked 190 Germany. 420 Matthew Jode jacked 691 Ryan Bartram. 214 Connor Osborne run in 624 Cameron Hubbard, before 669 Aaron Nelson followed in 330 Jackson Whitehead. 72 Bondy followed in 53 Luke Needs hard on the road bend, which caused 9 Ben Cox to roll, bringing out a red flag. 337 Garrod still lead, with 72 Bondy remarkably still in second and 556 Matt Tillow in third. 669 Nelson was the first to show on the restart, following in 197 Glen Woodward. 550 Fearless homed in on 197 Microchip, and was jacked in turn by 98 Harrison. 669 Nelson weighed in on 98 Harrison. 249 Mitchell Bailey homed in on 669 Nelson to continue the Wild Boyz and Blue + Black train. 551 Brett Jackson weighed in and was immediately done in turn by 97 Glenn Woodward. 214 Osborne delivered a front wheel shot to 97 Chipboard. 551 Jacko Jnr managed to back off and limp his Mk5 Astra Estate along. 337 Ashley Garrod taking the win for Cruncher’s Crew.

337, 69, 72, 910, 119, 419, 214, NoF

The Wild Boyz & Blue + Black traded blows all night

The Juniors returned for their Consolation. 920 KK, 295 Butler and 232 Bobbles Jnr came together down the home straight. 190 The Rat tangled with 71 Twigie Jnr. 702 Chunk set about 811 Nason. 172 Frost turned 811 Nason left. 248 Shaw had a pop at 172 Frost before 996 Wright and 515 Reagan Flatters tangled. 248 Shaw spun 420 Curtis Murkin. 920 KK collected 420 Murkin. A huge pile up occurred on turns 3/4, with most of the pack going in, resulting in the race being red and chequered; 702 Ben Kaleta taking the win.

702, 272, 509, 190, 996, 920, 478, 669, 231, 627

The Unlimited Wildcard Final was the first ‘all in’ race for the class. 800 Rushton set about 224 James Burrows, turning him fence-wards. 266 Callum Hall homed in for a head on to 224 Buggsy Jnr before being spun by the pack. 617 Jack Overy spun 400 Lee Kingsnorth. 555 Harry Gelsthorp went round under pressure from 55 Chris Hornbrook. A sort out along the home straight claimed several, with 229 Cobby Jnr and 32 Mark Walker getting turned left, whilst 148 Ian Redden also had an off. 585 Holdsworth was motoring out front, and had opened a straight lead by the half way point over 271 Woodzy. 51 James Licquorice set about 724 Burnham. Burnham rejoined back in front of Licquorice, who jacked the former, before being spun himself by 211 Jamie Pole. 334 Stephen Court and 211 Poley crashed out on turn 2. 699 Stacey Holdsworth tagged 331 Mackenzie Whitehead, which spun the latter. 585 Luke Holdsworth raced off to the win in what was a very rapid race, only lasting just over 4 minutes in distance. 271 Ashlun Woods took second place ahead of 178 Kieran Bowman. 

585, 271, 178, 100, 639, 281, 617, 217, 247, 55

51 James Licquorice set about 724 Trevor Burnham in the Wildcard Final

Heat 2 for the 1500 Bangers commenced with a quiet few laps before 121 James Tibbles spun 199 Jon Cally. 830 Stretch buried 469 Martin Baxter. 707 Jack Lilley homed in for a head on to 469 Bert. 419 Laura Quadling delivered a solid head on of her own to 707 Lilley as Rust & Dust and Team Mates traded blows. 420 Maff jacked 707 Lilley on oppo, as 512 Matt Armstrong went in on 50 Aiden Gamble. The red flags then coming out. 122 Tibbles had a lap he’d rather forget, getting followed in under the scoreboard by 257 Ben Waddingham, only to rejoin and get followed in the next bend by 420 Maff. 165 Ben Randell went in over the front wheel of 420 Maff. 99 Ricky Garrod spun 181 Craig Allen. 512 Armstrong spun 420 Maff, with 72 Bondy leathering the latter. In top spirits, 420 Maff continuously limped his battered Escort onto the track waving people in, with 512 Armstrong delivering another two solid jackings. 296 Thomas Jennings recording the victory.

