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Kings Lynn – 10/09/22 – Unlimited Bangers World of Shale – Meeting Report

The biggest World of Shale event ever took place at the Adrian Flux Arena on Saturday 10th August with just shy of 130 cars in attendance. The effort in the pits was top drawer as usual, with several making the effort on the paint front. 210 Gavin Reid bringing a Jaguar X300 Limo, and an XJ-S for 57 Mark Gilbert among the highlight of material, alongside a pair of Mk2 Ford Granadas for 133 Terry Hill and 400 Lee Kingsnorth. 747 Bradley Dee piloted a tidy Ford Scorpio Hearse.

57 Mark Gilbert had this smartly presented Jaguar XJ-S

The first last chance heat began with 697 Brandon Lawton rattling in the Jaguar X300 Limo of The Mob man 210 Gavin Reid. 267 Martin French spun 390 David Gibson and 697 Lawton in one move. 224 Lewis Canham tangled with 210 Reid, which also claimed 634 Ben Green. 317 Callum Jacobs put the roof up on 634 Marty’s tender Mk3 Granada. A few more went piling in before the red flags came out due to a lose wheel from 622 Harvey Webb’s Scorpio, as he was an early casualty. A complete restart was ordered, with a few quiet laps where drivers swapped and changed positions all throughout the order. 817 Kurt Jacobs spun 751 Lawrence Wells, as 51 James Licquorice found himself leant into 622 Webb’s empty car. 737 Ian Crandon homed in for a large shot to 51 Licquorice, with the two becoming welded together momentarily. The leading 269 Tom Morris spun 900 Jake Westlake aside on the back straight. 725 Simon Bye spun 390 Gibbo aside in a battle towards the front of the field. 267 Frenchy spun 2 Jon Bricknell, before 51 Licquorice homed in on 312 Jake Burgess, whom was lurking on oppo. 195 Reece Marsh raced to the win, booking his spot in the main race, and he was joined by race entertainers 267 Frenchy and 737 Crash.

195, 269, 725, 947, 817, 292, 634, 02, 267, 900

737 Ian Crandon earned an entertainer award in the first last chance which included this hit on 51 James Licquorice

The second last chance race saw 231 Stuart Dunn come to a stop under the score board, with 29 David Mawdsley obliging to leather the former. 350 Liam Webster spun 306 Marc Doughty, as a few more drivers went piling in under the scoreboard including 386 Dan Petters. 644 Alfie Sime jacked 386 Petters. 23 Sonny Parsons immediately homed in on 644 Sime, the latter copping a head on from 440 Lennon Phillips also; the momentum of which causing 23 Sonny P to roll bringing a pause to proceedings. 04 Mikey Croft led at this stage from 350 Webster and 229 Harry Cobb. 02 Ash Reynolds spun 107 Taylor Pratchett, and was duly turned aside himself by 85 James Ellis. 306 Chunky homed in on the nose of the spun 02 Reynolds. 78 Lee Mace weighed in on 306 Chunky, and then ran him into an infield marker tyre. 148 Ian Redden had made rapid progress through the field, and spun 229 Cobby Jnr to move up to third. ‘Shorty’ then made light work of 350 Webster, spinning him at the end of the back straight for second place with his eyes firmly set on 04 Croft for the lead. 252 Gareth Griffiths spun 107 Pratchett. 148 Shorty made his move, and spun 04 Croft aside for the lead exiting turn 2. He counted down the last two laps to take the win, another impressive display of true full contact banger racing, simultaneously echoing the performance of his Ipswich World Final win of last year. 29 David Mawdsley also making it through onto the grid. The Gravediggers man being deemed the only entertainer.

