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Metro Bangers – 25/07/1999 – Yarmouth

An all Metro Banger meeting took place at Yarmouth Stadium on Sunday 25th July 1999, many cars being left over from the same style meeting at the Ipswich Spedeweekend earlier in the month. The field was entirely made up of East Anglians – with 3 drivers from United and 3 from Kamikaze, with around a fifth of the drivers also racing 1300 Stock Cars on the evening.

Heat 1 saw 15 cars out on track with United man 489 Pitman the first to show as he spat 211 Steptoe fence-wards at the end of the home straight. 349 Allard then followed 585 Mark Cossey in flat out on the caister bend creating a massive fold up; instant red flags out as it was clear Mark was in discomfort and the race was rightfully abandoned after only 2 laps completed. 349 Allard earning himself a load up, and presumably a subsequent ban for his antics.

The Metros returned for their second heat which was a Ramp Jump Race format – the ramp being set up half-way along the back straight under the scoreboard. Kamikaze man 199 Big Jay set about 211 Steptoe, who was once again the recipient of the first hit. 117 Kamikaze took a big pop at 439 Sutty, as 472 Beast attacked and spun 211 Steptoe allowing 117 Kamikaze to give the latter a large portion. 416 Smith set about 117 Kamikaze; team revenge was swift however, as 167 Mr Mardy homed in for a shot to the 1300 Stock Car man. 382 Ballard then weighed in on 117 Kamikaze as 416 Smith jacked 864 Burcham hard – both of whom then had a play which allowed 167 Mr Mardy to jack 416 Smith seeing the rear axle fall out in usual fashion. The Kamikaze team gave 382 Ballard some attention as 117 Karl homed in for a shot, before 167 Mr Mardy blasted him. 117 Kamikaze then completed a lap before delivering another shot to 382 Ballard. Elsewhere, 416 Smith drove through 864 Burcham on the middle. 117 Kamikaze assaulted 416 Smith, with 472 Beast throwing away second place to blast the former. 105 Dean Watson raced on past the action to take the win.

The Final was back to the normal oval track format, with 472 Beast the first to show setting about 37 Crisp and then going on to attack 439 Sutty a lap later. 117 Kamikaze drove through 439 Sutty. 105 Watson and 472 Beast enjoyed a ding dong battle, the latter then being spun aside by the Heat 2 winner. 37 Crisp spun aside 211 Steptoe. As all the action was going on, United pairing 488 Duane & 489 Pitman raced off into the sunset as the top two. 117 Kamikaze attacked 37 Crisp. 472 Beast weighed into 117 Kamikaze. 117 Kamikaze got his revenge on 472 Beast as he ran him in down the home straight causing him to shed a wheel. The aforementioned 488 United took the honours this time round and it was straight into the DD, where 489 Pitman attacked 211 Steptoe. 105 Deano got a shot in on 489 Pitman after a lapse in action. 488 United delivered a brutal tbone to 211 Steptoe, the latter taking a few moments to process where he was, but he came back for more. 105 Deano attacked 167 Mr Mardy, as 488 United delivered another huge tbone to 211 Steptoe which ultimately finished off the latter’s valiant effort. 105 Deano went in on 488 United. 167 Mr Mardy ended 105 Deano’s charge with a rear wheel shot. 488 United then jacked 167 Mr Mardy, the latter responding with a head on of his own. 488 United delivered a reverse attack on 167 Mr Mardy before completing a lap to administer a large portion to kill off 167 Mr Mardy and take a Final and DD win.

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