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English Championship – 04/07/1999 – Ipswich- 1999 Spedeweekend

Sunday 4th July saw the annual English Championship contested, this time being the first occasion under the BBA regulations although wasn’t yet labelled as the BBA English as we now know.

The title race was up first and saw 700 Marco attack 509 Gray and then drive through 61 Flash to set the action rolling. 46 Maverick spun 349 Allard and 66 Rogers treated 770 Beaumont to much of the same. 135 Mann spun but quickly rejoined the fray as 510 King Basher removed 41 Skoyles. 66 Rogers spun 285 Rose before copping a head on from 510 King Basher. 488 United took out 207 Showtime before 366 The White Knight jacked 285 Rose. 26 Bylett spun 349 Allard at the end of the home straight setting him up to be absolutely caged by 414 Doom. 207 Showtime took out 41 Skoyles but fenced himself in the process. 670 Tricky removed 509 Gray before 60 Winsor took out 26 Bylett. 314 Toolbox put away 41 Skoyles, and 60 Winsor dispatched of 414 Doom as the minor places saw some reshuffling. 135 Mann attacked 510 King Basher, the latter holding on for a lap before eventually getting spun aside. 483 David Hazeldon raced to a surprise win from 488 Duane Collings and 135 Steve Mann.

483, 488, 135, 700, 326

The Robins came out on track with 6 cars including Mr Blobby to compete in a little novelty event to entertain the crowd. A staged start saw breakdown drivers and marshals push all other competitors on their roof allowing Mr Blobby to take a the lead by a lap advantage. 445 Graham Boyd rolled big time in an effort to reel in Blobby and 411 Whayman was also a casualty as he rolled but nobody could catch Mr Blobby who took the victory.
Blobby wins 

Back to Bangers action with the Alcomers which saw 366 The White Knight spin 149 Bowen, only to be spun in turn by 135 Mann. 770 Beaumont attacked 135 Mann, as 414 Doom jacked 366 The White Knight. The recovered 149 Bowen jacked 414 Doom. 46 Maverick spun 135 Mann before a few quiet laps surpassed. 135 Mann spun 41 Skoyles before 770 Beaumont set about 409 Jonesey. 60 Winsor put the bumper in on 770 Beaumont to take lead with a lap and a half to go, the latter then getting posted by 510 King Basher to end his hopes of a top three finish. Winsor raced to the win from 510 Coull and 627 Terry Coke.

60, 510, 627

The DD was a short lived affair and begun with 66 Rogers setting about 41 Skoyles. 562 Baker missed a shot on 66 Rogers and wrote himself off. 66 Rogers jacked 409 Jonesey and came under fire himself from 135 Mann. 510 King Basher jacked the limping 41 Skoyles as 670 Tricky delivered a large portion to 409 Jonesey. 670 Tricky jacked 41 Skoyles who managed to recover to deliver a rear wheel shot to 670 Tricky. 66 Rogers went in on 41 Skoyles, with 670 Tricky turned around to jack 41 Skoyles. 409 Jonesey delivered a head on to 66 Rogers. 670 Tricky administered a large shot on 41 Skoyles killing them both off allowing 66 Mark Rogers to take his second DD win in as many years.

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