148, 555, 548, 181, 85, 252, 171, 229, 350, 107

The third and final last chance saw 41 Paul Pentecost an earlier spinner, as he was turfed aside by 747 Eddie Cotton. 410 Jake Calvert had a pop at 790 Nathan Young, which sent the latter rattling around the armco on turns 1 and 2. 960 Ross Winsor spun 269 Dean French. A few drivers came together on the exit of turn 4, with 235 Danny Williams, 146 Dan Wigman and 818 Ben Collins losing the most ground. 741 Charlie Daniels homed in on 399 Phil Cullen, only to be jacked in turn by 41 Pentecost. Pentecost himself was then spun by 577 Alfie Lee. The Bears continued to set about 741 Daniels along the home straight, leaving him well wrecked. The race became a bit more subdued at this point, until 577 Fonzo spun 831 Shane Fry. 364 Bradley Lee and 747 Cotton tangled along the home straight. 43 Luke Maynard jacked 747 Cotton as movements happened at the head of the field too. 269 Popeye spun the leading 310 John Nicholson, which allowed 714 Paul Smaldon to inherit the running. 165 Ben Randell took a pop at the recovering 310 Eno. 714 No Show held on to take the win, with 521 Ashley Riley and 113 Lee Waller taking the entertainer awards.

714, 327, 21, 100, 960, 165, 269, 577, 103, 43

To allow the last chance qualifiers time to get organised for the main race, the first Alcomers was up next. There were a few early skirmishes before a track blockage on the entrance of the home straight. 269 Mozzer leathered 725 Sibbs. 317 Stress leathered 634 Marty. 281 Tingle went in on 317 Stress. 960 Rosco set about 214 Osborne. 107 Pratchett attacked 960 Rosco, with 199 Kris Clifford tangling with the former. 281 Lewis Tingle went on oppo, with 817 Stig his victim. Tingle then did Stig on the nose, before 100 Callum White jacked the latter. 281 Tingle stopped 947 Gordy McKee with a head on. 269 Mozzer put the boot up on McKee’s Mercedes, with the red flags coming out to check on McKee who went thumbs down. 224 Lewis Canham set them off on the restart. 107 Pratchett and 333 Dan Weavers had a little game of kiss chase, before the latter’s diff went ending that. That was the end of the action, with 224 Lewis Canham racing off into the sunset for a strong win.

224, 171, 183, 670, 107, NOF

947 Gordy McKee’s day was short lived taking this wreck home after the first Alcomers

It was then the turn of the World of Shale Championship. Drivers came out one by one for their grand parade before being lined up in their grid order. A short firework display followed by the iconic ‘drivers, start your engines’ from Matt Black signalled the start of proceedings. The grid completed two rolling laps before the action got underway, and it didn’t take long.

