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Kings Lynn – 3/6/22 – Big Van Bangers & Micro Bangers – Meeting Report

The Queen’s Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend allowed for a rare Friday evening fixture at the Adrian Flux Arena on 3rd June featuring Micro Bangers and Big Van Bangers. There was a decent amount of fresh paint and machinery in the vans, whilst the Micros were mostly made up of used vehicles, although 51 James Licquorice and 204 Alfie Warren had smartly signed fresh cars.

The Micros Bangers were first up. 495 Aston Gibbons was an early casualty, with 511 Jack Licquorice steaming in on the latter. 32 Connor Byram spun 212 Jack Maryon to take up the running. 51 James Licquorice had a pop at 923 Clayton Brisp. The red flags were then called. The restart saw 51 Licquorice bury 923 Brisp. 69 Brad Bartram span 115 Joe Bull. 115 Bull spun 923 Brisp. 51 Licquorice jacked 923 Brisp. 165 Ben Randell rattled in 12 Alex Byram. 691 Ryan Bartram had a pop at 511 Licquorice before 830 Lee White and 115 Bull tangled. 32 Connor Byram raced to the win.

32, 510, 556, 204, 511, 337, 36, 212, 69, 115

Short day for 923 Clayton Brisp

757 Callum Gill was immediately in reverse at the start of Heat 1 for the Van Bangers. 171 Andy Frost happily obliged to pile in and was collected in turn by 87 Damien Matthews and 349 Lee Saunders. 107 Taylor Pratchett set about 346 Scott Saunders before running into 757 Jack Jnr. 178 Kieran Bowman leathered 171 Frosty, before turning it around and jacking him on oppo. 478 Anthony Bailey attacked 171 Frosty which caused the former to roll his Horsebox bringing a stoppage. 757 Jack Jnr was back in his reversing out spot ready for the restart; 87 Damo homing in on the former. 551 Brett Jackson, 312 Tom Reynolds and 187. 551 Jacko Jnr took some abuse courtesy of 178 Slim and others. 69 Brado and 311 Garry Lown weighed in on 178 Slim. 69 Brado ran 17 Gary Beck into the melee on the exit of turn 2. 178 Slim leathered 69 Brado, with 673 Darren Fendley taking the victory.

673, 69, 380, 349, 178, 312, 17, NOF

The Predators set about 171 Andy Frost in the opening heat

The Micro Bangers returned for their second heat. 339 Olly Scott the first victim, getting spun by 51 Licquorice. 265 Karl Gant and 204 Alfie Warren had a coming together along the home straight. 107 Pratchett put away 384 Liam Neve and 212 Mario. 32 Byram spun 107 Pratchett. 919 Macauley Yates followed in 115 Bull, before copping a rear wheel shot from 165 Benny Boy. 711 Lewis Hewitt ran 691 Rhyno head on into 919 Coley. 12 Shoutyman rattled 204 Waz Jnr into 919 Coley. 107 Pratchett went in on 12 Shoutyman before the red flags came out. 32 Byram lead them away off the restart, in search of win number two. It was a change up front as 32 Byram had disappeared by the time they reached turn 1, with 511 Licquorice now heading the field. 265 Gant spun 691 Rhyno. 523 Jack Butcher delivered a rear wheel shot to 691 Rhyno. 69 Brado weighed in on 12 Shoutyman, before 51 Licquorice delivered a brutal head on to 691 Rhyno, bringing another red flag. 624 Cameron Hubbard spun 511 Licquorice for the lead but scuppered himself in the process. 330 Jackson Whitehead rattled 69 Brado in. 36 Ricky Lewis spun 7 Daniel Bitson. 711 Panda ran 265 Gant into 178 Slim. 71 James Unwin delivered an oppo attack to 337 Ashley Garrod, before 711 Panda and 7 Bitson shared a solid head on. 830 ‘Stretch’ Lee White taking the win.

