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Ronnie Emmerson Memorial – 24/05/1998 – Yarmouth

The first staging of the Ronnie Emmerson Memorial took place at Yarmouth Stadium on Sunday 24th May 1998, raising just shy of 50 cars to pay tribute to a true Yarmouth legend. The car front saw mostly Mk2 Granadas and Jaguar XJs, but there were a few providing the variety. 439 Paul Sutton had a fresh Austin 3 Litre, whilst 330 Craig Went piloted a used version. 747 Mick Hutchings had the sole Volvo with a 240 Estate. Rookie Banger regular 1 Kevin Plane braved a Mk4 Cortina. There was more Ford tin with 733 Carl Picton having a fresh Mk1 Granada, whilst 444 Gary Cannell opted for a Rover P5. RDC man 422 Swalley Buckley came tooled up in a used Toyota Crown, but it was 88 Speedy Read who had the top motor with a Mk10 Jaguar.

The first heats saw a half cars format so it was a decent field of 23 cars for Heat 1. 572 Orford spun and was done head on by 362 Baker. 444 Cannell limped off on the home straight and was duly jacked by 537 Bruno. 522 Watson got caught up with 301 Hayworth. The leading 41 Skoyles threw the opportunity to extend his lead away to blast 522 Watson. 414 Lawny jacked 41 Skoyles. 41 Skoyles had another go at 522 Watson and was done once again by 414 Lawny. 273 Mad Mouse put away 414 Lawny. 522 Watson tangled with 572 Orford, the latter then followed in 414 Lawny to add to his troubles. 414 Lawny completed a couple of laps before jacking 572 Orford as 176 Ralph Emmerson raced to a very fitting win ahead of 410 Nutty Whayman and 349 ‘Mean Machine’ John Allard scooped third on a welcome return back.

Heat 2 was again a half car format raising another 23 cars. This race having more of the pick of material. 350 Kipper was the first to show as he fenced 439 Pusher Paul on the pits’ bend whilst 733 Picton hung 747 Hutchings off a post on the entrance of the home straight. 33 Magic turned 555 Kerr fence-wards. 168 Girling weighed in hard on 330 Went. 733 Picton tboned 17 Captain Caveman flat out, rolling himself on impact and thus bringing a race stoppage. The restart saw 348 Mushy destroy 382 Ballard down the back straight. 416 Smith spun 350 Kipper aside, as 160 Winsor followed in 422 Buckley a treat on the pits’ bend, wrecking the Crown in epic proportions, although Buckley swiftly exited his car. The action went quiet for a few laps until 9 Titch went for a last bend lunge on World Champion 33 Magic in the battle for the win, but scuppered them both allowing 416 Mark Smith to nip through and take the honours; Magic and Titch recovering to complete the top three.

An all in format for Heat 3 raised a strong 29 cars. 629 Rout spun aside 555 Kerr to set the ball rolling. 17 Captain Caveman and 555 Kerr clashed on the pits bend, the latter recovering only to be immediately spun by 350 Kipper. 164 Coatie took a wild pop at 163 Nicholls which set the best spell of action going. 434 Smith delivered a head on to 163 Nicholls. 44 Cannell homed in for a savage tbone on 164 Coatie. 163 Nicholls delivered an on oppo attack to 44 Cannell. 273 Mad Mouse tboned 44 Cannell. 349 Mean Machine jacked 273 Mad Mouse. 350 Kipper went in on 273 Mad Mouse, catching him in the door. 9 Titch jacked 273 Mad Mouse to end his day. The action then turned to the pits’ bend, where 301 Hayworth jacked 001 Vanner, only to be blitzed himself by 414 Lawny. 41 Skoyles went over the grass to blast 167 Englestone, as cars began spouting in all directions including over the grass and across the centre in typical Yarmouth fashion. 444 Cannell came off the middle to attack 536 Nicholls. 439 Pusher Paul went in on 444 Cannell. Whilst this way all going on, only 5 cars were left circulating making the on track action tame, but it was 410 Nutty Whayman that took the chequered flag, World Champion 33 Magic taking another second ahead of 629 Graham Rout. 17 Captain Caveman put away 434 Smith on the last bend to conclude the action in this one.

The Memorial Final was the quietest affair of the day, but still had it’s moments. 349 Mean Machine put away 61 Flash early on. The lively 349 Mean Machine then attacked 17 Captain Caveman, but spun himself in the process. 536 Nicholls pulled off one of the hits of her career with a blinding follow in on 44 Cannell. 168 Girling took out 9 Titch. The leading 416 Smith buried 17 Captain Caveman, and then put away 163 Nicholls on route to taking the memorial win, a very fitting winner given all the hard work he put in to the organisation of the meeting. 160 Shayn Winsor took the runner-up spot, and 168 Malcolm Girling ended up third.

The DD begun with 349 Mean Machine setting about 439 Pusher Paul. 732 Picton blew up 434 Smith with a couple of jackings. 33 Magic went in on 439 Pusher Paul. 168 Girling begun a jacking train with his hit on 9 Titch, being blasted in turn by 41 Skoyles. 163 Nicholls homed in on 41 Skoyles. 164 Coatie tboned 9 Titch. 164 Coatie then delivered a shot over the rear wheel of 33 Magic. 176 Ralph then administered a huge shot on 164 Coatie which killed both cars. 33 Magic and 9 Titch met in a solid head on, the former backing off to take the win.

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