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EA vs South – 05/07/1997 – Ipswich – 1997 Spedeweekend

The EA v South Head to Head returned for its second staging on Saturday 5th July 1997 as part of the annual Spedeweekend once again.

Heat 1 saw several early spinners as the action got underway and everyone keen to land the first blow. S183 Struddy spun EA509 Gray whilst EA155 Kerrage attacked S455 Frankie. EA41 Willie set about S302 Woody. S197 Dodge attacked EA770 Beaumont as the carnage ensued. EA33 Magic attacked S283 Webby, which allowed EA445 Smith to deliver a head on to the South man allowing S455 Frankie to home in with a jacking. A pile up broke out along the back straight with loads piling in which saw S46 Maverick decimate S410 Nutty with a mega hit leaving the latter with a big wreck prompting a stoppage to allow Nutty to safely exit his car. The restart saw EA330 Went spun S206 Kingy. The turnstile bend saw a pile up occur. S525 Scottie tboned EA537 Bruno, as S263 Pitt drove through EA330 Went on the shale. EA537 Bruno treated S85 Stumpy to a head on. The leading S108 Mr Softie took out EA330 Went before EA224 Canham ended up getting in the mix with The Bashers, firstly setting about S510 King Basher before getting done himself in turn by S207 Showtime. Showtime and Canham then took open themselves to have a private DD on the shale. Back on track, S183 Struddy thundered EA330 Went into the pile up on the turnstile bend. S320 Duell jacked EA224 Canham. S506 Mitchell set about EA488 United; the latter then taking a head on from S623 The Badger to end the action. S108 Mr Softie secured the win ahead of S194 Cecil and S207 Showtime, all finishers were from the South team giving them a very solid start to the day.

A Ramp Rollover contest broke up the seriousness of the head to head and saw a few drivers take to the air for their team. S359 GB delivered one of the best rolls of the session although the South team also had ramp specialists 194 Cecil and 264 Wellard brave the ramp among others. The EA team had a few less up for the occasion although EA351 Dave Thorley was game for going over twice. The South saw their hopes of retaining the head to head crown come closer as they secured the win in the competition. After both teams had completed their attempts, Mr Blobby made a cameo in one of the pace cars and after having some issues soon sussed his around the car to do a couple of laps around the track before launching it over the ramp much to the crowds shock and amusement; getting a huge ovation as the car started back up and drove off.

Heat 2 began with S122 Sticko wiping out S155 Kerrage. EA285 Rose took out previous race winner S108 Mr Softie. S455 Frankie delivered a huge jacking to EA285 Rose rolling him on impact and bringing an early halt to proceedings. Only three East Anglians remained once the race resumed with S506 Mitchell break checking EA33 Magic allowing S263 Pitt to jack the EA man with S46 Maverick tboning him to end his charge. S202 Jimbo spun EA362 Baker, allowing S57 Boris to give him a head on before the red flags came out for EA33 Magic who had copped a couple of heavy hits. 41 Skoyles was the only remaining Anglian on track it looked as if he was going to give a true captains performance as he put a valiant fight starting with driving through the lurking S194 Cecil. S359 GB looked to even things up for Willie as he took out S202 Jimbo. Several laps had passed with EA41 Skoyles in the lead, and he continued that change spinning S245 France and then going on to deliver a stonking hit to S207 Showtime. EA41 Skoyles then drove through S57 Boris before the numbers game caught up with him as S302 Woody caught him and ran him in on the turnstile bend. S510 King Basher drove through the last remaining Anglian and S736 Krafty Kockney tboned him to ensure there was no coming back. S46 Maverick jacked S302 Woody which enraged the latter. S207 Showtime jacked S41 Skoyles on oppo, the latter taking another jacking from S197 Dodge before jumping out to a large crowd applause. S359 GB buried S57 Boris which claimed S46 Maverick also. S449 Polo drove through S46 Maverick. S302 Woody threw his helmet at the Maverick car and then jumped onto the track and into Maverick’s car before throwing punches at him leading to the race being abandoned, although the South were awarded the rightful overall victory.

An unofficial DD occurred mostly down on the turnstile bend while the lights were turned off for the fireworks which were being set off on the centre green. In fitting fashion, 57 Boris set alight against the fireworks back drop which prompted the finish off hits being traded between the drivers.

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