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Swaffham – 01/01/23 – Winter Series Round 1 – Rookie Bangers & Back To Basics – Meeting Report

Our first meeting of the 2023 saw a trip to the Swaffham Arena on New Years Day, Sunday 1st January for the first round of the Winter Series featuring Rookie Bangers & Back to Basics. 926 Kieran Whitmore was in attendance in his Ringwood World Final winning Mk5 Vauxhall Astra Estate.

The Rookie Bangers started proceedings with their first Heat. 198 Stuart Buck was the first to show, sending 748 Kye Brown into a half spin as they entered the pits bend. Buck then got turned aside along the home straight and was collected on the nose by 416 Tyler Hare. 315 Jarron Amis ran into 416 Hare. 305 Brooklyn Parker put the bumper in on 748 Kye as he looked to move up the order. 167 Garry Carter laid into 351 Ross Lucas, sending him scattering on turn 3. A few laps passed before 167 Carter dispatched 47 Connor Parker fence-wards. 926 Whitty removed 410 Jake Robertson. Parker then calling for the reds due to a small internal fire which was swiftly dealt with. 757 Ashley Wilson lead them away from the restart, and that’s where he remained to take the victory.

The first Back to Basics heat begun relatively calmly until 647 Nicky Bentley looked to challenge for the lead making it three-a-breast with 251 Charlie Palfreman and 655 Anthony Amis. Gold Roof Champion 9 Titch Mancini was making quick progress through the field, spinning 251 Melvin aside. 647 Wingnut had a pop at 168 Danny Elton before tangling with 251 Melvin which resulted in the latter clattering the plating hard near the starter’s rostrum. The leading 53 Ben Thompson tangled with the back marking 401 Sophie Knock, spinning her aside. 193 also being a casualty. 9 Titch spun 88 Scott Lake to capture second and soon caught up with the leading 53 Thompson punting him wide to take the lead. 53 Thompson fought back seeing the pair tangle near the start line. 655 Amis slipped through to take the lead which he held onto to take the win, with wife Sarah waving the chequers in a nice moment for the family.

Heat 2 for the Rookie Bangers begun with 748 Kye setting about 488 Key Key only to come under fire himself from 757 Wilson. 167 Carter dumped 410 Jake Robertson into the armco before going on the attack to 748 Kye. 167 Carter again piled into 748 Kye, with 323 Scott Davies collecting 167 Carter. 351 Ross Lucas taking the win.

The second Back to Basics Heat saw 647 Wingnut and 88 Lake enjoy a good tussle for the lead for several laps. 168 Danny Boy caught up with the pair and launched an attack on 647 Wingnut sending him into a half spin. 9 Titch then swept through to pass 88 Lake also, who was then spun aside by 168 Danny Boy a few laps later. 88 Lake swiftly rejoined to send 401 Knock spinning. 647 Wingnut and 88 Lake had a to do exiting turn 2, which left the latter against the armco. 215 Axel Johnson jacked 88 Lake up. The remaining laps were seen out with little action as 9 Titch Mancini raced to the win.

The Rookies returned for their Final. 926 Whitty set about 47 Garrod before spinning him on the exit of turn 4. 305 Parker spun 198 Buck. 757 Wilson laid into 351 Big Doss, spinning him as they left turn 2, with 167 Carter homing in for a head on to the latter. 351 Big Doss recovered to set about 198 Buck. 926 Whitty laid into 748 Kye at the end of the back straight. 757 Wilson put the bumper into 198 Buck, which saw the former ride up the inside of Buck’s Civic and bounce into the air. 926 Whitty again leathered 748 Kye who was more than game for the hit. Several laps passed before 167 Carter weighed in on 748 Kye, as 757 Ashley Wilson raced to his second win of the afternoon.

Only 6 Back to Basics returned for the Final. 168 Danny Boy put the bumper in on 88 Lake early on sending him spinning. This allowed 53 Thompson to break out a strong gap for the lead, where he remained to take the victory. 168 Danny Elton coming second with 9 Titch Mancini third.

9 Titch Mancini heads the Back to Basics Winter Series Points after a strong showing, whilst 53 Ben Thompson took the final win

Overall a strong start to the Winter Series and a good excuse to blow the new year cobwebs away. The next round sees both formulas return on Sunday 15th January.

167 Garry Carter was in top form all day

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