Inside – Outside

211 Jamie Pole – 224 James Burrows

217 Sid Madgwick – 121 Leo Riley

180 Mark Foster – 114 Liam Lake

Vacant – 178 Kieran Bowman

455 Ricki Finney – 230 Scott Paterson

459 Blake Platts – Vacant

57 Mark Gilbert – 195 Dave Forest

828 Jordan Sharpe – 281 Aaron Pole

182 Reece Tingle – 247 Lee Clarke

299 Tommy Callaghan – 747 Bradley Dee

673 Darren Fendley – 279 Bradley Bowman

400 Lee Kingsnorth – 478 Craig Royal

191 Kieran Greenway – 334 Stephen Court

321 Kieran Fry – 155 Sam Coote

526 Jak Denikiewicz – 87 Damien Matthews

585 Luke Holdsworth – 226 Brian Youngson

662 Dalton Smith – 639 Tye Williams

617 Jack Overy – 321 Andy Newton

356 Harry Overy – 570 Jordan Cumming

549 Phil Smith – 271 Ashlun Woods

388 Stevo McGrath – 873 Kyle Roberts

307 Martin Kent – 133 Terry Hill

195 Reece Marsh – 148 Ian Redden

714 Paul Smaldon – 29 David Mawdsley

737 Ian Crandon – 521 Ashley Riley

267 Martin French

224 Buggsy Jnr wasted no time getting the bumper in, setting about fellow front row sitter 211 Poley, spinning him around, with 121 Big Show going in on the front of the Barton Boy; the pair tangling together. 828 Sharpey spun 195 Grenade Dave. 570 Dino Jnr homed in on 211 Poley, which also claimed 87 Damo. Drivers went in all directions as it was clear the desire to move up the order was the main aim for most drivers. 521 Ace Ash delivered a rear wheel shot to 388 Little Stevo. 226 Youngson got pushed wide, thus deciding to go in on 521 Ace Ash. 148 Shorty spun 321 Newton. Defending champion 617 Overy suffered a spin. 29 Mawdsley went in over the front wheel of the spun 191 Corey. 178 Slim was the early leader which was gaining a lot of excitement among the stands. 673 Daz spun 29 Mawdsley into a marker tyre, which caused a tyre to fly off the Gravedigger man’s Jaguar. 737 Crash homed in for a head on to 29 Mawdsley. 271 Woodzy collected 737 Crash, and was done in turn by 585 Holdsworth, as the reds came out to retrieve the lose wheel. 178 Slim led at this stage, from 455 Finney and 828 Sharpey, with 180 Sparky, 459 Platts and 247 Bro completing the top 6. 307 Pretty Boy turned East Anglian Champion 334 Courty fence-wards at the end of the back straight. 226 Youngson set about 182 Tingle, which claimed 639 Tye Pirate in turn. There was movements up front, as 247 Bro spun 180 Sparky. 455 Finney removed 178 Slim for the lead at the home straight, with 279 Braderz having 459 Blatts ran into him by 148 Shorty. This caused 673 Daz to get airborne off of Braderz. 178 Slim collected 148 Shorty, and was jacked in turn by 334 Courty. 191 Corey put the roof up on 334 Courty’s Mk3 Granada. 155 Captain Slow rattled 400 Kingsnorth in, as they took avoiding action of the dead cars on the road bend. This unfortunately ended Kingsnorth’s race. 121 Big Show went on oppo, with his intended target appearing to be 455 Finney, although the young Bear failed to make contact. Finney spun aside 57 Gilbert a lap later, which also caused 570 Dino Jnr to go round. 307 Pretty Boy spun 182 Tingle. 459 Platts stopped third placed 247 Bro on the nose, with 155 Captain Slow weighing in on Bro. 478 Weasel Jnr spun 57 Gilbert, as 182 Tingle and 459 Platts lined up side by side on the exit of turn 2 looking to do damage. 828 Sharpey lead at this stage, almost a straight ahead of 455 Finney in second. 182 Tingle stopped 155 Captain Slow with a head on. As this was all going on, 828 Jordan Sharpe went through unnoticed, and completed the rest of the final lap to take the double chequers and his biggest win to date. 455 Ricki Finney only a couple of cars lengths away in second. 307 Martin Kent crossed the line in third, a great result for him. 570 Dino Jnr capped off the action with a solid hit on oppo to 195 Dipper, just as the reds came out.

828, 455, 307, 585, 180, 478, 195, 570, 57, NOF

191 Kieran Greenway delivered this shot to 334 Stephen Court in the World of Shale

The second Alcomers saw 350 Webster have a pop at 790 Nafe. 306 Chunky spun 790 Nafe. 02 Bricknell spun 440 Lemon. 04 Croft stuffed 399 The Frog in. 306 Chunky rattled in 419 Laura Quadling. 123 Kezza had a pop at 747 Cotton, with 04 Croft jacking the latter. 831 Wally weighed in on 04 Croft. 199 Clifford spun 800 Tom Hannah. 2 Bricknell leathered 547 Rhyno’s Mk2 Granada Limo. 310 Eno got turned aside. 548 Big Al spun it around and tboned brother 547 Rhyno just as the red flags came out. 224 Lewis Canham took another win, looking very comfortable out on the shale.

224, 327, 174, 02, 180, 123, 548, 252, 199, 181

547 Ryan Utting’s Mk2 Ford Granada Limo got seen off in the second Alcomers

The third Alcomers begun with 51 Licquorice spinning 107 Pratchett. 129 Square Head stopped 103 Deacon on oppo, pinning him up, allowing 23 Sonny P to blast the Team Black man. Square Head and Deacon then sharing a series of hits on the inner line of the scoreboard bend. 148 ‘Shorty’ Ian Redden rolling back the years with yet another race win.

