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Metro Bangers – 03/07/1999 – Ipswich – 1999 Spedeweekend

The 1999 staging of the Ipswich Spedeweekend saw a freshen up to the proceedings with the EA v South Head to Head being scrapped, presumably down to the demise in numbers for the East Anglians, making way for an originally scheduled Metro Teams although this lacked support so was repackaged as an All Metro meeting for the Saturday.

Heat 1 for the Metro Bangers began with 366 The White Knight spinning 501, who was collected in turn by 414 Doom. 416 Smith tboned 414 Doom, rolling him on impact starting a trio of rollovers as 66 Rogers did the same. 472 Beast spun 105 Watson who rolled spectacularly on the entrance of the scoreboard bend, although the latter landed on his wheels and rejoined via a big launch over the inner curb. 416 Smith spun 9 Easter as 349 Allard attacked 285 Rose. A few laps passed before 349 Allard again attacked 285 Rose. 472 Beast tangled with 264 Wellard, resulting in the former eventually dumping the ex-English Champion half way down the home straight. 366 The White Knight set about 349 Allard which allowed 416 Smith to reel in the former and smear him around the armco. 352 Mr Bilge went in on 416 Smith and was jacked in turn by 472 Beast. The lively 472 Beast continued his wrecking spree with a couple of solid jackings to 349 Allard, who took more punishment as he was spun by 9 Easter. 285 Rose got blitzed in an unseen hit, as the leading 385 Thurlow jacked 349 Allard and got stuck handing the lead and subsequent win to 9 Paul Easter with 351 Dave Thorley the only other finisher.

472 Beast set the action rolling for Heat 2 as he spun 149 Bowen. 26 Bylett attacked 285 Rose as 416 delivered a large portion to 149 Bowen. 627 Captain Coke in his stretched Metro decimated 285 Rose before delivering a large jacking to 501. 670 Tricky jacked 501 as 349 Allard set about 351 Thorley. The leading 416 Smith set about 670 Tricky as 105 Watson had a pop at 349 Allard. 351 Thorley then had a go at the limping 349 Allard who clearly got bored so turned it around to meet 670 Tricky in a head on. 416 Mark Smith raced to the win ahead of 351 Dave Thorley and 105 Dean Watson.

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