296, 311, 72, 99, 257, 265, 231, 512, NoF

Rust & Dust and Team Mates getting well involved with one another
420 Matthew Jode’s battered Ford Escort Estate after Heat 2

231 Smith was an early casualty of the Junior Banger Final. 95 Monkey Boy got buried into 231 Smith. 356 Mini Pump collected 627 Webb. 74 Big Maff spun 190 The Rat, as 85 Ellis got put away. 78 Lee Macey Jnr spun 70 Manson Arnold. 7 Rio Farley buried 869 Steele. 74 Big Maff spun 291 Liam Waterfall. 996 Wright collected 8 Tyrone, as did 509 Abbie Reeves. 23 George Childs removed 74 Big Maff. 920 KK spun 19 Rhino. 44 Law drove through 920 KK. 869 Steele tboned 19 Rhino. 627 Webb rejoined, blocking 7 Farley’s charge. 10 Harry Andrews raced to the win from 356 Rhys Barrow and 517 Rylee Taylor.

10, 356, 517, 65, 232, 478, 44, 750, 996, 869

191 Corey put away 229 Cobby Jnr at the start of Alcomers 1 for the Unlimited Bangers. 211 Poley weighed in for a shot on 229 Cobby Jnr. 51 Licquorice and 625 Joshua Gooch tangled along the home straight, before 400 Kingsnorth dispatched 55 Hornbrook left at the end of the home straight. 32 Podge spun 307 Martin Kent as 281 A Pole also spun. 662 Dalton Smith went in on 307 Pretty Boy. 673 Darren Fendley spun 331 Mackenzie Mate. 217 Sid Madgwick spun 625 Gucci. 299 Tommy Callaghan removed 400 Kingsnorth. 830 Stretch laid into 241 Broughton. 174 Dave Osborne spun 830 Stretch aside. 217 Madgwick spun 51 Licquorice. 191 Corey weighed in on the rejoining 830 Stretch. 174 Whipper delivered a solid head on to 604 Ross Cooper along the home straight. 178 Slim jacked 174 Whipper. 92 Lee Edwards the winner.

92, 178, 673, 217, 639, 299, 625, 191, 555, 100

211 Jamie Pole couldn’t resist blowing up 229 Harry Cobb in Alcomers 1

The 1500 Bangers returned for Heat 3. 121 Tibbles spun 7 Daniel Bitson along the back straight which triggered a pile up on turn 3 including 712 Alex Hudson and 181 Farmboy Jnr. 249 Bailey weighed in on 712 Hudson and was done in turn by 551 Jacko Jnr. 99 Skip Rat spun 107 Pratchett. 249 Bailey found himself stranded mid-bend on the scoreboard end, and copped a couple of hits from 121 Tibbles and 23 Sonny Parsons. 248 Blything rattled in 551 Jacko Jnr, eventually spinning him. 107 Pratchett timed an oppo attack on 99 Skip Rat wrong, copping an accidental drivers’ dooring from 23 Sonny P instead. 107 Pratchett limped out to catch 121 Tibbles on oppo. 197 Sean Chapman met 551 Jacko Jnr in a head on. 257 Benji connected with a head on of his own to 910 Jack Rookard, as the exit of turn 2 became very congested. 717 Lewis Ivatt and 190 Germany crashed into 551 Jacko Jnr. 214 Osborne tboned 717 Lewie Boy. 181 Farmboy Jnr weighed in on 197 Chapman. 119 Davey Cox leathered 181 Farmboy Jnr. 311 Garry Lown jacked 190 Germany on consecutive laps. 199 Jon Boy done 107 Pratchett head on. 214 Osborne set about 248 Blything, and copped a front wheel shot from 26 Paul Lovick. 197 Chapman drove through 107 Pratchett. 311 Golden Boy went in on 190 Germany once again, before getting followed in a lap later by 197 Chapman. 50 Aiden Gamble taking the win, aiding Scrapyard Screamers in the points game even further.