148, 146, 171, 114, 555, 353, 634, 478, 548, 247

It was a slow start to the fourth Alcomers, before 269 Mozzer spun and copped a hit over the rear wheel in turn from 585 Holdsworth. 455 Finney rattled in 521 Ace Ash. 198 Clements homed in for a head on to 521 Ace Ash. 100 Cock turned it around and met 617 Overy with a head on. 231 Dunn ran in 224 Buggsy Jnr. 292 Betteridge clipped 231 Dunn, which sat him up nicely for 570 Dino Jnr to home in. 570 Dino Jnr jacked 198 Clements, the 2L Shale World Champion completing a lap before homing in on Clements once again. 183 Banton weighed in on 570 Dino Jnr. 317 Stress delivered a textbook follow in to 737 Crash. 180 Sparky tboned 183 Banton. 521 Ace Ash stopped 226 Youngson with a head on. 555 Dirty Harry jacked 521 Ace Ash. 617 Overy attacked 100 Cock, and was duly spun in turn by 455 Finney. 43 Muttley Jnr delivered a head on to 617 Overy. 114 Lakey jacked 43 Muttley Jnr. 129 Square Head homed in for a solid front wheel shot to 617 Overy. 226 Youngson spun it around to deliver a revenge hit on oppo to 521 Ace Ash, before the red flags came out. It was a quiet restart, with drivers moving up and down the order. The last lap proved to be very interesting. 327 Maskell Jnr put the bumper in on the leading 224 Canham, spinning him aside and denying the latter of a hattrick. 639 Tye Pirate spun 455 Finney and it was then a race to the line between Tye and Maskell, with Tye Williams having the legs and taking the chequered flag.

639, 327, 174, 555, 549, 178, 182, 57, 455, 114

The fourth alcomers was superb, including 317 Callum Jacobs follow in on 737 Ian Crandon

41 Pentecost found himself an early casualty of the fifth and final Alcomers. 51 Licquorice was turned aside by 226 Youngson. 281 A Pole had a pop at 107 Pratchett, as 306 Chunky had a go at 123 Kezza on oppo. 180 Sparky set about 281 A Pole on oppo. 41 Pentecost spun 873 Roberts. 123 Kezza jacked 306 Chunky on oppo, which pushed the latter into the oncoming Bro’s drivers’ door. 217 Sid Madgwick weighed in on 306 Chunky. 114 Lakey followed in 41 Pentecost, who then received a monstrous head on from 211 Poley, the latter going in with some speed. 226 Youngson homed in on 211 Poley, with 171 Tommy West going in on The Mob man. 817 Stig jacked Westy Jnr before the reds came out to check on Pentecost. 281 A Pole set about 43 Muttley Jnr on the restart, with 129 Square Head running into The Bears man. 281 A Pole delivered a head on to 43 Muttley Jnr, and was jacked in turn by 399 The Frog. 51 Licquorice weighed in on 399 The Frog and took one in turn from 178 Slim. The red flags then coming out to check on 43 Muttley Jnr. 103 Deacon laid into 23 Sonny P on the restart. 178 Slim set about 51 Licquorice. 100 Cock and 103 Deacon went head to head. 356 Overy drove through 100 Cock, before 459 Platts ran 247 Bro into the Aftermath entertainer. 555 Dirty Harry tboned 100 Cock, with the race then being stopped again due to a lose wheel from Cock’s car. 129 Square Head lunged at 103 Deacon on the restart, putting them both away under the scoreboard. 51 Licquorice jacked 103 Deacon on oppo, before 555 Dirty Harry leathered 129 Square Head. 178 Slim homed in to jack 555 Dirty Harry. 146 Dan Wigman taking the win.

146, 114, 639, 178, 459, 180, 51, 817, NOF

817 Stig was the first to show in the DD, laying into 356 Overy. 178 Slim weighed in for a head on to Overy. 459 Platts set about 51 Licquorice. 103 Deacon attacked 178 Slim. 203 Darren Nash, who was out in 279 Bradley Bowman’s car, combined with 123 Kezza to set about 103 Deacon. 459 Platts followed in 107 Pratchett and was jacked in turn by 817 Stig. 203 Gnasha delivered a front wheel shot to 103 Deacon. 817 Stig weighed in on 737 Crash on oppo. 203 Gnasha, 123 Kezza, 459 Platts and 180 Sparky were the final four; exchanging hits on the exit of turn 4, in which 123 Kieran Gray remained the last car running to take the honours.

123 Kieran Gray took the DD win to round off a great evening of bangers

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