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Ronnie Emmerson Memorial – 09/05/1999

The second staging of the Ronnie Emmerson Memorial took place at Yarmouth Stadium on Sunday 9th May 1999. The field mostly made up of Mk2 Granadas, with the odd XJ Jaguar. 135 Steve Mann braved it with a well used Sierra that had previously been used in the rookie bangers.

The Barry’s Antiques’ sponsored Heat 1 saw 16 cars out on track. 17 Captain Caveman was the first to show as he spun 135 Mann, who was then jacked in turn by 61 Flash. 82 Quinney spun 16. 536 Annette (Mk1) set about 44 Cannell on the middle. 82 Quinney attacked 44 Cannell, with 9 Titch latching onto the pair and following them both in blitzing Cannell’s Jag big time. 4 Wildy jacked 9 Titch. 433 Nixon weighed in on 4 Wildy. 536 Annette steamed in on 433 Nixon, as the leading 176 Ralph and 135 Mann got tangled up in the wreckage. 17 Captain Caveman attacked 433 Nixon. The leading 287 Gizmo dispatched of 233 Chiz on route to taking the win from 176 Ralph Emmerson and 33 Gary Madgwick in third.

Another 16 cars for the Goodswens Garage sponsored Heat 2. There were a few early skirmishes, before 811 Pistol Pete picked up 416 Smith, who latched onto 143 Copland following the pair of them in, absolutely destroying the latter’s Mk2 Granada. The Gypsy Crew were then heavily involved on the pits bend in a skirmish, with 811 Pistol Pete again on hand to deliver a stonking hit to 274 Fearless Frank. 564 Coatie then had a pop at 274 Fearless Frank. 60 Winsor overtook 348 Copland with 4 laps to go and they stayed that way over the chequers; 65 Shaun Randell completing the top three.

Heat 3 was an all in format and raised 22 cars, this one sponsored by AGT Vehicle Services. 163 Nicholls and 220 Philo set about each other on the middle in true Yarmouth fashion. 287 Gizmo set about 274 Fearless Frank. The lively 287 Gizmo then jacked 220 Philo on the middle. 326 Picton joined in the action on the centre. 14 attacked 541 Capt D and was posted in turn by 17 Captain Caveman; 33 Magic weighing in for extra measures. A red flag then came out to put a halt on proceedings due to the exchanges on the centre green, as it was beginning to get out of hand and needed to be defused. The restart saw 287 Gizmo turn aside 541 Capt D. 349 Mean Machine followed in 233 Chiz, and was duly jacked by 541 Capt D. A few quiet laps passed before 65 Randell ran 349 Mean Machine into the parked 64 Spally. 163 Nicholls then had a pop at 349 Mean Machine as 176 Ralph Emmerson raced to the win ahead of 536 Annette Nicholls and 88 Speedy Read.

Only 14 cars made it out for the Beck Row Autos sponsored Memorial Final. 220 Philo once again drove straight onto the middle to escape the action and was peppered by shots from 287 Gizmo, 433 Nixon, 163 Nicholls and 326 Picton. Whilst all that was going on, 656 Buzz was put in the fence down the home straight. The fast 135 Mann spun aside 564 Coatie. The action then turned to the centre once again as 541 Capt D jacked 220 Philo, the latter getting tboned by 287 Gizmo before exiting his car and throwing some gestures at his attackers on his bonnet. 88 Speedy and 349 Mean Machine exchanged hits on the pits bend. 135 Mann put 176 Ralph under extreme pressure and cleverly spun 61 Flash into 176 Ralph to take up the running but cruelly suffered a puncture which allowed 176 Ralph Emmerson to nip back through and take a fitting win, ahead of the limping 135 Steve Mann and 348 Steve Copland.

The DD concluded the days action. 433 Nixon was the first to show as he followed 564 Coatie and 656 Buzz in from the off. 349 Mean Machine jacked 433 Nixon, and was given immediately the same treatment from 326 Picton. 14 leathered 326 Picton. 287 Gizmo jacked 14. 61 Flash jacked 14. 64 Spally destroyed 326 Picton, and was wrecked in turn by 61 Flash. 61 Flash jacked brother 287 Gizmo a couple of times to take the win in a very quick Demo.

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