50, 119, 556, 512, 564, 69, 311, 7, NoF

The Juniors concluded their programme with an Alcomers race. 248 Shaw turned 669 Bam Bam fence-wards and got stranded himself. 270 Murkin got put into the plating. The yellow flags came out which caught some of the higher graded drivers off guard seeing them all come together. The restart saw 7 Wally Jnr remove 609 Murkin, which in turn sent 869 Steele fence-wards. Loads piled in on turn 2. 295 Butler dumped 517 Taylor into the fence. The majority of pack went in to the turn 2 melee. 7 Wally Jnr weighed in on 10 Haz, with the race being red and chequered once again. 95 Dylan Gamble taking the win from 85 Jade Ellis and 78 Lee Macey Jnr.

95, 85, 78, 701, 74, 291, 622, 65, 996, 70

The second Alcomers for the Unlimiteds began with 800 Rushton coming to a halt on the road bend. 51 Licquorice homed in on 800 Rushton, and took a shot in turn from 307 Pretty Boy. 634 Ben Green went in on 307 Pretty Boy, which caused 555 Dirty Harry to spin 400 Kingsnorth. 334 Courty jacked 800 Rushton. 92 Eddie spun 699 Holdsworth and was then rattled around the plating by 585 Holdsworth. 51 Licquorice weighed in on 241 Broughton. 585 Holdsworth and 721 Dan Clarke spun in sequence on the road bend. 634 Marty spun 478 Craig Royal, which also took around 585 Holdsworth. 266 Odd Job spun 760 Joey Reynolds. 307 Pretty Boy jacked 555 Dirty Harry. 217 Madgwick spat 307 Pretty Boy into a marker tyre at the end of the back straight which ended the race action. 178 Kieran Bowman taking the win.

178, 92, 217, 182, 400, 506, 266, 625, 634, 830

The Poles were on top form all evening

Into the DD, which was settled between teammates 191 Corey and 307 Pretty Boy. 191 Corey sat up to take a couple of hits from 307 Pretty Boy, before they reversed roles. 191 Kieran Greenway taking the honours.

DD win for 191 Kieran Greenway

The Final for the 1500 Bangers had carnage written all over it from the off. As with the heats, the early stages of the race were quiet until 24 Jaiden Gamble rattled 119 Cruncher around the armco; eventually spinning him on the back straight. 107 Pratchett attacked 624 Cameron Hubbard on oppo, before coming under fire from 72 Bondy. 830 Stretch weighed in on 910 Rookard. 621 Jamie Barrett went in on 830 Stretch. 24 Gamble removed 98 Harrison, with 119 Cruncher doing the Wild Boyz driver on the nose. 24 The Mole leathered 107 Pratchett along the home straight. 72 Bondy followed in 197 Chapman. The lively 24 The Mole went in on Bondy. 12 Troy Corbett took the win from 296 Tom Jennings and 479 Joel Allen. Scrapyard Screamers secured the title from Team Havoc and Cruncher’s Crew. On the entertainer front, Blue & Black A took the honours, all of their team booking a place in the 1500 National Championship. Gladiators were runners up, with Wild Boyz B taking third.

12, 296, 479, 69, 624, 337, 512, 214, 556, 119

Into the DD, where 214 Osborne weighed in on 98 Harrison, also connecting with 419 Mossop. 252 Kieran Wietrzyk jacked 550 Fearless and rolled bringing out the red flags. On the resumption of play, 265 Karl Gant ran 550 Fearless head on into 420 Maff. 39 Ryan Knibbs jacked 265 Gant. 72 Bondy steamed in for a heavy hit to 39 Knibbs as 24 The Mole jacked 420 Maff on oppo. 69 Bartram homed in on 98 Harrison, before 910 Rookard jacked 72 Bondy. The red flags came out for a fire on 72 Bondy’s Astra, but not before 69 Brado attacked 24 The Mole. 910 Rookard spat 249 Bailey fence-wards at the end of the home straight when the DD resumed; jacking him a lap later. 265 Gant limped along the home straight, with 97 Chipboard obliging to go in. At this point I unfortunately had to make movements home, but the result was voided.

Awesome jacking train to conclude the evening for the 1500 Bangers

A superb meeting with the Unlimiteds highlighting the racing aspect of bangers with some solid crashing moments. The 1500s stole the show with a brilliant display all evening. 420 Matthew Jode by far driver of the night with his top attitude. The Junior Bangers displaying that the future of bangers is bright.

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