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Kings Lynn – 29/10/22 – Unlimited Bangers Halloween Carnival Night – Meeting Report

It was a sold out crowd in what was a surprisingly warm Autumn evening for the annual Halloween Carnival night at the Adrian Flux Arena. 85 cars assembled to the Norfolk shaleway, in what is now an unheard of feat, as only 1 driver from the advertised booking list failed to appear and we had one bonus driver. Another impressive factor was that 20 of those cars were eligible for the All Limo/Hearse (+ Westy) race. 267 Martin French’s Volvo 9 Series Ambulance being the highlight of them all.

The Supernatural Championship was up first with all eligible cars making it out on to the grid. 29 David Mawdsley was the first to show as he spat 790 Nathan Young fence-wards at the end of the home straight. 342 Ryley Freestone spun 174 David Osborne a side. 100 Callum White spun 790 Nafe, the latter then being jacked by 437 Connor Burbridge. 790 Nafe’s bad luck continued, with 40 Lester Freestone following 107 Taylor Pratchett into the back of his Omega Hearse in impressive fashion, killing it off in less than a lap! 555 Harry Gelsthorp ran 160 Perry Willings into 790 Nafe just to make matters worse for him. It was equally as painful of an experience for 437 Burbridge, who came under fire from 551 Brett Jackson which sent the forming veering along the home straight. 214 Connor Osborne weighed in on 551 Jacko Jnr, before 160 Pez drove through 437 Burbridge. 925 Aaron Preece spun 101 Cieran Harmer, before 555 Dirty Harry leathered 437 Burbridge which saw off the latter’s Vauxhall Carlton Limo. After that impressive couple of opening laps, the action did even out slightly. 267 Martin French cruelly expired whilst running high in the positions. 342 Freestone weighed in on 29 Mawdsley, with 107 Pratchett going in on the former. Mawdsley copped more abuse from the Freestone’s, with 40 Lester going in on oppo. 174 Whipper homed in on 342 Freestone. 224 James Burrows jacked 40 Lester on oppo. 925 Preece weighed in on 107 Pratchett. 100 Cock spun 830 Jay Sharpe. 174 Whipper drove through 925 Preece, as 224 Bugsy Jnr buried himself inside 107 Pratchett’s Lincoln Town Car Limo with a tbone on oppo. 791 ‘Spud’ Nicky Young raced to the win from 830 Jay Sharpe and 101 Cieran Harmer; 174 ‘Whipper’ David Osborne taking the entertainer award.

791, 830, 101, 551, NOF

224 Bugsy Jnr fully buried himself into 107 Pratchett’s Limo (Jimbo’s Race Photos)

9 Ben Cox set the early running in the 25 & Under GB Championship. 57 Mark Gilbert buried 704 Connor Siddalls, which sent 224 Lewis Canham spinning. 555 Dirty Harry ran in 712 Alex Hatcliffe which claimed 51 James Licquorice. Defending champion 466 Dalton Steele spun 7 Cade Bond as he looked to work his way up the order. 555 Dirty Harry stayed latched onto 712 Stig Jnr, following him in under the scoreboard. 214 Osborne attacked 343 Conor Farley before the red flags came out to aid 51 Licquorice whose belts had come undone. The restart saw 178 Kieran Bowman spin 182 Reece Tingle. 9 Cox bounced 873 Kyle Roberts off the armco. 466 Dalto set about 662 Dalton Smith which slowed 178 Slim’s momentum. 555 Dirty Harry spun 873 Roberts. 182 Tingle stopped the leading 271 Ashlun Woods on oppo. 224 Canham ran into 182 Tingle. 634 Ben Green spun 379 Shaun Turner, the latter making his Unlimited debut – 99 Shaydy Gough welcoming him to the class with a solid jacking. 165 Ben Randell spun 873 Roberts before 459 Blake Platts took the chequers from running-mate 374 Sam Markham and 178 Kieran Bowman.

459, 374, 178, 350, 801, 284, 9, 634, 585, 466

A great night of results for 459 Blake Platts
The track walk for fancy dress goers provided moments to treasure for young fans as they had the opportunity to take photos with the top 3 from the 25 & Under GB Championship

925 Preece was the first to show in Alcomers 1 as he delivered a head on to the spun 155 Sam Coote. Loads piled in on turn 1 which included 100 Cock rattling 791 Spud and 160 Pez in. 514 Charlie Taylor went in on 925 Preece. 611 Joe Geeves jacked 514 Baby. 247 Lee Clarke weighed in on 791 Spud. 214 Osborne jacked 40 Lester, with 04 Mikey Croft weighing in on 214 Osborne before the reds came out. 830 Lee White spun 362 Johnny James on the restart. 595 Drew Burdett delivered the same treatment to 184 Callum Gaughan at the end of back straight, the latter hitting a large marker tyre with some force. 595 Drewboy jacked 699 Aaron Nelson and was done in turn by 611 Bieber. 180 Mark Foster drove through 595 Drewboy and 327 Mick Maskell Jnr did the same to 349 Lewis Price. 101 Charmer delivered a head on to the lurking 224 Canham. 180 Sparky jacked 13 Malc Gilbert. 400 Lee Kingsnorth removed 549 Phil Smith. 639 Tye Williams went on the attack to deliver a solid head on to 88 Lyndon Stark. 595 Drewboy homed in on 589 Simon Smith. 362 Drifter spun 830 Stretch, presumably in revenge for the earlier spin. 247 Bro and 791 Spud shared a solid head on. 129 Joe Skutela jacked 247 Bro. 214 Osborne administered a head on to 595 Drewboy. 624 Liam Hide weighed in on 595 Drewboy. 639 Tye Pirate went on oppo again; 04 Croft his victim this time. 466 Dalto collected 639 Tye Pirate. 180 Sparky leathered 466 Dalto. 100 Cock drove through 04 Croft. 639 Tye Pirate again was on oppo with 549 Smiffy his victim. 101 Charmer delivered an oppo attack to 791 Spud. 549  Smiffy tboned 639 Tye Pirate on oppo. 100  Cock drove through 791 Spud. 673 Darren Fendley drove through 129 Cling On. 247 Bro jacked 791 Spud on oppo. 595 Drewboy jacked 04 Croft on oppo. 04 Croft delivered a head on to 362 Drifter. 247 Bro tboned 791 Spud on oppo, with 100 Cock attacking 400 Kingsnorth on oppo in unison. 639 Tye Pirate delivered a head on to 327 Little Legs. 247 Bro drove through 791 Spud again. 100 Cock delivered a head on to 400 Kingsnorth. 549 Smiffy jacked 639 Tye Pirate on oppo. 514 Baby ran head on into 639 Tye Pirate as 327 Mick Maskell Jnr won a very lively race.