830, 135, 69, 624, 36, 331, NOF

The sun still shone as the Van Bangers entered the track for Heat 2. Predators pairing 178 Slim and 478 The Beast combined to cause havoc along the back straight. 311 Golden Boy was making a nuisance of himself on the exit of turn 4 backing out on the traffic, as 551 Jacko Jnr set about 757 Jack Jnr. 107 Pratchett went in on 551 Jacko Jnr. 87 Damo ran 349 Finbarr into 107 Pratchett, which snapped the Gladiators man’s Transit Ice Cream Van impressively. 311 Golden Boy drove through 757 Jack Jnr. 551 Jacko Jnr backed out on 69 Brado. 349 Finbarr rattled in the leading 673 Darren Fendley, but the latter held on to keep the lead. 673 Fendley collected 311 Golden Boy. 346 Muttley set about 551 Jacko Jnr on the scoreboard bend. 311 Golden Boy again stopped 673 Fendley in his charge, but he managed to free himself in quick timing to remain in first place. 346 Muttley tboned 551 Jacko Jnr as 349 Finbarr set about 312 Turbo Tom. 673 Darren Fendley spat 312 Turbo Tom fence-wards in front of the starter’s rostrum on route to securing his second win of the evening.

673, 87, 312, 349, 311, NOF

Double duties for 107 Taylor Pratchett

The Micro Bangers Final begun with 495 Tyrone and 384 Lil Jnr having a to do. 107 Pratchett turned 212 Mario left in a battle towards the front of the pack. 624 Camo followed 135 Donny Mann and 330 Jackson Whitehead in, with a few drivers piling in behind. 384 Lil Jnr weighed in on 330 Jackson Dude, and he was jacked in turn by 204 Waz Jnr. 495 Tyrone set about 204 Waz Jnr. 107 Pratchett jacked 204 Waz Jnr. 337 Garrod set about 69 Brado with the pair becoming welded together. 107 Pratchett went in on 337 Garrod, with 12 Shoutyman also going in. 495 Tyrone then joined in with all of them crashing out on turn 1. 135 Old Mann weighed in on 495 Tyrone. 707 Jack Lilley won from 99 Ricky Garrod and 212 Jack Maryon.

707, 99, 212, 511, 830, 165, 624, 69, 495, 135

204 Alfie Warren delivered this jacking to 384 Liam Neve in the Micro Bangers Final (KB Race Photos)

Into the DD, where 318 Oliver Marshall laid into 495 Tyrone. 69 Brado set about 318 Olive. 212 Mario attacked 367 Darryl Scandrett, putting himself away also. 107 Pratchett went in on 212 Mario. 248 Nick Ashbridge jacked 367 ABC 123. 107 Pratchett ran 248 Fastbridge into 69 Brado. 511 Licquorice delivered a solid head on to Brado, with both expiring in a cloud of steam and smoke. 107 Pratchett and 248 Fastbridge played cat and mouse before sharing a head on. 107 Taylor Pratchett managing to back off a little to win. 

The Van Bangers Final commenced with 77 Russell Gill taking a pop at 312 Turbo Tom. 757 Jack Jnr backed out on 349 Finbarr before a gabble of vans collated on the exit of turn 2. 178 Slim drove through 478 The Beast, the latter driving through 757 Jack Jnr on oppo. 551 Jacko Jnr delivered a reverse attack on 478 The Beast. 78 Gavin Oakes leathered 69 Brado. 69 Brado and 87 Damo battled for second place, with the former popping the Predators man – 673 Darren Fendley completing his hattrick.

673, 69, 87, 551, 312, NOF

551 Jacko Jnr attacked 312 Turbo Tom as the green flag flew to start the DD. 17 Becky had a pop at 551 Jacko Jnr. The rest of DD saw fairly tame hits as the night’s action took it’s toll. 17 Gary Beck outlasting the others to take the victory and cap off a decent bank holiday session.

Licquorice brothers 51 James and 511 Jack were on form all day in the Micro Bangers

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