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Back to Basics – 21/08/2019 – Yarmouth

39 Back To Basic Bangers assembled to Yarmouth Stadium on Wednesday 21st August for the fourth Summer Sizzler event of the holiday season.

Heat 1 commenced with 766 Lambert spinning 439 Sutty straight from the off. 169 Lenny was turned fencewards. 512 Wishbone Jnr spun 117 Dixon. 28 Mayo Maker had a pop at 97 Scott which sent 48 Grummy Jnr spinning in turn. 501 Matthew spectacularly rolled on the pits bend, landing back on all fours. 766 Lambert spun 673 Fendley. 14 Bazza spun 169 Lenny who was beginning to have a luckless race. 117 Dixon and 169 Lenny collided as the latter rejoined the fray, which resulted in 512 Wishbone Jnr tboning the former. 766 Lamber spun 67 Martin as he looked to move up the order, and 28 Mayo Maker did the same to 97 Scott as they crossed paths for the second time in the race. 294 Dean Francis raced to the win in his quick Astra.

294, 214, 766, 97, 28, 14, 318, 673, 80, 296

Heat 2 saw 748 Ginge set the ball rolling as he spun 293 Smith. 9 Titch spun 885 Lambert aside. 314 Lamber spun 293 Smith. 314 Lambert delivered a kamikaze attack on 9 Titch launching across the curbs and posting both drivers hard. 9 Titch retaliated with some head ons to 314 Lambert as 469 Emily Taylor to her second win in as many meetings.

469, 447, 367, 292, 562, 315, 885, 293, 165, 995

The Chained Pairs Race was up next and featured 6 pairs, although the Squashies pairing of 28 Mayo Maker and 691 Turner saw their chain break on the first lap. Team Bash were having coordination issues which the holiday crowd were loving. 9 Titch lunged at 80/512 to try and take the lead but caused issues with his own chain resulting in 294 Dean spinning 9 Titch on the next lap ending their charge. Whip Street Motors pairing 562/292 delivered a last bend attack on 80/512 snapping the latter pairs’ chain which ultimately resulted in the former pair earning the win.

292 Harry Airey/562 Louis Baker, 165 Ben Randell/748 George Matthews, 673 Darren Fendley/155 Sam Coote

The Final with 50 Barty spinning 562 Baker. 666 Damo ran head on into the spun 501 Matthew. 691 Turner went in on the back of 666 Damo. 36 spun aside 666 Damo. 28 Mayo Maker attacked 50 Barty. A pile up occurred on the caister bend, claiming most of the field. 67 Martin gave a head on to the spun 885 Lambert. 318 delivered a full bore hit to 48 Grummy Jnr in the melee of cars. 766 Lambert attacked 9 Titch. 318 spun 296 Harveydogg. 748 Ginge jacked 155 Captain Slow who waving cars in. 36 attacked 67 Martin. 318 ran 315 Smith into the pile up. 691 Turner set about 318. 36 attacked 155 Captain Slow only to come under fire himself from 439 Sutty. 673 Fendley jacked teammate 155 Captain Slow as they entertained the holiday crowd. 748 Ginge jacked 673 Fendley. 36 spun 318. 885 Lambert gave a head on to 9 Titch pushing him through the wires. Whilst all the chaos broke out, 995 Dean Emmerson came through for the win ahead of 469 Emily Taylor and 447 Nyall Hardingham.

995, 469, 447, 14, 296, 315, NOF

The Caravan DD was up next and saw another impressive spectacle with 9 Titch Mancini making it 4 wins out of 4.

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