327, 830 LW, 673, 400, 714, 184, 180, NOF

639 Tye Williams was in brilliant form in Alcomers 1

Alcomers 2 begun with 115 Joe Bull setting about 107 Pratchett. 611 Bieber spun 366 Nathan Wrenn as 704 Siddalls had 224 Canham around. 284 James Head spun 379 Turner. 182 Tingle spun 99 Shaydy. 115 Bully attacked 107 Pratchett once again. 178 Slim ran 555 Dirty Harry into 115 Bully. 57 Gilbert drove through 107 Pratchett. 379 Turner rolled at the end of the home straight but landed on all fours and continued on. 366 Wrenny piled into 555 Dirty Harry as 466 Dalto jacked the luckless 115 Bully. 178 Sim leathered 379 Turner and continued the momentum to weigh in on 555 Dirty Harry. 555 Dirty Harry recovered to attack 129 Cling On on oppo. 182 Tingle drove through 555 Dirty Harry. 673 Fendley spun 321 Andy Newton. 662 Dalts set about 99 Shaydy before 51 Licquorice homed in on 115 Bully. 107 Pratchett backed across turn 1/2, and duly had 604 Ross Cooper pile into him. 178 Slim jacked Cooper in turn, with 611 Bieber also weighing in. 549 Smiffy spun 178 Slim, who rejoined to deliver a head on to 555 Dirty Harry. 549 Smiffy had a pop at 51 Licquorice. 178 Slim ending the action with an oppo attack to 704 Siddalls. 506 Danny Mitchell the victor this  time.

506, 284, 662, 459, 673, 400, 549, 350, 624, 466

115 Joe Bull took a fair amount of stick in the second Alcomers

Alcomers 3 started in just as lively fashion as Alcomers 2 finished. 51 Licquorice ran in 724 Trevor Burcham. 214 Osborne went in on 724 Burcham as the latter’s travelling mate 873 Roberts was spun at the other end of the track. 100 Cock and 673 Fendley tangled. 555 Dirty Harry jacked 673 Fendley with 178 Slim immediately giving Dirty Harry a portion. 69 Brad Bartram weighed in on 178 Slim. 556 Matthew Tillow spun 198 Zach Clements as 420 Maff went in on 69 Brado. 379 Turner jacked 420 Maff. 51 Licquorice jacked 379 Turner. 604 Cooper spun 99 Shaydy. 247 Bro leant 873 Roberts into the growing pile up, with 101 Charmer weighing in on the latter. 51 Licquorice went in on 101 Charmer with more piling in. 180 Sparky followed in 321 Newton, who ran into 318 Oliver Marshall. 100 Cock delivered a textbook follow in to 198 Clem Jnr. 51 Licquorice jacked 321 Newton before 99 Shaydy jacked 198 Clem Jnr. The red flags coming out as 198 Clements needed attending too, the race being declared in favour of 184 Callum Gaughan.

184, 350, 247, 349, 604, 830 (LW), 180, 714, 699, 585

The King of Fens title race saw 830 Stretch set about 9 Cox early doors. 165 Benny, 349 Noddy and 611 Bieber crashed out at the end of the home straight. 100 Cock collected 611 Bieber, with 830 Stretch running into 100 Cock. 209 Tombo drove through 830 Stretch, as 182 Tingle ran head on into 100 Cock. 51 Licquorice jacked 611 Bieber, and then backed off to go onto leather 595 Drewboy. The red flags coming out with Drew Burdett needing attention due to his shoulder popping out on receipt of that jacking from James Licquorice. 350 Liam Webster lead from the restart and maintained a strong pace to open up a gap at the front. Several laps passed before 699 Nelson spun 374 Markham for second. 459 Platts homed in for a last bend lunge which sent 284 Heady and also claimed 699 Nelson, with the latter being very unlucky not to finish giving his performance. 350 Liam Webster raced to his biggest career win to date from 209 Tom Waller and 459 Blake Platts; the latter having a great night.

350, 209, 459, 549, 714, 419, 662, 624, 284, 99

350 Liam Webster taking his biggest win to date with the King of Fens title

After what had been a superb night of on track action and racing, the DD left fans feeling a bit shortchanged. It’s unusual for a Trackstar DD to be disappointing, but at least that was the only thing that was all evening. 349 ‘Noddy’ Lewis Price eventually outlasting 180 ‘Sparky’ Mark Foster for the win after the pair played a glorified game of cat and mouse for several minutes. Early action saw the Silver Boys see off 69 Brado, with 129 Cling On and 57 Gilbert also getting involved.

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